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wanted to post the lateset chapter of my story dl thug passion. i love this site. you have some faithful readers. thnax for the chance to grow and share. 1one


"dl" Thug Passion VIII

By: facendaroc06@yahoo.com aka Ced


Part 1

As we entered the house, the little boy, "Treyvon", couldnít seem to take his eyes off of me. The inside of the home was nothing like the outside. Donít get me wrong. The exterior was beautiful. I mean the house was huge. They had a well-manicured lawn and fresh paint. There was a two-car garage and two of those portable basketball courts. Itís just that once you were inside, it seemed like two different worlds. I mean you could tell that these people lived real extravagant. We entered the living room and it was beautiful. The walls were covered with portraits and African paintings. The room had a jungle theme with statues of animals and warriors. There were two giant rugs on the floor. One was a lion and the other a tiger. They looked to be real. We walked through this room and entered an adjoining one. This room was just as nice. It was a decked out game room. There was a pool table, ping-pong table, several dart boards, a pinball machine and two television sets with videogames connected to them. There were a couple of couches surrounding another large screen television. This one had cable hooked to it. In the far corner there was a bar that held almost any drink you could ever think of.

We walked over to the couches and were told to make ourselves at home. We all sat down on the couches and got as comfortable as we could. Everyone looked a little out of place except for Treyvon. I knew as soon as I saw him that he was my brother. To tell the truth Treyvon, my dad and I looked like past, present and future. T just kept staring at all of us and whispering, "damn" under his breath. I kept looking at my dad. It wasnít hard to see what my mom had seen in him. He had to be the same age as my mom, but he looked like a teenager. His skin was smooth and wrinkle free. He was 6í5, 245 pounds of solid muscle, dark complexion and dark brown eyes. He had a short cut and you could tell that his hair was receding. He had a full mustache and goatee. He sported a small scar on the right side of his face. It was in the same spot as mine.

"Thatís what Nana meant." I thought.

He was extremely good looking and seemed to overflow with confidence.

For a few seconds we all sat in silence. Finally my dad spoke.

"Well I donít really know where to begin. I guess youíve figured out that Iím your father and this is your little brother Treyvon. I am very sorry that I have not been a part of your life son. I know there is nothing I can say to make up for eighteen years. Things back then were kind of crazy. I really did love your mother. I think she is the one I would have settled down with. We just met at the wrong time. I was into a lot of stuff back then. I wasnít ready to be a father or handle family responsibilities. I didnít leave with the intention of not coming back. It just happened that way. Over the years I have thought about coming to see you but it just didnít seem right. Now I donít expect you to just forget what I did. I want you to know that you have a home here and you are welcome anytime."

I looked at T when he finished speaking. I donít really think we shared the same thoughts. I was thinking how well planned out his little speech seemed. I realized that he had prepared for this meeting ahead of time. He spoke it with an ease that told me he had done this all before. I didnít say a word. I just sat and looked at him. He seemed to get a little frustrated, and then he began to speak again.

"Look, no matter how mad you are at me I canít change the past! I feel bad for what I did but beyond that there is nothing I can really do. Just give me a chance and youíll see that things can be peace between us. I have worked and hustled to take care of you all. The time is now son. Plus Iím quite sure that you want to meet your other brothers and sisters."

"Well for starters I didnít create this situation. That was your doing. I didnít come here for a confrontation. I just had a few questions for you. First, I wanted to know how you could create a baby and never once come to see him? Not once. You never looked into my eyes. Were you ashamed of me?"

"Second, how can you consider yourself a man? Do you realize that while you were out living your life of luxury that I was being abused? All you had to do was come around once in a while. Your presence would have let my step dad know that he couldnít treat me like shit. If you were around it wouldnít have been like that. Third, I want to know if youíve thought about me at all over the years?"

I could see T shaking his head. I knew this meant I was getting worked up but I couldnít stop.

" Fourth, how does it feel to know that you have an almost 18-year-old son who maintains a 4.0 average? How does it feel to know your son, whom youíve never met, will be soon going to college? Did you know that the child you created has won over 15 awards from the state for writing, as well as two scholarships? How does it feel to know that I did all of that without a real father figure in my life? Well to me it feels damn good! I didnít need you to get there! You are sitting here with your cozy home and all your other kids. Do you know what the fuck I have been through? You give me a thirty-second speech and you think it makes up for everything? Well if you "knew" me, youíd know I donít fall for bullshit like that. Nigga, when you get your mind right and can come at me correct, you know where I am. Come on T, letís go."

We got up and prepared to leave. My dad was sitting there shocked. It seemed like all the things I said hadnít registered yet. I turned to walk out of the house and he suddenly came to life. He jumped to his feet and was on me faster than I would have thought he could move. He grabbed me by the arm and spun me around.

"Listen Cedric. I donít want it to be like this."

I jerked my arm away from him.

"Nigga get your fucking hands off of me! It is how it is Felton."

I saw my dadís facial expression change. It went from a look of attempted sincerity, to one of pure anger. Before I knew it he had slapped me twice. I tried to grab him but he pushed me up against the wall. T ran over and tried to help but my dad spun around and punched him in the chest. He fell dead on his ass.

"Now listen to me son! Donít you ever come into my house and disrespect me. I am your father. Nothing will ever change that. You can feel however you choose to about me. But you will never disrespect me. Do we have an understanding?"

I just stared at him with all the hate of my life beginning to flow through my veins. I wanted to rip his damn head off and shove it straight up his ass. He was strong as hell though. I didnít have a chance.

He twisted my arm to get my attention.

"Get the fuck off of me nigga!" I yelled.

"Listen, you donít have to like me or love me. But I swear on my motherís grave that you will respect me. Now I will ask you again. Do we have an understanding?"

"Fuck you nigga!" I screamed at him.

He slapped me once more and twisted my arm harder. I could taste blood in my mouth.

"Do we have an understanding?" he asked once more.

"Yeah we have an understanding." I said calming down a little. "Now can you please let me go?"

He loosened his grip on me enough to make sure I wasnít going to swing on him. Then he just released me. He walked away looking upset that he had lost his temper. He came back and helped T up from the floor. He apologized but Terrelle still looked dazed. I hooked my arm around his waist and led him towards the door.

"Cedric I am really sorry that we started out on the wrong foot. I hope you think things over and decide to give me a shot. We are family after all."

"I may be your son but we are a long way from being family. Like I said before, when you decide to come at me correct, you know where I am. If not, well I donít need a dad anyway."

T was walking on his own by the time we walked out of the front door. My dad didnít say another word. He just stood and watched as we walked towards my car. He started to close the door but Treyvon pushed past him. He ran over to us and stopped.

He walked up to me as I grabbed a napkin from my car and wiped the blood from my mouth.

"Is it true that you are my big brother?" he asked.

"It looks like it kid."

