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By: scarface292003@yahoo.com aka Ced


This story takes place in Rochester, the third largest city in New York State. I was a student at East High School where I was never one of the popular students. At the time I was suffering from a huge case of low self-esteem. I come from a poor family and as most of us know, high school is nothing more than a fashion show. Life in this school was miserable for me because not only was I a loner, but I also had a deep secret that I was fighting to repress. For as long as I could remember I had a strong fascination for men. When I was younger I only saw niggas that were femmed out so, I swore I would never let that part of my life come to the light. All of that came to an end in the 9th grade.

When the 9th grade school year started, I began to come out of my shell a little bit. I was still more of a loner but I was also a little more social. Even though I still didnít have the nerve to try to holler at any of the females, I had my little secret under wraps (or so I thought). That is when he walked into my life. His name was Quentin. We had been in all the same classes since we started high school but had never said a word to each other. By the way my name is Cedric. Now Quentin was a star player on both the football and basketball team. He was 6í0 tall, 180 pounds, slight muscular build, light brown complexion, brown eyes, braids, thick eyebrows, and a light mustache. He was sexy as hell and had the most beautiful lips and the fattest ass I had ever seen on a man. I was a straight nerd (in school that is). I was 6í0 even, 165 pounds, slender build, dark complexion, brown eyes, low cut, thicker eyebrows, and no facial hair. So one day during lunch Quentin approaches me.

"What up kid?"

At first I could not believe that he was talking to me. I had a crush on this fine nigga ever since I first laid eyes on him, but as I said earlier I wasnít even trying to go that route. For a second all I could do was stare at him. A thousand visions flashed through my head. All I could see was me and this nigga getting down.

"Are you alright nigga?" he asked snapping me back to reality.

"Yeah Iím cool." I said. "Whatís up with you?"

"Your name is Ced right"

Again he stunned the hell out of me. Only my family called me Ced so I was wondering how he knew to call me that since no one else at school did.

"Yeah thatís what they call me." I answered trying to sound cool.

"Word around school is that you got the mad tutoring skills."

"Yeah I guess so but I am kind of booked up right now."

"Well a nigga need some help because you know we have to maintain a C average to stay on the team."

"I should be available some time next week. I will give you my number and you can holler at me on Monday"

"Thatís cool, thanks." He then gave me a pound and a thug hug that made my dick jump up to full attention. "Iíll talk to you then."

Well I guess you know I bumped a student out so that I could get close to this nigga. Not only did I get that niggas average to a C, but he was on the high honor roll just like me. Over the next few months we got real tight. By mid school year we were best friends. There were some people at school that could not understand how this nigga could be my friend. Quentin didnít give a fuck though. If somebody got in my face or talked shit about me he was prepared to beat their ass down.

When spring semester came around we had to take swimming lessons in gym. Early one morning while we were getting ready for gym Quentin and I were playing around in the locker room.

"Alright nigga you how coach Jackson acts if we are late." I said.

"Nigga you worry too much. You are gonna grow old fast."

"Fuck you nigga." I told him.

Actually I had begun to relax a lot since he had befriended me. As I was putting on my swimming shorts (with my boxers still on) Quentin started to strip down until he was butt naked. My jaw dropped as I got a good view of that fat ass. Then he turned to the side and I got to see that he also had a nice sized dick. It was soft at the time but it was still almost 6.5 inches with beautiful veins running all through it. I just stood there mesmerized. I had wanted to see this niggas body for the longest and now that I did I was standing and staring like a dick hungry bitch.

"Damn nigga take a picture it will last longer!" Quentin said with a sly look on his face.

"Awe fuck you nigga ainít nobody trying to look at yo little ass dick."

"That ainít what yo mama said last night. Now come on nigga letís go before we get in trouble."

I guess you know I was shook because I got caught looking at this nigga. I knew that in the future I had to be more careful because he was my only real friend and I didnít want to jeopardize that because of my lust for him.

When we got to the pool we found our own little spot. We were throwing in a brick and racing to see who could get to it first. During our first dive Quentinís hand brushed up against my dick. My shit got hard real fast. On our second and third dive the same thing happened. I just brushed it off as a mistake because I knew that this nigga could fuck every bitch in school if he wanted to and he was not on that gay shit. For the rest of the class it continued to happen and he continued to act as if it didnít so I dared not even mention it. After gym class was over Quentin came up to me.

"Yo, why donít you come over to my house after school to study. Then afterwards we can watch some movies and chill. My mom and dad are out of town but I know they wonít care if I have you over." I got real close to his mom and dad after I helped him get his grades back up. They were so happy, that I was welcome in their home at any time. After a short time I came to call them mom and dad myself.

"Yeah right nigga, they probably want me there to baby-sit yo bitch ass anyway."

"Fuck you nigga!" he said punching me in the arm. "Are you coming over or not?"

"Let me call and make sure it is ok with my mom first." I knew it would be. Mom liked when I stayed over there because that meant my stepfather and I wouldnít be trying to kill each other.

"Tell her I said that head was good last night." He said laughing.

"I am gonna tell her too." I joked as I made my way to the phone booth.

"Youíd better not nigga!"

"Just watch me!"

Quentin then ran past me to the phone booth and made the call himself. He knew that I would tell my mom what he said. Even though she loved him as much as his parents loved me, he always made a point of showing my mother mad respect because he knew she was being constantly beat down by my stepfather.

"Hello Mrs. Bender this is Quentin."

"Hello Quentin, so its Mrs. Bender now?" my mom said jokingly.

"Sorry mom. Anyway I was wondering if Ced could stay the weekend at my house? He said is afraid of the dark and needs someone to protect him."

"Arenít your parents out of town for the weekend?"

"Yes maíam but I promise we wonít have any wild parties or girls running in and out of the house."

"Youíd better not because if either one of you get a girl pregnant youíll be taking her and the baby off to college with you."

"Well you donít have to worry about that because I have enough trouble taking care of this baby thatís with me right now."

"Ok, if you boys need anything just give me a call."

"We will. Talk to you later."

Now that our weekend was set we left and headed for Qís house. We jumped in his whip, which was a present for winning the state championships last year. I didnít need to get any clothes because I always kept some at his house anyway. When we got to the house Q said he was gonna take a shower upstairs and that I could use the guest bathroom. After we were both showered and dressed Q told me to find a good movie to watch and he was gonna fix us something to eat. I chose to watch the movie "Ghost" because both of us liked it a lot. Q came in with some sandwiches, chips, and soda. We sat down to watch the movie and get our grub on. About halfway through the movie Q put the VCR on pause and turned to me.

"Do you think we will ever find love like Sam and Molly have in that movie?" he asked me.

"No doubt you will find someone to love you like that. You have girls all over you all the time. Me on the other hand, I will probably die a lonely old man."

"Why do you always down yourself like that? Any bitch with a brain would try to get with you because you are gonna go places most black people only dream of. Plus people do try to holla at you but you just ignore the signs."