He walked over and gave me a hug. At first I didnít hug him back. I just looked down at him. He held on for dear life and eventually broke me down. I hugged him back just as tight. I swear he hugged all of the hatred out of me. If it hadnít been for him, I may have come back and shot my dad. After some time he let me go.

"This is my cousin Terrelle. We call him T."

He walked up and gave T an equally loving hug.

"Whatís up cousin T? My name is Treyvon but people call me Trey."

"Itís good to meet you Trey." T said to him.

Trey asked my name and I told him, giving Scarface as my nickname instead of Ced. T shook his head seeing that I insisted on using the name.

"Well are you going to come back over Scarface?"

"I really donít think so Trey. Felton and I donít seem like weíd get along. What I will do is give you my address and you can come and see me anytime. You can also call me and I can come get you. That is, if itís ok with him."

"Donít worry about dad. Baby boy gets what he wants."

"Ok, you can hold off on that dad talk. How old are you anyway Trey?"

"I am eleven and Iíll be twelve in January."

He reminded me so much of myself. He was short for his age but he seemed older and wiser.

"Can I bring some of our other brothers and sisters to see you?"

"Of course. I canít wait to meet them. How many kids does he have anyway?"

"Now that we know about you, there are eighteen of us. Ten boys and eight girls."

"Damn!" T and I said at the same time.

Part 2

People had been coming in to see Q all day. His room was filled with flowers, cards, balloons and stuffed animals. Friends from school came to visit and most of them signed his cast. There were times when the nurses made some people leave. After a while, things calmed down. The twins, Chaz and Chad, had been the last to leave.

Q sighed. He was grateful for the visitors, but his mind had been on me all day. He thought about my short fuse and about all the things that could go wrong. He was happy to be alone with his thoughts. He thought about not being able to play college or pro ball. He thought about his upcoming therapy sessions. He wondered if he'd be able to walk again. Jameer and Big D were what weighed the heaviest on his mind though. He couldnít believe that they would jeopardize the team to set him up. He had big plans for those niggas. He settled back and started to watch television. Just as he found his comfort zone, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" he yelled, really wanting to tell them to go away.

The door opened and in walked Jayson.

"Whatís up Q? How ya doing playboy?"

"Whatís up Lil Bit? I am still in a lot of pain but other than that Iím alright."

"Thatís cool. I thought that I would stop by and see how you were. Where are Ced and T?"

"They went to meet Cedís dad today. They should be here sometime later."

"Wow. Ced must have been real nervous. I hope it works out for him."

"Yeah, I do too. Ced can get real hot headed. I can see him over there screaming at the nigga right now."

"I wouldnít blame him. That nigga has never even seen his dad. That shit has to hurt. I donít know if Iíd know how to handle it myself."

"Well weíll find out what went down once they get here."

"So whatís the plan for getting back at Big D and Jameer?"

"The plan is being drawn up. Youíll be among the first to know. Donít sweat it. Right now I just want to watch some TV and relax. Youíre are welcome to stay if you want."

"I have to make some runs but Iíll check in on you later."

"Cool. Just make sure you bring a nigga some of your momís sweet potato pie. Tell her it would really make me feel a lot better."

"Iíll do that my nigga. Iíll talk to you later. Peace."

"Peace Lil Bit."

They gave each other daps and Jayson left. Q shivered as the door closed. He didnít know why, but he was getting a bad vibe from Jayson. Something just didnít feel right. He shook it off as nothing. It could just be the medication he had been taking for the pain. He laughed and sat back to watch tv.

Part 3

Baby J had a lot on his mind. Things hadnít gone quite as planned at the football game. Q had been hurt but not to his pleasure. He had hoped that Q would be a lot worse. Then he thought about it. He had ended Qís sports career. He had done something none of the opposing teams had done for three seasons. He threw his head back and began to laugh. His demented laughter filled the two-story house he rented for the crew. He was still laughing when someone knocked on his office door.

"Come on in."

One of his giant bodyguards entered the room.

"Can I speak to you for a second General?"

"Of course Devine. Whatís on your mind?"

"Well I just wanted to let you know that Rasheem has been released from jail. Apparently the nigga Ced didnít press charges on him and they were forced to let him go. He is sitting downstairs as we speak."

"Rasheem the cannibal!" they both laughed.

"The timing couldnít be any better. We can use him to shake up things up a little. We have to be careful though. Introduce him to Jameer and Big D. Letís raise the stakes on this game."

"Yes sir. Will there be anything else?"

"Not right now. You are in charge of the house for now. I have to get out there and play my part so these niggas wonít get suspicious. They donít even have a clue."

Baby Jís crew thought he was pretending to be Tís friend in order to get close to us. They had no idea what was really going on.

"Make sure you keep tabs on Hakim and alert me of any change." James said.

"Iíll take care of it myself."

"Good. Give Rasheem some pocket money and tell him to be here first thing in the morning."

Devine left the room and Baby J started to call T. He dialed the number and let it ring once. He quickly hung up the phone. He had to think first. He was off his guard. Whenever he thought of T, he found it hard not to smile. He was into him more than heíd be willing to admit. He had to keep things professional though. This was no time for feelings. He had to stick to the plan. He picked up the phone and hit redial. T answered the phone.


"Whatís up sexy?"

"Nothing much. What are you up to?"

"Just sitting here thinking about your sexy ass." This wasnít a complete lie.

"Nigga stop it. What are you getting into today?"

"I was kind of hoping that you would be getting into me."

"Damn! Thatís what Iím talking about. You know Iím cool with that."

"Well call me around six and we will go out to Olympic park then go and get something to eat. Then we can go back to your house and have dessert."

"Damn nigga. You got my dick hard just thinking about it. Itís on!"

"Ok. Talk to you later then nigga."

"Ok baby. Later."

Baby J sighed as he hung up the phone. It was killing him to talk to T and not say what he really felt. He tried to push the feelings away. How could he feel this way? T was the enemy. He had to pay for what he had done? He shook the thoughts from his head.

Part 4

T drove us around to a couple places before we went to the hospital. Q was watching television and eating when we arrived. He looked like he was high as hell. You could tell that he wasnít enjoying the food though. He saw what we had in our hands and smiled.

"Yo nigga. You can put that garbage away because we brought you some real food."

We stopped by Burger King and got him his usual. He loved Burger King. That put an even bigger smile on his face. We grabbed some chairs as Q dug into his Whopper and fries.

"Alright, donít keep a nigga in suspense. What happened at your dads?" he asked.

I told Q everything while eating my own food. When I finished he broke out laughing. T started laughing with him.

"What the fuck are you niggas laughing at?"

At first they couldnít answer me. They were laughing so hard, that I found myself joining in. I didnít even know why I was laughing. Finally everyone stopped.