"Yeah right nigga! I donít know what world you live in but no bitch has ever tried to holla at me even though I am best friends with the star athlete of the school."

"You are just so use to not being liked that you canít even see the signs when someone does want to holla at you. I mean a bitch could come up to you and grab your dick and you would still think she doesnít like you." He said laughing with that sly look on his face again.

"Well you must really like me because you touched my dick in the pool more times than I have in my whole life." I said just to see what he would say.

"Sometimes when you see something you want you just have to go for it," he said as he started to clean up our mess from lunch.

"Yo what the fuck are you talking about nigga? I donít get down with that homo shit so why are you coming at me like that?" I said as my heart started to beat twice as fast as it should.

"Chill nigga. I know you are a 15-year-old virgin and that you never had sex with anybody at all. On the other hand I do know that you have had a thing for me since we first met. I still remember the look on your face when I first walked up to you. You looked like you wanted to tear my clothes off right then and there. Not to mention how you were looking at me in the locker room this morning."

"You must be out of your mutha fuckin mind nigga! I donít got a thing for your bitch ass! I may still be a virgin but I ainít no fuckin faggot!"

"So you mean to tell me that if I was to take off my clothes right here in front of you there would be no reaction? Yeah right. Yo dick would be as hard as Mrs. Sandovalís math class."

"Whatever nigga. You are just to full of yourself. You think that just because all those bitches be on your dick that you can turn me into your little bitch nigga?"

"To tell the truth what I like so much about you is that you would never carry yourself like a gay ass nigga. I know I could be with you and never have a thing to worry about."

"What makes you think I would be with your bitch ass anyway?" I said as I acted like I was about to leave his house.

He grabbed me and turned me towards him. "If you can stand to look at me naked for 5 minutes and your dick doesnít get hard I will never mention this shit again."

Now you know I was not about to pass up a chance to see this nigga naked. Over time I had learned to control myself around Q. There were times that I was around him that my dick would start to get hard and I mastered keeping my shit under control. Plus the fact that I had on some baggy jeans, a pair of basketball shorts, and my boxers, I figured that if I did get hard he wouldnít be able to tell.

"Whatever nigga lets just get this silly shit over with so I can show your bitch ass that you are not all of that."

Q turned put a tape in the radio. Next thing I knew he was stripping to R Kellyís "Bump and Grind". As hard as I tried not to let this niggas body influence me, I just couldnít keep my eyes off of him. He pulled off his shirt exposing a stomach that you could grate cheese on. He licked his finger and drew a trail that led from his neck to the waistband of his pants. He rotated his hips as he slowly pulled his pants down. He had on a pair of boxer briefs, which hid nothing at all. He began to walk towards me. When he was about a foot away he turned showing me that fat ass I had so long dreamed about. He bent over and waved that fat ass in the air. He then stood up and wiggled his ass better than any bitch ever could. When he reached back and smacked himself on the ass I almost nutted on myself. He then turned around to show me that fat dick print. As he stood there pulling down his underwear I swear drool was falling out of my mouth. Q got down on all fours and crawled up to me sniffing my dick area. Then he stood up and put that fat ass booty as close as he could to my dick without touching me. Spinning around he started to play with his dick that was hard and about 8.5 inches long and 4 inches wide. While he had me mesmerized he reached out and grabbed my dick.

"You lose!" he said catching me off guard.

Although I was mad because I lost, I couldnít control myself any longer. I pulled him close to me and started to kiss him like I was trying to steal his breath. I grabbed his fat ass and squeezed hard enough to leave my handprint there. I began to kiss his neck and loved the way he was moaning. Q pushed me back and started to undress me. He could tell that I was nervous so he kissed me and told me to relax. He stripped of my shirt and kissed me from forehead to belly button. He began to unfasten my belt as he stole another feel of my dick. My pants and boxers came off in one motion and then Q just stood there and looked at me.

"Damn nigga!" he said. "I never thought that you would be packin like that." He grabbed my dick and continued to look at it as if were the first one heíd ever seen. My shit was like 9.5 inches cut and close to 5 inches around. It was chocolate brown with a dark ring around the middle.

Q pushed me back towards the bed and I lay down. He began to kiss me again this time not stopping at my navel. Q licked the spot between my navel and my pubic hairs and this gave me a crazy rush. Kisses were planted down my leg just above my knees then back up again. Gentle kisses made contact to my nuts before both were sucked into his mouth. Pre-cum started to ooze from my dick, which is something that never happened to me before. Q looked me in the eyes as he slowly licked all the pre-cum from my throbbing dick. Those beautiful brown lips hovered over the head of my dick and I swear that it stretched to a full 10 inches in anticipation of what was to come. I sat amazed as I watched half of my dick disappear into his mouth. It took all of my will power not to bust off at that moment. His head bobbed up and down slowly until I couldnít see any of my dick at all. Just then he began to suck my dick as if he had done this a million times. He sucked from head to base with mind-blowing (LOL) speed. That shit felt so good that he had me trying to run from his mouth. I finally knew what people meant when they say someone had them climbing the walls. Q then slowed down with my dick in his mouth to the base. His mouth opened and with all that dick in his mouth he stuck out his tongue and began to lick my balls. This almost sent me over the edge. I slowly pushed him off of me and began to kiss him. In one swift movement I raised up off the bed, spun him around, and pushed him back on the bed. I kissed him as if he was a long lost lover returning from war. I moved down to his neck and sucked and licked until he was trashing around all over the bed. I began a slow descent as I began to suck on his nipples. I licked and sucked until those nipples were as hard as our dicks. Again I went lower licking his abs and then his belly button. I was hoping that I could give him the same pleasure he had been giving to me moments before. I had never sucked a dick before so my plan was to suck his like I would want mine sucked. I planted kisses all over his dick. I began to lick the underside and watched, as his balls seemed to fill his nut sack. I placed his balls in my mouth and sucked them like they were peppermints. I then lifted his nuts and licked the spot between his balls and asshole. This was driving Q crazy. He begged for me to stop. The more he begged the more excited I became. I returned to the head of his dick and began to slowly insert his dick into my mouth. I was very much the rookie because I caused myself to gag trying to swallow what was now mine. Q told me to take my time and I did. This time I placed his dick in my mouth inch by inch. I never imagined that a dick could taste so good. I soon had his whole dick in my mouth and began to suck, being careful not to use my teeth. I went to work on that dick and sucked it as I had done so many times in my dreams. Q looked like he was going out of his mind.

"Damn nigga you suck dick like a pro. I canít believe you got skills like that and never sucked dick before."

His compliment only fueled my fire. Now I sucked with a vengeance eager to claim my prize, which was hidden deep in his loins.

"Stop!" Q begged. "Nigga you are gonna make me bust!"

"Bust then nigga. Let me see that nut fly up out of that dick!"

"No wait." Said Q. "I have something that I want to give you."

I reluctantly moved away as Q went over to his drawer and pulled out a condom and some Wet.

My heart began to race. I had been waiting for this moment for a while but I was not ready to let this nigga jump in my ass. Q laughed because he could read the expression on my face. He came over and gave me a kiss, at the same time opening the condom. He placed the condom on my dick, as I just stood there not able to believe what was about to happen.

"What position did you always imagine fucking me in?" Q asked.

"Every kind there is." I replied with a laugh.

"Well letís start out with my favorite, doggy style."

"Thatís cool with me." I said taking the time to kiss those sexy lips again.

Q got up on the bed in the designated position and was about to rub the lube into his ass.

"Hold on." I told him. "Since you want to give me something let me return the favor."

With that I leaned over and began to kiss and lick all over his ass cheeks. I licked along the crack of his ass and noticed the pre-cum starting to leak from his dick. I spread open his ass cheeks and took a deep sniff. This niggas ass smelled so good you would of thought he never took a shit in his life. I blew into his asshole and watched as it winked and invited me to come in. I gave his hole a quick lick and Q screamed out like somebody had just shot him. That was all the motivation I needed. I stuck my face deep into his ass and made it my temporary home. I licked, sucked, nibbled, and chewed until Q was begging me to fuck the shit out of him. I withdrew my face from his ass and applied a nice amount of Wet to his hole. I then lubed my dick and was prepared to go where no man had gone before. I lined my dick up with his hole and began to gently push my way in.

"Take your time nigga." Q said looking concerned. "I never did this shit before."

"Donít worry baby, I would never do anything to hurt you."

I inched my way in very slowly. Though I knew that shit had to hurt, Q was taking it like a pro. Once my whole dick was in I just sat there and gave him time to get use to it. When he used his ass muscles to squeeze my dick, I knew he was ready for me to make him mine. I began with the slow stroke. I could not believe how tight and warm my niggas ass was. It felt like my dick was always meant to be here. I leaned around and gave Q a powerful kiss as I began to speed up the pace. After a few minutes we were into it real good. I was hittin that ass like I was looking for the bottom. I was worried that I was hurting my nigga until he started to throw that ass back on me. I felt like I was in heaven.

Here I was losing my virginity to the best friend I had in the world. My fantasy was coming true right before my eyes and I was loving it. Q wanted to turn over on his back. He did this without me even having to pull out.

"Now nigga fuck this ass like you love it." He told me. "Give me that dick my nigga."

"I am gonna give you this dick and make you never want anybody elseís."

I began to fuck my nigga with a passion. I realized that even though I had loved Q like a brother before, I was falling in love with him now.

"Yeah, gimme that dick nigga. Fuck the shit out of me and make me fall in love with you Ced."

"Damn Q, yo ass is so tight I donít know if I ever want to get out of it."

I was fucking Q like a mad man now. He again began to use his ass muscles to grip my dick. I felt my dick grow in his ass and knew that I was close to a nutt. I reached down to try to jack his dick for him but he told me not to touch it. "Just gimme that nutt nigga." he said. I started to pound that ass even harder and I knew that I was close.

"Oh shit baby, Iím about to cum."

"Give me that nutt nigga. Give me that nutt Ced."

As if his words caused the action, I began to bust inside his beautiful ass. I swear I felt like I was giving this nigga my soul. Just when I thought I was done Q started to nutt without even touching his dick. His shit flew up and hit me right in the chin in three strong streams. This fascinated me so much I began to nutt again. I had never bust off so much in my life. When we were done we just lay there for a minute.

"Baby let me get something to wipe this cum off of us." Q said.

"Donít worry baby. I got you."

With that I began to lick all of his cum off his body. To my surprise he began to lick his cum off of me. Afterward I pulled off the condom and Q cleaned all the cum out of his ass. As we lay down to go to sleep Q looked at me and said the words I was dying to hear for sometime.

"I love you Ced. I hope that you will be my nigga for ever."

"I love you too Q and I am yours for as long as you want me." We kissed and he fell asleep before he could see the single tear fall from my eye. This was the best night of my life and I was never the same again. But that my friends is another story for another day.


By: scarface292003@yahoo.com aka Ced

So many things had changed during the course of the summer. Both Q and I had gone through a lot of changes. Q had grown to a height of 6í2, 190 pounds, slim muscular build, and you know the rest. His dick had grown to 9 1\4 inches, and his ass was as fat as ever. I had grown to 6í1, 180 pounds, slender build. My dick had grown to a full 10 inches. Q was still the star athlete, with all of the girls chasing him. I had made the most change though. I was no longer the nerd. I had started to work and was just as fly as Q. I had all the fly gear and a hot ass ride(which Qís parents helped me get). My days as a tutor were over and I had an attitude that wouldnít quit. I was always angry because all the people who had looked down on me were now on my dick. Q was always saying I should be happy. I had all the things I always wanted and my grades promised to get me into college in the future. At the time the only thing that made me happy was knowing that Q was my best friend and my lover. Shit wasnít going good at home. My stepfather was pushing all the wrong buttons and I knew that before long one of us was going to hurt the other.

One day when we were in class this bitch ass nigga was talking mad shit. His name was Darnell but people called him Big D. He was on the football team with Q and they were best friends before I came into the picture. When Q and I first became friends, I did my best to avoid Big D. Things had changed now. As we walked into class you could hear Big D saying, "Here comes Q and his little wanna-be clone. Hang with the man and niggas start to think theyíre the man."

"Fuck you pussy ass nigga." I said. "I am so fucking tired of your mouth. The only reason you talk all that shit is because nobdy has bust that ass yet."

"Yeah I bet you would like to bust some ass nigga. Ainít no bitch gave you no pussy since you went to this school. I bet the only person you ever fucked was your little brother."

I saw Q get ready to make a move but this was my fight. Now let me tell you about Big D. He was 6í4 and about 235 pounds. He hadnít had a fight in awhile because most people were scared of him. I used that to my advantage. While he was still laughing at his own stupid joke, I punched him as hard as I could in the nose. Before he could recover, I hit him three quick times in the jaw. Expecting him to charge me I backed off a little bit. To my surprise he hit the floor like he was just struck by lightening. The class erupted with oohís and aahís. I had just knocked out one of the toughest niggas in the whole school. Well I guess you know my victory was short lived. Security bust in the class and I was hauled off to see the Principle. As I was being led to the office, a sentry who was friends with my mom winked at me. Nobody in the school really cared for Big D that much because he was an asshole to everyone. Mr. Rice, (our Principle), knew that I never got into trouble so I ended up with 2 weeks of in school suspension. After school that day I went to Qís house. When I got there Q was waiting for me. He walked up to me holding one of his fake boxing belts.

"And the new heavyweight champion of the world, Mr. Ced!!"

Q always knew how to make me happy. This is when I first wondered what I would ever do if we werenít together. We went into the house and headed up to his room.