"Itís funny because anyone who knows you could have seen it coming. I played the whole thing out in my mind and you just donít know how close I was. Plus I would have paid to see your dad knock T on his ass."

The smile left Tís face.

"Fuck you nigga! That shit hurt. He almost caved my chest in."

We all started laughing again.

"Then on top of that you have 17 brothers and sisters. Well 19 in total. That shit is crazy."

"I know right? All this time and he never thought to get us all together."

"Yeah." T said. "You could have fucked one of your sisters."

We looked at T and fell out laughing once again.

"Q, Ced is crazy. His dad seems cool as hell. The nigga has a big ass house and money. I wish you could have seen that shit." T said.

"So what are you going to do Ced?" Q asked.

"What do you think? Iím still going to do me. I donít need that nigga for shit. I would like to meet my brothers and sisters but I can do that on my own."

"To be a good hearted nigga Ced, you can be just as heartless sometimes." T said.

"How do you figure Iím being heartless?"

Just then the pain from Qís leg hit him.

"Ohhhhh shitttt!" he screamed.

"Yo Q are you alright?" T and I both asked.

"Hell no. This shit is killing me. It feels like my leg is on fire. Shitttt!"

He pushed the button for the nurse. It was crazy sitting there watching Q in pain and not being able to do anything about it. The nurse was there in a flash. I think his screaming got to her before the call from the button did.

"Whatís wrong Mr. Brooks?" she asked.

"My damn leg hurts. Can you give me something for the pain?"

"Well you are not scheduled to receive your meds until six."

We all turned to look at the clock. It was only five forty.

"I canít wait that long. This shit hurts too bad. Iím sure you donít want to hear me yelling for twenty minutes. Please!"

She smiled at Q. It wasnít hard to tell that she was feeling him.

"Ok Mr. Brooks. Iíll be right back."

"She wants you Q." T said when she left the room.

Q was in too much pain to laugh.

"All I want from that bitch is something to take this pain away."

The nurse returned with the meds. There were like three different pills in a little cup. She gave Q the medicine and some water to wash it down.

"You should feel better in a few minutes Mr. Brooks. Your friends are welcome to stay but those pills are going to put you to sleep."

She left the room without another word.

"Weíll stay if you want Q." I told him.

"Itís ok. You niggas just make sure you come check me tomorrow."

"You already know." I said as I leaned down and kissed him. I had to lick those pretty ass lips.

"Ummm." Q said. "That made me feel better."

"Call me later after you get up Q."

"Ok Ced. I will."

We left the hospital and headed for my house. I didnít say much to T as we rode. I was too busy thinking about my dad. I couldnít believe how much I looked like him. He had a nice ass house. I wondered if it was bought with money from his job at Kodak or the streets. I also realized how overboard Iíd gone today. It was hard not to. My dad made it so easy with that bullshit, rehearsed speech. Deep down I knew that my curiosity hadnít been satisfied. I had to know more about him. I had to see him at a time when we could talk one on one.

Part 5

A few weeks had gone by since Iíd met my dad. Q had been released from the hospital and sent home. He was supposed to be using a wheelchair but he opted to use his crutches. He said the chair made him feel crippled. We had all decided to meet up at my house and chill. There was a house full.

There was Q, Lil Bit, T, Baby J, and the twins, Chaz and Chad. We had invited Latisha and a few of her girls over because the twins didnít know about our other life. We were all chilling and having a good time. My mom was playing hostess. She seemed so happy with my stepfather gone but I could see the loneliness in her eyes. We played spades, video games and flirted for hours. From time to time T, Lil Bit, and a few of the girls would creep out into the backyard and smoke some weed. My mom finally had to leave for work. Chaz and Chad were after every girl moving. Q and I were beating T and Baby J in spades. Lil Bit was playing videos games with one of the girls. Everybody was doing their own thing, laughing and having a good time. Thatís when the doorbell rang. Since T was the closest, he went to answer it.

"Yo Ced! You got some people here to see you."

As I got up to see who was at the door Treyvon walked into the house. Iíd only met him once, but I got a real warm feeling when I saw him. He gave T a hug and I realized how different we were. He seemed so happy and full of love. He had a sort of aura that caused you to smile even on your worse day. He ran over and gave me a hug. Once again he hugged me tight, as if weíd grown up together.

"Hey whatís up lil bro?"

"I told you that I was going to come see you. I have a surprise for you Scarface."

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards the door. There were three dudes standing on the porch and in certain ways they all looked alike. Well Iíll rephrase that. We all sort of looked alike. We all had meaty noses and extremely thick eyebrows. We all had similar thick lips. The most important thing is that we all looked like my dad. I knew who they were before Trey even said anything.

"Scarface, these are three of our brothers."

He went down the line and introduced them.

"This is Felton Jr. We call him Fibe One. Heís the oldest of us that live in Rochester."

Felton Jr. was the meanest looking nigga I had seen in my life. He looked like he hated me from the start. I would learn over time that he was just being himself. It was nothing personal. He was 17, 5í10, around 180 pounds, tight muscular body, light brown complexion, brown eyes, low cut and he already had a full mustache and goatee. He looked both handsome and dangerous. We later found out that he was only four months older than I am.

"Next we have Fawndell. We call him Fibe Two. Felton Jr. and Fawndell are the only boys who have the same mother and father."

Fawndell looked less intimidating than Felton Jr. He had that sneaky, grimy, conniving look about him. He was the type of nigga that caused white women to clutch their purse when passing him. He was 16, 5í11, 165 pounds, he had a Roy Jones build, light brown complexion, brown eyes, and a brush cut. He also had a full mustache and goatee. It was funny because I had actually seen him a lot at the center. We had played basketball and pool together a few times. He was 11 months younger than me.

"Last but not least we have Randell. We call him Porter."

Randell was the only one with our dadís height. His demeanor seemed to the same as mine. It could be because we were the same sign. We were both Ariesís. He is exactly one year and four days younger than I was. He was 16, 6í4, 188 pounds, slinky swimmers build, dark complexion, brown eyes, braids and a thin mustache.

I dapped each of them as Trey made the introductions. I invited them inside and introduced them to everyone except Baby J. He seemed to have disappeared. T went off to look for him. The girls had taken over the card game and Q and I sat and talked with my newfound brothers. Fibe One was the exception. He went over to where Lil Bit was playing the game.

"Yo can I play?" he asked in a deep, demanding voice.

Jayson turned to see who had asked the question. When he saw Fibe One he seemed to get scared.

"Yeah. I was done anyway." He said getting up to leave.

"Nigga sit down and let me beat your ass in basketball." He said to Lil Bit.

"Well Iíve been playing for awhile. I was going to take a break."

"Nigga sit yo pussy ass down."

Jayson was in the seat before you could say boo. Q gave me a troubled look. I could tell off the bat that they would never be good friends.