"Damn nigga have you been taking boxing lessons on the low or something!" He said. "I donít even know if I could have dropped that big ass nigga."

"The only thing that I have been doing on the low is you my nigga."

"Say it like you mean it nigga." Q joked.

"Well I know one thing, that corny ass belt is not the prize that I want. Isnít there something better you could give me?"

"I thought you would never ask."

Q walked up to me and with those sexy ass lips and kissed me like I was Rocky and he was Adrian. We just stood there kissing for 5 minutes. I then began to undress him. Even though we had been together for a while, I still couldnít believe the body this nigga had. Each time I saw that fat bubble ass, it was like I never saw it before. I started to kiss my nigga all over his body. I squeezed his ass as I sucked the fire out of his nipples. The moans from his voice were my favorite song. I put my hand around his dick and gently squeezed as I felt his manhood grow in my hand. Q then began to take off my clothes. When I was naked he kissed my body from head to toe. As precum started to ooze from my dick, Q wiped it on his finger and put it in my mouth. I sucked it dry. He then got on his knees and began to suck the dick that no other man or woman had ever touched. When he had my dick brick hard he got an idea and told me to hold on. Q ran downstairs and returned shortly with an icetray. He removed an ice cube and rubbed it across both of my nipples until it had melted. Q then put one in his mouth and smiled at me. What freaky shit did this nigga have on his mind. My question was quickly answered. Q bent down and began to suck my dick with the icecube in his mouth. I donít know what melted faster me or that icecube. I was loving this shit. When the first one melted he added another and then another. Now I am all against acting like a bitch but that nigga brought all of the bitch out of me. I was screaming and yelling for that nigga to stop. When he finally did I knew it was time for me to return the favor. I laid Q down on his stomach. I grabbed an icecube and began to trace the curves of his back with it. I then took a cube in my mouth and began to eat his ass with it. By the time I was done his ass was as cold as the Northpole.

As I started to blow my warm breath in his ass he began to beg me to fuck him. I grabbed some lube from the bedside and got us both all slippery. I turned Q on his back and put his legs on my shoulder. After all this time together I was like the key to his ignition. My dick was the perfect fit to his ass. Q was used to me now so I immediately began to pound his ass. I loved the fact that Q was so tall because as I was fucking him I could lean down and suck his dick at the same time. This had become our new favorite position and I fucked and sucked that nigga for an hour and a half. Finally I felt Qís dick swell to its max inside my mouth.

"Damn nigga iím about to bust." Q warned me. Usually I would let off his dick and watch the nut shoot out of it like it was being released from a cannon. Today I wanted to taste that sweet juice. "Shit nigga what are you doing?" Before he could get the whole statement out he was busting in my mouth. It tasted better than I would have ever imagined. When the last of his man juice hit the back of my throat, I felt my own ready to shoot. When Q felt my dick expand he started to throw that ass at me like he was a bull in the rodeo. As I let loose Q grabbed my hips and pulled me all way inside of him. I began to nut and the more I did the more Q threw that ass on me. He put that shit on me until all I could do was collapse on top of him. We lay there breathing hard and did something we would never do that time of day. We fell asleep naked and with my dick still in his ass.

We must have been asleep for hours because it was dark when we woke up. At first I thought I was dreaming because all I could hear was a womans scream. Qís mom was standing in the doorway looking at us naked and with my dick (hard once again) in the ass of her only child. I quickly jumped up and tried to put on my clothes. Qís dad came to see what the screaming was about. When he saw Q on the floor naked, (frozen with fear) and me hustling to put my clothes on, his face went from a look of concern to one of disgust. Before I knew what was happening he was across the room and punching me like I was his worst enemy in the world. He beat me until I was almost knocked out. As I fell to the floor I felt him lift me up. I thought he was feeling bad because of what he had just done to me. The next thing I knew he had carried me to the front door, lifted me over his head, and threw me out into the front yard.

"I donít ever want to see you in my house or around my son you little faggot motherfucker!! You are lucky I donít go get my gun and shoot your homo ass. Now get out of my yard and stay the fuck out of our lives."

"Dad please donít do this!" I heard Q yell.

His dad turned and slapped him so hard he fell to his knees. He hit Q so hard I swear that I could feel it.

This made me so mad that I stumbled to my feet and attempted to attack his dad. He turned and hit me square on the chin. I fell on my ass and still tried to get up.

"Ced! No, please just leave!"

Hearing those words from Q almost shattered my heart. I knew he was trying to protect me but I was in a fighting mood. Seeing the anger and hatred in his dads eyes made me change my mind. I got up off the ground and began to walk home. What the hell was I gonna do now. My whole world had just been turned upside down. I decided to go home and think about the days events. Little did I know my bad day was just getting started.

When I got home my mom was mad as hell. I had forgotten all about the fight I had in school. She was waiting for me on the porch when I walked up. She had that chew a nigga out look on her face.

"Boy I know you didnít get in trouble in school and not bring your black ass straight home. Look at you. Why would you even want to walk the streets looking like you got hit by a truck."

"Mom I had a bad day. I really donít want to talk about this right now. This nigga got in my face and I had to defend myself."

My mom knew that I wasnít a trouble maker. I had never been in a fight at school before. She was mainly worried because she had notice the changes in me lately. All she wanted was for me to go to college and get out of the hood.

"Alright then baby. Go get cleaned up and get yourself something to eat. We will talk again a little later."

I go into the house and head up to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. It looked like I had been in a fight with Roy Jones Jr. I know my mom thought the damage came from the fight at school. As I started to examine the rest of my wounds, I felt the presence of evil enter the bathroom.

"Looks like somebody finally put your pussy ass in check. Wish I could have been there to see you get beat on." Said my stepfather.

"Fuck you! I donít want to hear shit from your bitch ass. Why donít you do what you do best and go suck on that glass dick(crack pipe for those who donít know). You wish that you could beat my ass. Things around here are gonna change. You wonít put your hands on anybody in this house again or you will have to deal with me."

He walks up to me and jacks me up. He gives me that evil grin and gets real close up in my face.

"I am the man of this house. You are just a little bitch. What I say goes and thatís how it will continue to be. Now if you feel big enough to try me then donít half step little boy."

At that very moment all the years of abuse came back. All the ass beatings, shit talking, and teasing from him and everybody else hit me at once. Before I even knew what I was doing I punched that nigga in the jaw three times. He was so surpised he let go of me and staggered back. I had no mercy. I hit that nigga until he fell on the floor. When he fell I started to stomp his ass like he was the worlds biggest roach. I was in a blind rage. I didnít even hear my mom screaming for me to stop. My little sister was scraming and crying. My little brother ran over and tried to pull me away. I was so far gone I pushed him off of me and he fell to the floor. I felt myself being turned around and my mom slapped the hell out of me. I had raised my hand and was ready to punch her before I realized what I was doing. Then I saw my little brother and sister looking at me like I was some sort of monster.