Fibe Two was telling Porter and Trey how we had already met via the center. It was kind of strange. I soon brought up the subject of our dad.

"So whatís the deal with Felton?" I asked.

"Nigga Iím chilling. Thatís what!" Felton Jr. said.

"Shut up nigga! He was talking about dad." Fawndell said. "Well dad is sort of complicated. His mom was a farm girl from Georgia and his dad was a pimp from Brooklyn. His mom wanted him to be a workingman and his dad wanted him to be a hustler. He became both. He went to college at Georgetown. He graduated at the top of his class and was hired at Kodak. Heís now one of the top executives there. He saved his money and invested in the drug game. He had some topnotch connections, so he blew up quick. He and our uncle Johnny formed a crew called "The Coleone Clique". They became well known for dealing and pimping. No one in their right mind tried to disrespect them. At one point they had united all the west side gangs. Uncle Johnny got out of it about 5 years ago. Dad still runs things, but he has kidney problems now and canít do as much as he wants. Now the other gang leaders are shaky. If something happened to dad, it would be chaos. Especially with the gang Bad Rep around. They are one of our major rivals. They are led by some nigga they call General."

Q and I looked at each other when he said this.

"Damn. Thatís crazy. We have had a lot of run ins with Bad Rep. They killed one of our best friends. My cousin T put one of them in a coma. Another of them bit me in the face."

That was the only time Felton Jr. seemed to pay attention to what we were saying. He paused the game and got up. He walked over and stood in front of me. I canít lie. The nigga had me nervous. He looked directly at my scar.

"Oh shit! That was you nigga? Youíre that Ced? I heard you fought three niggas that night. From what Iíve been told, you have a pretty good knuckle game."

I couldnít tell if it was a compliment or a challenge. I chose to stand my ground.

"Yeah I can hold my own. Iím laid back but I donít take any shit, from anyone. Not even Mr. Felton Coleman."

Felton Jr. just stared at me for a moment. Then he turned to Fibe 2 and Porter.

"This nigga has to be our brother. He has the look, the heart and that smart-ass mouth. Welcome to the family bro."

He gave me a weak handshake and I knew then that it would take a lot for me to get close to this nigga. Fawndell and Randell both got up and gave me a hug. It felt like pieces of my world were coming together.

T came back in the house after being unsuccessful in finding Baby J. It was weird how he just vanished but we were too caught up in the family meeting to really notice. Felton Jr. returned to playing the game. Poor Jayson looked like a hostage. I didnítí know it yet, but it was a look Iíd grow to love.

We sat around talking and joking. I learned a lot about my dad and my curiosity grew even more.

Part 6

Baby J was sweating like crazy. He couldnít believe his eyes or his luck. He sat dazed as he saw the three young men enter the house. This couldnít be possible. He got up and left the room. He entered the kitchen and exited through the back door. He cut through a few yards and circled around to his car. He jumped in and headed for home. He needed to do some serious thinking. The game had just taken a major turn.

"Of all the people in the world, why did those niggas have to be his brothers?" he thought to himself. "What the fuck am I going to do now?"

He rode around for a while, driving aimlessly. My father had turned out to be Butchy Coleone. He and Baby Jís dad had been major rivals. They chose mafia type names because they were straight up gangsters. Baby Jís dad had died a year earlier, and he at 18, had assumed the role as leader. It wasnít an easy transition. If it hadnít been for his bodyguards Devine and Sincere, he may have been dead right now. They had stayed by his side just as they had done his father. With their knowledge and guidance, he became respected in a very short time. He showed and proved that he was about business. In a years time he had become one of the most feared young men in our city. The Coleone Clique were his number one enemies. His father had died never being able to bring the brothers and their crew down.

All of a sudden his feelings changed. He had a thought that caused a smile, showing off all his beautiful teeth.

"Of course. I can take them all out. No one will ever question or doubt me if I take out Butchy and his boys. Ced and his crew will be an added bonus."

Again his thoughts went to T. He began to wonder if he would be able to do what he planned when the time was right. He no longer fought the fact that he cared for Terrelle. He knew it was useless. But he was a businessman before anything else. Heíd do what he must to keep his affairs in order.

His major problem was figuring out how to stay close to Terrelle with my brothers around. If either of them saw him it would be over in an instant. He needed a way to stay close to T and far away from the Colemanís.

Part 7

It was a rainy night. I sat and listened as the raindrops hit the roof. The sound was calming and seductive. I had been daydreaming about the past few years. A lot of good things had happened to me. All were followed by something bad that had a major affect on my life. I had just met my dad. Regardless of what I told my crew, I was happy. I no longer felt like a bastard. I felt complete and even had a whole new family. That meant that something bad would happen soon. I thought back to Magic Mike. I thought back to the night I was bitten. Each event seemed to be worse than the last. What did the future hold? Would I survive to see college?

My thoughts drifted to Q. He was hurt because of me. Deep down I had to admit it. The whole Big D conflict had started because of me. From there it lead to Jameer. They werenít his enemies before I came along. Was I bringing drama into the life of the one I loved?

The phone rang just as thunder rolled across the sky and shook my windows. The combination scared me.

I laughed at my reaction and answered the phone.


"Who were you expecting a call from?" Q asked. "You are using your sexy voice."

"Whatever nigga. I donít have a sexy voice. What are you up to?"

"Iím sitting here butt naked waiting for some of that good shit."

"Are you serious? Do you think you can do it right now? Your leg is far from healed."

"Whether my leg is ready or not I am getting this nutt. You can be a part of it or you can sit there and miss out."

"Say no more. Iím on my way."

I hung up the phone without saying goodbye. I threw on some sweats and a tee shirt. I slid my feet into some slippers and headed down the stairs. I almost ran my mom over.

"Boy, slow your ass down. Where are you headed in such a hurry?" she asked.

"Hey ma. Iím headed over to Qís. Iíll probably stay the night."

"Heís going to his boyfriends house." My little sister yelled from the kitchen table.

"Shut up you little cunt." I said forgetting where I was.

My mom slapped me in the back of the head.

"Cedric, watch your mouth in my house. You know I donít play that shit."

"Sorry mom. Sorry sis. Youíre not a cunt. Youíre a crack baby."

I ducked my momís next blow and ran out the door. I had forgotten all out about the rain and stepped into a puddle. My mom was at the door steaming mad.

"You better run. You have to come home sometime and you know I never forget. Youíd better be careful out there. I love you."

"I love you too mom and I will be careful."

I really wanted to go back in to change my footwear. My mom was expecting that. I decided not to press my luck. I jumped in my car and turned the music up. I started out of our parking lot and saw my mom yelling. I knew she was telling me to put on my seat belt. I blew at her and headed for Qís.

I pulled into his driveway minutes later. The rain was really coming down now. I jumped out and ran to the door. I used my key to enter expecting everyone to be asleep. I closed the door and removed my slippers. I pulled off my socks, which were soaked. Just as I headed for Qís room his mom popped out of the living room.