"Iím sorry. I didnít mean for this to happen."

"Get the fuck out of my house right now!" I heard my mother scream. She was looking at me as if she was scared and didnít know who I was.

"Mom I am so sorry. Please donít make me leave."

"I donít know who you are anymore. Please just get your shit and leave."

"This sorry ass nigga has been beating all of us all these years and when he gets what he deserves you want for me to leave! Fine then. You will never see me again."

With that I ran out of the house. Tears were falling from me eyes. In one day I had lost my family, my best friend, and the love of my life. I ran and ran like Forrest Gump. I didnít know where I was going. I just ran until I couldnít run anymore. I knew my mom was expecting for me to go to Qís. She would have called later and told me to come home when things settled down. At this point I didnít care about anything. I felt like I didnít have anything to live for and I did something really stupid. I walked to the park and went over to a tire swing that was hanging from a rope. I climbed the tree and pulled the tire up to me. I pulled out my knife and cut the tire away. I wrapped the rope around the branch a couple times and made a noose. I put the noose around my neck and prayed that my neck would snap when I jumped. I took a deep breath and then I jumped from the tree. My neck didnít snap. I hung there and just waited for it all to end. After a few seconds I saw a man running towards me. He wouldnít make it in time. The life was slowly draining from my body. As I began to fade out I thought about how it was gonna be in hell. Could it be any worse than the hell I was leaving. Then there was nothing but darkness.

Q and I were sittng on a bench at the baskteball court. We had just finished a game of one-on-one and I had beat him for the first time ever. Q was talking all kinds of shit about how it was just luck and I just sat there laughing at him. All of a sudden I began to feel very light. My body began to rise up into the air. Q grabbed my arm and held on for dear life. "Ced donít leave me. Oh my god, what is happening?" The more Q held on the harder I was pulled away. Finally he lost his grip and I rose higher and higher into the sky. "No Ced! Please donít leave me! Come back please!" I just went higher. Q became a little dot and then I couldnít see him at all. What was happening to me. That is when I finally woke up.

"Where the fuck am I?" I thought as I opened my eyes. I looked around and saw my mother asleep in a chair. I was so happy to see her. I tried to get up and go to her but I couldnít move. I was strapped to a hospital bed. I had straps on my hands and feet and I couldnít get up. I tried to call out to my mom but for a second I couldnít talk. When I managed to get my voice I yelled out to her. "Mom help me! What is going on?" Her eyes opened and she ran to my side.

"Oh my baby! I am so glad that you are alright. I thought that I was gonna lose you. Please donít ever scare me like that again." She said as tears of joy fell from her eyes.

"Baby I promise that things are gonna be different from now on. I put that sorry ass nigga out so when you come home he wonít be there.

I started to cry because of what I had just put my mother through.

"Mom I am so sorry. I didnít mean to hurt you. I just didnít know what to do. I thought that you didnít love me anymore."

"Boy are you crazy! You are my first born child. You have the chance to be the first man in this family to go to college and get the hell out of this ghetto lifestyle. I love you as much as I did the day I gave birth to your ass. You are my baby how could I ever stop loving you?"

Those words were a partial cure to my broken heart.

"I love you too mom."

"Well now that you are up there are some other people here to see you. I am gonna go and talk to your doctor. I will be back a little later." She leaned down and gave me a kiss and walked out of the room. A few seconds later the door burst open and Q came running in. I got excited until I saw that he was followed by his mom and dad.

"Ced what the hell is wrong with you scaring me like that?í Q said. "I almost thought that I had lost you forever. What would I have done if my nigga had died?"

He bent down and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked because his parents were standing there. I looked over at his father and expected him to beat my ass again. His dad walks over, grabs a chair, and sits at the side of my bed.

"Cedric, I am so sorry for putting my hands on you. You have always been like a son to me and I canít believe the way I acted. I canít say that I agree with the decision that you and Q have made but I know that he loves you. He has made it very clear that he will be with you even if he has to leave our house to do so. I love my son too much to see him in the street struggeling to make it. I love the both of you too much to lose you. When I heard what you did at the park I wanted to get my gun and shoot myself. Q talked me out of it and I promised that if you made it I would respect that the two of you want to be together. I love you son and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

With that he gives me a fatherly kiss on the head and Mrs. Brooks does the same.

"I forgive you and I hope that things go back to the way they were. I love having a second mom and you are the only man I will ever call dad."

"Thanks." He said. "I will always be there for you just like a father should."

"Well mom and dad the doctor will be in soon so do you think I could have a moment alone with Ced?"

"Of course baby." Mrs. Brooks said. "Weíll be in the waiting room."

When they left Q sits down at my side.

"Listen you stupid ass nigga, if you ever pull some shit like that again I will kill your ass myself. Your selfish ass was just gonna leave a nigga all alone. You know I love your skinny ass. I donít care what happens. Nothing or nobdy could ever make me leave you. So now what your gonna do is get better, and bring your dumb ass home and be with the nigga who would die for you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir!" I said with a grin on my face."I am sorry for putting you through this but the thought of losing you and my family just drove me crazy."

"Well you just get your crazy ass out of here. I have something that I want to give you."

"Why donít you give it to me now?" I asked with lust in my eyes.

"Yeah right. Well I will see you later. You had better not be tryng to get with that fine ass doctor of yours either. Last night I caught him looking under your gown and staring at your dick. But I am gonna holla at you later baby boy." With that he leaned down and gave me another kiss. Then he lifted up my gown and kissed my dick and left.

Shortly after my doctor walks in. I felt kind of odd because my dick was hard from Qís kiss and and you could clearly see my shit standing up. He noticed because he just stared for a minute.

"Be careful, that snake bites." I said trying to make him uncomfortable.

"I am very sorry." He said and looking like he was about to have a nervous breakdown. "Please forgive me."

He then went on to explain that I was fine and that I was gonna be held for a week on suicide watch. He told me that I would be moved to the third floor shortly and that is when the straps would be removed. He said that he was recommending that I get mental health treatment and gave me a number to call if I felt like I was gonna hurt myself again. After taking another glance at my dick he left. I was happy. My life was back in order, even though it almost cost me my life. I just laid there and thought about what the future had in store. I soon fell asleep.

The week in the hospital went really slow. Q and my mom came to visit everyday. I made my mom promise not to bring my brother and sister because I didnít want them to see me like this. The day before I was to be released Q came to visit alone. We were talking about how things would be when I came home.

"Q, I think that I am gonna tell my mother about us. I mean your parents know and I think it would be unfair to keep this from her any longer."

"If you feel like that is what you want I am with you. I will even be there when you tell her if it helps."

"Yeah. If I had to tell her on my own I would never get it out. She should be here in a few minutes. To be honest with you I am scared as hell."

"Just be brave baby boy. Your mom will love you no matter what. If anything I am the one she is going to hate."

Just then my mom walks into the room.

"Hello. How are my two favorite men doing today?"

"Mom I have something very important to tell you. Well you know that Q is my best friend in the world right?"

"Of course I know that baby."

"Well Q and I are a little more than friends. I guess what I am trying to say is that Q is my boyfriend."

Mom laughed when I said this. I thought that she was laughing to keep from being angry. Finally she stops laughing and addresses the issue.

"I have known for the longest that you had a thing for Q. One night I came in your room to check on you and you were having a dream. You were going on about how much you loved Q and how you two were gonna be together forever. At first I was shocked because I would never had guessed that either of you were like that. I just want for my baby to be happy and if that is what does it for you then fine by me. I didnít want to bring it up and make you feel uncomfortable. I just figured that you would tell me when you were ready."

"So you really arenít mad or ashamed of me?" I asked not able to believe what she had just said.

"Yes. I really just want both of you to be happy."

"Mrs. Bender I am so glad you feel that way. I was sure that you were gonna hate me." Q said.

"Well if you call me Mrs. Bender again I may just change my mind."

"Oh yeah. Sorry mom."

With that she hugs both of us and says that she loves us. We all sat and talked for some time. Q called his parents and let them know that we had told my mom. They both stayed until visiting hours were over. When they were ready to leave Q walked up and gave me a deep passionate kiss right in front of my mom. She just looked at us like it was normal. I told Q to pick me up in the morning. We sayed our goobyes and they were gone. My life was complete again. I had all the things I had lost. I slept like a baby that night.

The next morning Q came to pick me up. He brought me a change of clothes. I hurried to change because I dying to get out of the hospital. When we finally got outside Q asked me if I wanted to go to school or stay home for the day.

"Nigga I want to stay home and I want you to stay with me. I havenít been able to touch you the way I wanted for a whole week."

"Well do you want to go to your house or mine?" Q asked.

"I donít know if I am ready to be at your house getting freaky because the last episode is still fresh in my memory. Letís go rent some movies and go to my house."

We went to the video store and grabbed a couple movies and then headed to my pad. My mom told me she was working a double and my brother and sister were going to my grandmothers after school. We pulled up to my house and I felt relieved. Now I was the man of the house and all the violence would be no more. The first thing I did when I got in the house was to call my job to see if I still had one. My boss told me that my mom had called and told him I was in the hospital. He said that he was glad that I was feeling better and that I could take the week off before I came back to work. I thanked him and told him I would see him in a week. Q was in the kitchen fixing us some burgers and fries. I went and set up the movie. We ate and watched "A Vampire in Brooklyn". We sat and watched the whole thing even though I thought it was a stupid movie.

"Are you ready for dessert?" Q asked me when the movie was over. I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he had something real tasty in mind.

"Hell yeah!" After being in the hospital for a week I couldnít wait to get some of Qís sweet bubble ass.

"Alright then follow me." Q grabbed my hand and started to lead me upstairs.

"The kitchen is in the other direction." I said to Q with a smile.

"I know. Today we are having dessert in bed."

That was fine by me. My dick was hard before we reached the top of the stairs. When we reached my room I noticed that there was a brand new lock on the door. Q pulled out two sets of keys and handed me one. The set he gave me had three keys on it.

"What are these for?" I asked.

"Well this one opens the lock to your room and the other two open the locks at my house."

"What are you crazy. I canít just come to your house and use keys to get in. What would your parents say."

"They wonít say anything because they made the copies and told me to give them to you. Also your mom gave me a copy of the keys to this house and I have a copy of the key to your room in case you want to sneak some other nigga up in here one day." Q laughed at his last remark. "Let me go in and do something before you come into the room." Q went in and did what he had to do and returned shortly. "Now you have to close your eyes because I have a surprise for you."

Q put his hands over my eyes and started to guide me into the room. I could tell that he was excited because I could feel his hard dick pressing up against my ass. We entered the room and he closed and locked the door.

"Now open your eyes."

When I opened my eyes I was more than surprised. The entire room was covered with roses. There were candles of every color burning throughout the room. There was a little table set up on the side of my bed. On the table was a bottle of champagne, a bowl of strawberries, a can of whip cream, and some chocolate syrup. Along one of my walls was a bunch of get well cards, stuffed animals, and ballons. I found out later that these came from people at our school. I was so happy that a single tear fell from my eye. I turned towards Q and he looked like he wanted to cry from happiness. I walked towards him and attempted to take him in my arms.

"Not yet baby boy I have something to give you first."

He guided me over to a chair and told me to sit down. He went into my closet and brought back what looked like a long jewlery box. He came back to where I was and got down on one knee in front of me. "Oh hell naw. This nigga must be crazy." I thought. He looks at me and smiles then grabs my hand.

"Ced you know that you are the love of my life. There are times when I get mad because we can never let the world know the true feelings we have for each other. Neither of us want to be out there like that. On the other hand I want to know that you are mine forever. This is a secret that will be kept in our families and I want them all to know how serious we are about each other. I know this looks like a marriage proposal but itís not that deep."

He grabs the jewlery box and opens it. Inside are two gold rings. One has the letter C on it and the other has the letter Q on it. He grabs the one with the letter Q on it and places it on my finger.

"This is a commitment ring. It means that I love you with all my heart and you will forever be mine. I will wear the ring with your initial on it and it means I will always be yours. Cedric Bender will you always be there for me and be my nigga for life?"

"Yeah my nigga. I will always love you and always be there for you. Quentin Brooks will you always be there for me and be my nigga for life?"

"You know it my nigga. You just have to promise that you will never try to kill yourself again. If I would have lost you I would have wanted to die myself. Your little stunt even affected my dad. He was so messed up about what he did to you that he was about to kill himself. I would have lost both of you in one week."

"Well donít worry about that because I am not going anywhere. We will grow old together. At one point I will even change your diapers. I love how you set all of this up. You knew I wouldnít want to go to school. You also knew that I didnít want to go to your house. You are one slick nigga Q."

"So does that mean that you like what I set up for you?"

"I can show you better than I can tell you. So why donít you get that fat ass over here and let me show my appreciation."

Q came up to me and I kissed him like I never had before. I began to take off his clothes with my mouth making contact with every part of his body as I did. I licked his ears and neck. I sucked each of his nipples and licked his belly button. I kissed his dick and sucked each of his balls. I turned him around and licked his ass inside and out. I kissed the back of his knees and all over his thighs. I even sucked on his toes. Q lookd liked he was in heaven. He walked over to the bed and I started to get undressed. I walked over to him as he started to open the champagne. (I never even thought to ask where he had gotten it from.) I took the bottle from him and pushed him back on the bed. I drank some of the champagne keeping some in my mouth. I kissed him and we shared the liquid that was in my mouth. I then poured some on his body and sucked it all up. I put the bottle back on the table and grabbed the whipped cream and the chocolate syrup. I applied a nice amount of both to his dick. I then dug in and enjoyed my Q sundae. When I was done with him there was no trace of either left. I turned him over on his stomach and told him to hold his ass cheeks open. I bit the leaves off the top of a strawberry and pushed it halfway in his ass. I then covered it with the whipped cream and chocolate syrup.Then I ate every drop out of his ass while Q tried to run from me. I continued to eat his ass when all the treats were gone. When Q began to beg me to stop, I just got deeper in that ass and fucked him with my tounge.