"Hello Cedric. How are you baby?" she asked.

"Iím doing good mom. How are you?" I said hugging her.

"Iíve been better baby. No time for that now. Youíre soaking wet. You have clean clothes in Quentinís closet."

"Thank you mom. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Cedric. Iíll see you boys in the morning."

She turned and started to walk away. I did the same. Then I stopped and turned around.

"Mom you know if you ever need to talkÖ.."

"Thank you Cedric. I know. Not right now though."


I headed to Qís room. I thought about the look in her eyes. Something was troubling her. I figured it was Q. They had worked hard to give him all he wanted. It had to be hard to see your childís dreams crushed before your eyes. I opened the door to Qís room and my thoughts left her.

It was dark as I descended the stairs. The only light came from various candles in the room. The Quiet Storm was playing on the radio. Just as he said, Q was sitting on his bed naked and waiting. I was going to change but now there was no need. I stripped away my clothes as I walked towards him. He slid back on the bed and put his leg in a comfortable position. By the time I reached the bed I was naked. My chest was slightly wet from the rain. I slid onto the bed and up towards Q. I was careful not to hit his leg. I wasted no time.

I kissed his good leg as I made my way up. When I was above his knee I began to lick his leg. It was one of his weaknesses. He jumped as my tongue came in contact with his hips and thighs. He screamed because he twisted his bad leg.

"Are you ok Q?"

"Youíd better not stop. I know that much."

"No problem."

I continued to lick him. He moaned and at some points I could see pain on his face. It looked like he was enjoying it. I continued to kiss him on his leg. I reached for his dick and grabbed it in my hand. I moved it so that I could get at his balls. I slid one, then both into my mouth. I sucked, licked and hummed on them. Q was loving it. I released his balls and held them out of the way. I began to lick the spot under them. I could feel the excess blood running through Qís dick. I licked from the bottom of his balls to the beginning of his crack. I saw his hole twitch and my dick turned to stone. I pushed his good leg up and attacked his ass.

I licked his hole a few times. The more it winked, the harder I became. I rubbed the head of my dick as I felt the precum forming. It sent a tingle through my spine. I moaned as I stuck my tongue in deep. It seemed as hard as my dick. Q lifted his good leg as far as he could. As I watched those cheeks part, more precum leaked from my dick. I licked my lips and stared at Q.

"Get it daddy." He said looking ever so sexy.

I did. I buried my face deep in his ass and didnít come up for air. I stayed on him hard until he was begging me to stop. I finally did. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed. I wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Open your eyes baby. I have something for you."

I put the head of my dick on his lips. He didnít open his mouth.

"Open up nigga." I said slapping him in the face with it.

He still refused to open his mouth. I didnít mind. It was turning me on even more. I stroked my dick a few times. More precum dripped from my slit. I placed my dick close to his lips. This time he tried to taste it.

"Oh you want it now huh? You like the way your boy tastes? You want some of this?"

"You know I do. Give it to me."

In his condition I could play longer than he could. I put it close to his face again and pulled back at the last minute.

"Donít tell me you want it. Ask me for it."

"Can I have some of that big, black dick Ced?"

I smiled and slowly put my dick to his lips. I pulled back again.

"I donít really think you want any of this." I said laughing. He reached out and grabbed my dick and squeezed it hard.

"Ok! Ok! You win!" I yelled.

"I thought so." Q said sliding my dick into his mouth.

It felt so good. He swallowed the whole thing until my head was resting deep in his throat. I grabbed his hair and turned his head to the side. He looked into my eyes as he swallowed every inch I had to offer.

"Yeah baby. Deep throat that shit." I moaned over and over.

Q opened his mouth all the way and I fucked his face long and deep.

We went on that way for a while. Then I turned so that we were in the 69 position. I lowered my dick into his mouth, while also swallowing his. I took it all at once. When my lips touched his base, I flicked my tongue across his balls. His dick swole in my mouth, making breathing kind of difficult. When I felt a little slack, I went to work. I gave him head like only someone who truly loves you can. I moaned from the taste and feel of his dick in my mouth. I was in my rhythm and started fucking his face from above. I had forgotten how long it had been for the both of us. I got really caught up in it. Before you knew it Qís dick was growing again. I felt his first stream of cum hit my throat. He gabbed the back of my head and pumped hard into my throat.

"Oh shit CedÖIím cumming!"

He shot stream after stream. I swallowed it as fast as he could release it. My dick swole to its maximum thickness in seconds. I pumped harder as I reached my breaking point. The first blast hit the back of Qís throat. He took my dick out of his mouth and we watched as the second and third stream hit the opposite wall. The last of it oozed down my shaft and Q soon made it disappear. I got up and went into the bathroom. I cleaned up and brought Q a wet cloth so he could do the same. Once cleaned up he lay in my arms.

"I wanted some of that dick Ced."

"I wanted to give you some. But donít worry because we have forever."

We kissed each other deeply. We sat and talked for another hour or so before falling asleep.

Part 8

T had been attempting to contact Baby J every since he disappeared. He had tried calling numerous times from my house. He had tried calling him once he had gotten home. For the first time he realized how little he knew of the man he was beginning to have strong feelings for. All he knew for sure was his name and what school he went to. They seemed to talk a lot when they were around each other. Baby J never mentioned his family though. T finally gave up trying to reach him. He watched TV for a while and then went to bed. He had been asleep for about an hour when he heard someone knocking on his window. He reached under his mattress and grabbed his gun. He tiptoed to the window and peeked out. Baby J stood there smiling. T shook his head and told Baby J to come to the side door. James entered the house and T was on him instantly.

"Where the hell have you been? Why did you disappear like that earlier? Why didnít you call and let me know you were ok?"

"Damn T, calm down."

"Donít tell me to calm down nigga! You crept off without saying anything and then I couldnít get in contact with you. You know niggas are out there trying to hurt us and anyone close to us. Where did you go?"

"I had to go and take care of some business. Why are you tripping on me like this?"

"I just realized how secretive you are. We claim to love each other and I donít even know anything about you. I told you everything about me. I feel like you are hiding things from me and I donít play with my emotions."

"Damn baby youíre jumping the gun. Itís not even like that."

"How is it then James? Whatís going on with you?"

"Damn T, youíre acting like aÖ"

"Acting like a what? A bitch? Go ahead and say it nigga! Let me tell you something right now. Thereís nothing bitch about me. This is Terrelle Bender you are talking to. I am all man. You are the one whoís not keeping it real. Iím not tripping on that faggot or sucker shit. I was just worried about you."

"So then what the fuck do you want from me?"

"All I want is to know you nigga. Where do you live? What are your parents like? Do you have brothers and sisters?"