"Please stop. You are about to make me cum."

Why did he say that? I turned him back over on his back. I replaced my tongue with my finger and sucked his dick with no mercy. When Q tried to maintain control I began to rub my finger on his prostate. I got the results I wanted. He started to cum in my mouth and and didnít stop for like a full minute. He came so much that it began to drip out of my mouth When he finished I pulled off of his dick and I had cum all over my lips. Q pulled me in close and cleaned my face with his tongue.

"Why did you make me cum so quick"

"It doesnít matter my nigga. We have all night."

"I want that big ass dick up in me right now. I want you to fuck the shit out of me."

"Not tonight baby boy. Tonight I am gonna make love to you and show Q how much Ced loves him."

"Do the damn thing then."

I slowly entered Q. I stroked my nigga deep and hard. I took my time so he could feel all of this 10 inch dick throughout his entire body. I pushed his legs up a little further and began to do slow pushups in his ass. We fucked like that for about 45 minutes. I then turned Q over in the doggy style position without taking my dick out of him. I fucked him as I licked his back. I smacked his ass a few timees and felt his ass clamp my dick each time I did it. That shit felt so good. Q began to throw that ass on me. I reached down and grabbed his balls and massaged them in my hands. I could feel that Q was close to cumming again so I alternated between slapping his ass and massaging his balls. Before long Q bust his second nut. The second nut was as vicious as the first. My nigga was gonna be dry on the inside when I finished with him.

"Donít you want to ride this big ass dick baby?"

"Hell yeah. I am gonna ride the shit out of that fat ass dick."

Once again we switched postions without me pulling out. I thought Q was gonna get off and turn to face me but he rode me with his back facing me. I sat up and sucked Qís neck and nibbled his ears as he rode my dick. After about 15 minutes he started to turn around with me still inside. That made my dick swell to its max in his ass. When Q was facing me all of the love making was over. He began to ride my dick fast and hard. I could feel my dick touching something deep inside of him. I thought I was about to lose my mind. The more I tried not to nut the harder Q rode my dick. He would squeeze his ass muscle around my dick when he went up and release his grip when he went down. (Lucky for him there wasnít any Viagara back then because I would have wanted him to do that shit all night..) We went on like this for another 20 minutes. Then I just couldnít take it any more. Q sat all the way down on my dick. He started to gyrate his hips and and flex his ass muscles at the same time.

"Oh shit baby I am about to cum. Yeah baby ride this dick. Milk all the cum out of this dick." I smacked his ass one last time.

I started to cum and it felt like Niagara Falls was coming out of my dick. The more I came the more Q rode my dick. Each time it felt like I was done Q managed to squeeze more juice out of me. When his eyes began to roll to back of his head I knew he was about to cum again. I grabbed his dick and aimed it toward my face. Qís nut shot out like a missle. I tried to catch it in my mouth but most landed on my chest and chin. Again Q cleaned the cum off of my body. Then he collapsed on top of me like somebody had just shot him.

"Baby maybe you should go to the hospital more often."

"I love you Quentin."

"I love you back Cedric."

Q kissed me and we fell asleep. This time we didnít have to worry about anyone waking us up screaming.

dl THUG Passion III

By: scarface292003@yahoo.com aka Ced

Our tenth grade school year was finally over. Q and I had banged out our finals and were prepared to have a good summer. Things were going great between us. We still wore our rings like we were a married couple. No one at school said too much about it because they all knew how close we were (well not really). As a matter of fact we set a trend at our school. Everybody had started to wear rings with their best friendís initial on it. The only one who even made a bad comment about it was Big D. After a threatening look from me he never mentioned it again. Now Q and I both had jobs for the summer. Q worked at our local amusement park. He loved it because he got to be seen by all the girls who were sweating him. I worked at a community center with kids. I loved my job. I had a real connection with the kids and they made me feel very important. One day after I was leaving work I noticed a bunch of guys standing around by the basketball court. I seem to have radar for trouble so I headed to my car without really paying too much attention to the crowd. Just as I am putting my things in the car I hear a familiar voice behind me.

"Whatís up punk ass nigga?"

I turn around to see Big D and some of his homeboys standing behind me. I instantly get paranoid. I know that I am in a fucked up situation.

"Yo Big D I donít want any trouble."

"Well you should have thought about that when you put yo mutha fuckin hands on me."

"So this is the little nigga that knocked yo ass out. Yo pussy I donít like for nobody to put their hands on my little brother. Do you know what I do to little pussies like you?"

Just then this nigga pulls out a pistol and puts it up to my head. I just stood there looking at this nigga. He looked just like Big D but he is a few inches shorter. I swell up my chest and try to look like I am not scared. I give this nigga a look like if you donít pull the trigger now I will get your ass later. This starts to irritate him.

"Oh you think you are a tough little nigga huh? Well I am about to make your ass famous."

I close my eyes and expect the worse. Instead of a bang I hear niggas running away. I open my eyes and see a police car heading towards me. The car pulls up and two officers get out.

"Is everything alright sir?"

"Yes officer. I was just getting off of work and a few friends stopped to talk to me."

"Well would you mind explaining why they decided to run?"

"Some of them are on parole and didnít want an interview I guess."

The other cop looked at me. I could tell that he knew I was lying. There was no way I would tell them the truth. Even though I had no doubt that nigga would have shot me, I was not a snitch.

"Ok sir, well have a good night."

"Thank you officer."

I got in my car and drove off. When the police were out of sight I started cursing at myself. I had forgotten that Big Dís family made up most of a local gang called G.A.P. (Gangstaz and Pimps). I had allowed myself to think that Big D was over the confrontation we had over a year ago. I guess he was just waiting for the right time to get back at me. What was I gonna do? There was no way I was gonna let these niggas keep me from school. I decided I had to talk to somebody about it. I pulled up to a phone booth and called Q at home.


"Yo Q whatís up?"

"Whatís good baby boy? Where you at?"

"I am like a block from my job. I just had a run in with Big D and some of his boys. Some wild shit happened and I need to talk to you. Can you meet me at my house in about fifteen minutes?"

" No doubt baby boy. I am on my way there."

Q hung up without saying bye. I guess he could tell by the emotion in my voice that something was very wrong. When I pulled up to my house Q was already there. This made me smile because I knew my nigga had my back. I get out and we dap each other up.

"So whatís up Ced?"

I told Q exactly what happened. When I told him everything he looked like he was ready to kill somebody.