Baby J had to think. At first he was going to lie. He decided to be honest with T though. Well to a certain extent.

"Ok T. Iíll tell you what you want to know."

He walked over to the window and stared out. T could tell that his story was a going to be a painful one. He was ready to tell him to forget it but James had already begun to speak.

"Well, I was born in Middletown, New York. My mom died shortly after I was born. I was less than a year old. She was a junkie and was hooked on Heroine. I have no memory of her. My dad took her death hard. He loved her to death even though she sold everything they had. We moved here to Rochester when I was seven. He raised me right but he was always stressed. His paychecks barely paid the bills. We were always behind on rent. My dad had to hide from our landlord on many occasions. Then one day he ran into Uncle Julius."

Baby J left the window and sat on the bed next to T.

"Julius wasnít my real uncle of course. Thatís just what the kids called him. During those days, Julius had the city on lock. He ran everything. He was a major drug dealer. He had the prostitution game on smash. He was in charge of the numbers game and he owned several bootleg liquor houses throughout the city."

"One night my dad was on his way home from work. He noticed two dudes trying to rob Julius. As he drew nearer, he realized that the two men were junkies from the neighborhood. They both had knives drawn and Julius was fighting them off with a briefcase. My dad threw caution to the wind and decided to help. He pulled out his .007 blade and ran to help the man. He heard Julius talking as he got closer."

"You niggas better quit while you are ahead. You really donít know who you are fucking with." The man said.

"Fuck you nigga. Give us all of your money or I will gut your ass."

"Just then my dad crept up from behind and hit him in the temple with the butt of his knife. As his partner turned to see what was going on, Julius smashed his head with the briefcase. My dad said Julius then picked up the knife and began stabbing them both. My dad turned to leave but a Cadillac limousine pulled up and blocked his way. A man stepped out of the car and ran over to Julius.

"Are you alright boss?"

"Am I alright? Nigga do you see this shit?"

He pointed to the two men lying on the ground.

"I could have been killed just now. Where in the hell were you?"

"Boss you told me to get the car and meet you here."

"I know what I told you idiot. I have been waiting here for over 10 minutes. I no longer think you are a good fit for me. Get your things out of my car and get the fuck away from me."

"Boss you mean you want me to walk?"

"To tell the truth I donít give a fuck what you do. Just get away from me before I change my mind."

"The driver did as he was told. My dad turned and started to walk away."

"Hey you! Come back here for a second."

"My dad went to see what Julius wanted."

"Whatís your name?" he asked.

"My name is Charles. Charles Proctor to be exact."

"Well Charles, can you drive?"

"Yes, of course I can."

"Well you can drive me home and we can talk about your future."

"My dad thought about it for a second and decided he had nothing to lose."

"Sure why not. Itís not like I have any plans."

"They drove until they reached the outskirts of the city. Julius gave my dad directions but other than that it was a quiet ride. They drove to a suburb of Rochester called Brighton. After about ten minutes they reached Juliusís house. Well I guess it could be better described as a mansion. They had to enter a huge electronic fence just to get onto the property. They drove down a long stretch before the house even came into view. Julius explained how he was one of the few blacks to live in this area. They reached the beautiful house and my dad got out. A man dressed in a suit came out and opened the car door for Julius. He took his briefcase and began to escort him into the house. My dad followed them inside and was amazed at how beautiful everything was. He was led to a large study. Julius soon joined him and asked if heíd like something to drink.

"Henny on the rocks if you have it."

"He nodded to one of the women standing near the door. She headed off to get the drinks. Julius asked my dad to sit down and the woman returned shortly with his drink."

"Now all of you get out." Julius said.

"They all obeyed and only Julius and my dad were left in the room."

"First of all Iíd like to thank you for your assistance today. Most people around here would have gone on about their business."

"Well I just saw a brother in trouble and did what I had to do."

"I think you picked a proper time to be a hero. Let me ask you something. Have you ever heard of Julius "G Dog" Jackson?"

"The Julius Jackson that runs most of the illegal activity in Upstate New York? Yeah. I donít think thereís anyone around here who hasnít heard of him. Why?"

"Julius just stood there smiling."

"No. Are you trying to tell me that you are him? Oh my God. I didnít know."

"Yes. This is me in the flesh. You may very well have saved my life today and Iíd like to offer you a job."

"A job? What would I be doing?"

"To start off you would be my driver and bodyguard. Your position can change as you learn more about my setup. So what do you say? I will make it worth it to you. Letís say five grand a week to start?"

"My dad couldnít believe his ears. He barely made five hundred a week at his current job. This new gig could solve a lot of his problems."

"I accept your job offer."

"Good thatís what I like to hear. You just remember one thing. You saved my life. You have earned a privilege that no one else who works for me has."

"Whatís that?"

"You may call me Julius."

"My dad worked with Julius for years. He worked his way up the ranks and by the time I was ten my dad was Juliusís right hand man. My dad was serious about my schooling but he also taught me the ends and outs of the game. Just before my twelfth birthday Julius announced his retirement and named my dad as his replacement. This caused a lot of tension throughout the organization. Many of Juliusís men left and formed their own crews. My dad worked with what he had and soon formed one of the strongest crews on the North side. They were called the "Black Mob". When I was 16 my dad was shot and killed by a crew boss who wanted his territory. My dadís right hand man, Devine along with his best friend Sincere, took over the crew and fought off the rival forces. They raised me to be who I am now."

Baby J stood up and walked back to the window. It seemed as though reliving the experience had weighed on him.

"Iím sorry baby. I didnít mean to push you to tell me that. I never realized youíd gone through so much." T said.

"Can you please get me something to drink?" he asked T.

"Sure. Iíll be right back."

T left to get the drink as Baby J relived the part of the story he didnít share.

His dad had taught him all there was to know about the game. Baby J was grateful to Devine and Sincere for holding down the crew but they still had not avenged his dad. Over the next year Baby J eased his way into the ranks of the crew. Finally one day he arrived at the crewís headquarters. Almost everyone was there. He entered the room and demanded everyoneís attention.

"Listen up. As of this very moment I am claiming my rightful position as the head of this crew. Devine and Sincere have done a great job and I would like them to be my right hand men. But I know that is was my fathers dream for me to run this crew."

He looked around and let his words set in.

"This crew is my family and I donít wish to fight for what I want. You all know that I will though. So whoever has a problem with my request, step to the plate."

Baby J took off his jacket and waited to see if anyone would challenge him. Everyone looked amazed. They all knew that Baby J was all about business. He had more knowledge of the game than many of them. He was tough as nails and played no games. The problem they had was that he was just about to turn 18. A few members made an attempt to step forward. Devine stopped them. He got up from his seat and headed towards James. James prepared himself to fight but there was no need. Devine walked up and wrapped his arms around Baby J. Sincere soon joined him. This was not something youíd see everyday.

"James, we are no longer your guardians. We loved your father as a brother. This is what he wanted. Little do you know, he prepared you for all of this. Once the old crew broke down he wanted this to become a family run organization. So, you are leader with no resistance from anyone. Also, weíd like nothing more than to be your right hand men."

Devine looked as proud as a father watching his son receive his high school diploma.

"Then itís official. My first act as leader is to appoint Devine and Sincere as my lieutenantís. Second, I am changing the name of the crew. From now on we will be known as Bad Rep."

Part 9

Rasheem was happy to be free. He had spent a little over two months in the county jail. The crew wanted no connections with the fight that went on that night. So Rasheem had to sit in jail until the matter was solved. Heíd gone to court earlier that morning. I had refused to press charges and the state didnít have enough evidence to convict him without my testimony. He had checked in on the crew and Devine had given him $300 in spending money. His plan was to grab some weed, a bottle of Hennessey and head off to his girlfriends house.

After being locked away, he had an itch that really needed to be scratched. A few blocks from headquarters he stopped and bought some weed from one of his boys. He walked across the street and paid someone to buy him a bottle of liquor. He went into a store where he purchased two blunts, some cranberry juice, a box of condoms and a pack of cigarettes.

He headed for home not realizing that he was being followed. He turned down an alley, which was a shortcut to his house. He was halfway through the alley when he noticed the van turn in behind him. At first he thought nothing of it. People drove through here all the time. It wasnít until he noticed the driver wearing a mask that he got scared. He continued walking, speeding up his pace a little. The van continued to follow at a slow pace. He soon saw the end of the alleyway and figured the people in the van werenít after him. He was wrong.

When he was about fifty feet from the street, two guys in masks entered the alley and headed towards him. Rasheem stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked at the van. It had stopped and two more men had gotten out. He was trapped. He had no idea who these people were. He looked all around but there was nowhere to go. He stood there and waited to see what would happen. The first man approached him and pulled out a gun.

"Give it up nigga. Donít make any false moves or youíll be kissing the devils ass."

The man grabbed Rasheemís bag out of his hand. One of the other guys pushed Rasheem up against the wall. He punched him in the stomach hard.

"Time to pay the piper nigga."

The man hit Rasheem with the handle of his gun, knocking him out. The others grabbed him and put him in the van. The one who grabbed the bag looked inside. He pulled out the bottle of Henny.

"Yo fellas! Looks like drinks are on that nigga tonight."

They all started laughing as they jumped in the van. They headed off to parts unknown.

Part 10

Q was already gone when I awoke the next morning. He couldnít have been gone long because the spot were he lay was still warm. I found a note on my nightstand.

Hey baby,

Sorry I left before you got up but I have a busy day. I have therapy this morning and I have to go and talk to my boss later today. I had a good time last night and canít wait to feel that dick inside of me again. I love you and Iíll see you later on.

I smiled after reading the letter. I realized time was short so I went and jumped in the shower. I got out lotioned up and put on my socks. I threw on my boxers and a wife beater. I put on my black tee and white Adidas sweat suit with the matching hat. Then I brought out the black and white shell toes with the fat laces. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I looked at my face and noticed the ever-menacing scar. It looked to be shrinking. I ran downstairs grabbed a cup of O.J. and headed off to school then work. The day went fast. I loved my job. Since I didnít really have a child hood it seemed as though I turned into a child when I walked through the doors. I loved playing with the kids and they loved that I didnít act adult unless they were acting up or had a problem. By the end of the day I was ready to see Quentin. I planned to drive straight to his house. When I got to my car I found a surprise. Waiting there for me were Fibe One, Fibe Two and Porter. I felt a knot form in my stomach. They looked like trouble waiting to happen.

"What are you niggas doing here?" I asked as I gave each of them some daps.

"Dad wants to see you." Fibe Two said.

"Well tell him heíll have to come to my house. Iím busy. I have homework to do."

"He wants to see you right now." Porter said.

"I donít give a fuck what he wants. I wanted him for 17 years. We donít get everything we want."

"Dad does. Now letís go. Youíll enjoy what he has for you." Fibe Two said.

I had expected this response to come from Fibe One. Instead he just glared at me as if daring me to disobey. I started to challenge him. Instead I agreed to go. My curiosity was getting the best of me.

"Ok. Iíll go with you niggas but Iím driving my own car. One of you can ride with me if you want."

Fibe Two and I jumped in my car. I started it up and Tupac was screaming in our ear about how he was going to ride on his enemies. Fibe Two started laughing as I pulled off and followed Fibe One and Porter.

"Whatís so funny?" I asked.

"You listening to Pac. You seem more like an R and B fan."

"Whatís makes you think that?"

"Your demeanor. You just seem real laid back. I mean Iíve heard you can fight and handle yourself well. It just seems that you are the type who would try to talk his way out of trouble."

"Donít let the look fool you. Talk is cheap. Niggas these days would rather shoot than talk. If a nigga does kill me heíll have something to show that I fought for my life."

He started laughing again.

"What nigga?" I asked laughing myself.

"Thatís exactly what dad would have said."

I smiled thinking about that. I wondered if there were more similarities beyond our looks and scars.

We pulled up to our dadís house a few minutes later. Seeing the house made me remember my last visit. I decided it would be best to keep my demon tongue in my mouth. I followed my brothers who entered a door on the side of the house. We went downstairs into the basement. We walked through the first room. It was full of weight and exercise equipment.

"I guess this is where my dad and Fibe One worked on those physiques." I thought to myself.

We entered another room that turned out to be my dadís office. He was sitting behind a desk smoking the biggest blunt I had ever seen. The desk was beautiful. It was shaped like an arc and four chairs sat in front of it.

"Cedric Iíd like for you to have a seat." My dad said.

My brothers had already taken their seats. It was Fibe One, an empty chair, Fibe Two and finally Deebo. I took my rightful place and waited to see what all the fuss was about.

"Son I had a long talk with your mother the other day. She explained to me the difficulty you are having with your scar. Well when I got shot in the face, I went through pretty much the same thing. I was devastated. My dad said there was only one way that Iíd feel better. So today son, I do for you, what my dad did for me."

He got up and motioned for me to join him. He put his arm around my shoulders and we walked towards a door. He opened it and my heart stopped. I looked up at my dad and we both had the same evil smile on our faces.

Part 11

Terrelle arrived home to find Jayson sitting on his front porch. He pulled into the driveway, parked and got out. Jayson stood and gave him daps as he stepped up on the porch.

"Whatís up T?"

"Whatís up Lil Bit? What are you doing at my house nigga?"

"I came to see your mom but sheís not home yet."

T punched him in the arm.

"My mom would break your little ass. One day I am going to show you what to do with that big mouth."

"Youíre not ready for me Terrelle."

I never will be. I donít keep it in the family."

T was laughing so hard he had to sit down. Lil Bit took the chair next to him.

"Fuck you T. You were wrong for that. On the real though, I came to see whatís the plan for getting back at Jameer and Big D."

"If you werenít always out giving up that booty youíd know what was going on."

"I swear I think youíre mad because I never offered you any."

"Nigga you could never be on my level. You donít even know how to be faithful. And you think you could get Cedís attention like that? Son, you are out of your league."

"T, I do what I please. Ced and Q wonít last forever and when itís over Iíll go for mine. I came to talk about business so can we get on the proper subject?"

"Nigga shut the fuck up. Anyway, we canít really attack them straight up. Theyíll be expecting that. We are gonna let the twins handle things."

"Sounds like a good idea. Theyíll expect you, Ced or Q to do something. So when is all of this going down?"

"Next weekend. The twins have a wicked plan set up. They got two of Latishaís friends to go out with the niggas. They are gonna meet up and go to club Shakers."

Shakerís was a local teen club. They didnít sell drinks. Most people were already drunk when they walked through the door.

"After they start to feel comfortable the girls will invite them back to their place. You know those niggas will come on the West Side for some pussy."

They both started laughing and gave each other five.

"Hell yeah. Tisha has some fine ass friends."

"Thatís the point. The girls will lead them to the cut on Beaver Street. The twins and some of their boys will be there waiting."

"So how deep is it going to get?"

"We arenít trying to kill the dudes. Itís just that if Q canít play ball neither will they."

Part 12

After Jayson left T went into the house and fixed himself something to eat. About an hour later the doorbell rang. He opened it to find Baby J standing there.

"What are you doing here baby?"

"Damn. It sounds like youíre not happy to see me."

"No itís not that. I just wasnít expecting you thatís all."

Baby J came into the house, closed the door and walked into Tís arms.

"You may not have been expecting me but are you glad Iím here?" he whispered this in Tís ear before licking it.

"Hell yeah baby."

"Show me then nigga."

T grabbed both of his hands and put them behind his back.

"No matter what, donít move your hands."

T began to kiss him on the lips. He moved down to his neck. He circled him kissing every inch of his face and neck. When he was in front of him again he pulled off his shirt. Baby J kicked off his sneakers as T unfastened and pulled down his pants. Jamesís fat dick and ass print showed through his boxer briefs. T squeezed his ass before pulling them down. T began to kiss his chest and lick his nipples while removing his own shirt. T circled him again kissing him all over his back and just above his ass. T took off his pants and boxers at the same time. He rubbed his throbbing dick on Baby Jís ass. He nibbled on his ear while grinding into James. He spun Baby J around and kissed him hard. He grabbed both of their dicks in his hand and felt them grow to their max. Baby J took over pushing T back on the couch. He got on his knees and crawled between Tís legs. He kissed his thighs working his way to his balls. He lifted Tís nuts and started to lick his ass. T was feeling uncomfortable. He didnít make him stop though. Before he knew it Baby J was trying to slide a finger in his ass.

"Nigga, what the fuck are you doing? You know I donít like that shit."

"T this has to be a two way relationship baby. There are days when I want to get mine too."

"What do you mean get yours? You want to fuck me? Well Iím sorry but thatís not going to happen."

"Oh, so itís cool for me to give my all to you but I canít get the same in return?"

"Come on James. You know itís not like that."

"How is it then? You donít want me to have all of you?"

"Yeah, of course I do. We just have never talked about this. I never envisioned anyone fucking me. I would really have to think about it."

"Youíd have to think about it? What kind of shit is that? You know what Terrelle? You are full of shit."
He got up and started to put his clothes back on.

"James what the fuck is wrong with you."

"You fed me that bullshit about how you loved me so much. You wanted me to share my life story with you. I sacrificed and did all that. Now you want to hold back on me. I see that things arenít always as good as they sound."

"Yo James I donít know why you are tripping. I could see if this was something we talked about and then I backed out. I never knew you wanted to take it to this level."

"Does it really matter T? You should be willing to do whatever for me. You are right about one thing. We never discussed it. Maybe we rushed into things a little too fast. I think we should slow this down."

"What are you trying to say James?"

"Iím not trying to say anything. Iím telling you that for now we are not a couple. We need to get to know each other on a deeper level."

With that he grabbed his things and walked out of the door. T was still sitting on the couch naked. He could barely believe what had just happened. His first instinct was to put on his clothes and follow him. Then he thought better of it. Something seemed to be bugging James. T didnít want to push further than he already had. He figured heíd let him blow off some steam before he confronted him.

Baby J hurried to his car. He jumped in and sped off in a hurry. He couldnít understand what had come over him. It felt as though something in him was changing. He had fucked his share of females but had never fucked a man. Before today he had never even wanted to. Now out of the blue he had developed a hunger. He knew he had come at T wrong. He would apologize later. Right now he was on the prowl.

Part 13

I couldnít believe it. Was this really happening? I walked into the room. There was Rasheem tied to a chair. I could feel my heart beat pick up. My adrenaline began to pump and I had goose bumps on my arms.

"Cedric, the only way youíll feel better is to get your revenge. Look at him son. Think about what he did to you. He bit you. He scarred you for life. He made you hate yourself. Are you gonna let him get away with it?"

I swear my dads voice seemed to be hypnotizing me. I had no love in my heart for Rasheem at all. But it seemed that the more my dad talked, the more my hatred grew. My dad handed me the blunt he was smoking. I took it as though it were natural. Rasheem stared at me as I choked on the smoke.

"Enjoy it son. Itís on this nigga. He bought just for this occasion."

My dad and brothers laughed but I didnít join in. I continued to smoke the blunt and stare at Rasheem. He stared back at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. I walked up and stood in front of him. He was gagged but he was attempting to speak. I slapped him across the face.

"Shut the fuck up nigga! You better save your breath because you are going to need it."

I took the blunt and put it out on his neck. He screamed but no one could hear him. I slapped him again.

"I said shut the fuck up! Nigga you havenít felt the pain that you caused me. When Iím finished with you, youíll wish you killed me that night bitch."

My dad and brothers had all moved closer now. They all had the same evil smiles on their faces. What I did next blew everyoneís mind. I pulled out my dick and started pissing on Rasheem. He was screaming and yelling. I ripped the tape off of his face. He screamed again.

"Did you say something nigga?" I asked.

"Iím going to kill you nigga! You wonít get away with this shit!"

I kicked him in his face and he fell over backwards. I stood over him with my foot on his chest.

"You already killed me bitch. I will never be who I was. I donít care if I get away with it or not. I do know that after today youíll never bite anyone again."

I kicked him in the face again and he was out cold.

"Thatís right. You take a nap while I decide what to do."

My dad walked up and put his arm around my shoulders again.

"Thatís my boy."

To be continuedÖÖÖ






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