"I am gonna kill that fat ass nigga. Who the fuck does he think he is? I know who you are talking about. They call that nigga Big Poppa. You know what? I am about to go get my dadís gun and go find that pussy."

"Wait Q. Calm down my nigga. Now you know I am not about to let you go out like that. They probably just wanted to scare me. The whole shit will die down. Big D will brag about the shit at school and I will just let him have his way."

It was funny how I came to get advice from Q and turned out to be the one keeping him calm.

"Are you sure that is how you want to handle this shit?"

"Yeah Iím sure. Big D wonít try to fight me because he knows that I will bust that ass. The whole school knows I can beat his ass. How much props can he get for something he didnít do himself?"

"Well if you are sure that is how you want to handle it. I think that you should get a gun though. You can never be too safe."

"Iíll give it some thought. Letís go in the house and get something to eat. Later on we can go see wassup with the fellas."

"Cool. Iím down for that."

After we finished eating we rode over to the local park where some of our friends hang out. There we met up with our friends Chaz and his brother Chad. They were some half-black, half-Jamaican twins. They stood about 5í10, 200 pounds. Both had football player builds. They were neither sexy nor ugly. If they got down I would have fucked them like they were the double-mint twins. They were almost a purple black and we called them Black and Blue. We all dapped each other up. We stayed here for a while but when none of our other friends showed up we all decided to leave. As I was driving down the street Q reached over and grabbed my dick. My shit started to get hard instantly from his touch. When he began to unzip my pants I knew what he was about to do. I pulled up to a red light and Q was sucking the life out of my dick. I closed my eyes for what seemed like only a second. When I opened them a car had pulled to the left side of us. My little cousin Terrelle was looking at me smiling. I tried to push Q off but he was really into what he was doing. Terrelle was trying to see who was in the truck with me.

"Yo Q chill. We got some company."

When Qís head popped up Terrelle looked like he was seeing things. Then he just smiled again. He rolls down his window and asked if we could pull over because he needed to talk to us. As I was pulling over my heart was racing a mile a minute.

"Do you think he knows what was going down?" Q asked me.

"From the expression on his face he thinks he knows something. We will just play it off like you had dropped something."

Terrelle gets out of his car and gets into the back of mine. We both dap him up and wait to see what he is gonna say.

"Yo I didnít know that you niggas got down like that." T said.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked him.

"Come on big cousin. A blind man could tell that Q was giving you head."

"What? Nigga I just dropped my wallet on the floor and was picking it up. How you gonna come at us with some gay shit like that?"

"The only thing you dropped nigga was your mouth on Cedís dick." T said laughing.

Q reached into the back seat and yoked T up.

"Listen little boy. You better watch your mouth before you lose a couple teeth."

T pulled away from Q and continued to talk.

"First of all, I am only a year younger than you niggas. Second, you donít have to worry about me saying anything because I get down also."

I turned around in my seat and looked at T. Now I canít say that I never thought T would be like that. When we were younger he use to try to grind on me when we were play fighting. Still, I figured that as he got older he grew out of it. I guess I should have known better because I never grew out of it.

"Ced why are you looking at me like that? You know I use to try to feel and grind on you when we were little. The way you use to react makes it hard to believe that you get down."

Q and I look at each other. I give him the slight head nod indicating that we could trust T.

"Alright T. Yeah we do get down. Q and I have been kickin it for over a year. Neither of us has ever been with anybody else."

"Damn!" T said. "The star athlete and the smartest nigga in school in love with each other. No one would believe me if I told them anyway."

"And you are not going to tell anyone are you!" Q said more as a demand than a question.

"Hell no! I do think it would be cool to hang with yall sometimes. It would be a relief to hang with some niggas that get down like me."

"Hereís the deal then." I said. "As long as you donít bring any femmed out niggas into the circle you are more than welcome to chill with us. You have to keep your shit low and not bring attention to yourself."

(I will take the time here to tell all the fem brothas not to take offense to anything I write. After all the name of the story is dl Thug Passion)

"I am cool with that. I donít want my business out there. I think this is gonna be some cool shit."

"So then who are you kickin it with?" Q asked.

"Well I donít really know if I should say at this time."

"You expect us to trust you but you canít trust us?"

"Alright. I am fuckin with someone you know very well Q. His name is Jameer."

Both of our mouths dropped open at hearing this. Jameer was the Quarterback for our football team.

"No fuckin way. You canít expect me to believe that Jameer gets down like that."

"He would say the same thing if I told him about you."

"Damn I guess niggas really do know how to keep they shit on the down low."

"So do you niggas mind if I put him on? I was on my way to pick him up right now."

"It really doesnít matter to me." Q said.

They both looked at me. I didnít like the way Q had been looking since he heard about Jameer but I trusted my nigga.

"I guess its cool." I told them.

"Then why donít you niggas follow me to his house and then we can go chill at Troup Street Park. I will let him know whatís going down as we drive to the park."

"Lets go then." Q said a little to anxious for my blood.

T jumped out of my car and led the way to Jameerís house. When Meer came out and saw us he looked a little confused. I guess they were planning on spending this time alone. During the ride to the park Q must have noticed that I was thinking hard about all of this.

"Ced, whatís on ya mind baby boy?"

"Well I donít want to sound like a jealous ass nigga but I donít like the look I saw in your eyes when T said that Meer gets down."

"Now nigga you know that you are the only one in this world for me. I just thought it was cool that we could finally have friends that got down and knew about us. I mean I love being with you but I hate the fact that we have to hide around everyone. It will be a relief hanging with niggas we can be ourselves around."

"Yeah your right. I never thought about it like that. Iím sorry for doubting your love and loyalty. I will make it up to you later." I said grabbing his dick.

"Now thatís what I like. Make up sex."

We both laughed as we pulled into the park. At this time of night Troup St. Park was usually empty and tonight was no exception. We got out of the cars and gave Jameer some daps. We walked farther into the park before anyone said anything. T was the first to speak.

"Well I put Meer on to our situation and he is cool with it."

"Yeah I am cool with it." Meer said. "I thought T was crazy when he told me that you niggas get down. I never would have thought that you niggas kick with each other since yall always on that brother shit.

"Well." Q said, "I guess the hillbillies arenít the only ones down with the incest shit."

We all started laughing. We walked through the park for like an hour and decided to leave. We went back to the cars and said our good-byes. Jameer told us that his parents would be out of town for the weekend. He invited us all to stay at his house. We all said that we would and went our separate ways. I asked Q what he wanted to do.

"Letís go to my house. You do owe me something remember?"

I got kind of worried. Even though his parents had givin me a set of keys to the house, I had not been over there since the incident with his dad.

"Come on Ced. Sooner or later you will have to come to my house. You might as well get the fear out of your system now. Please for me?"

Q gave me his saddest puppy dog look and that made up my mind for me.

"Cool" I said. "Letís do this then."

I drove to Qís house and all the fear came back as we walked through the door. I hoped that his parents would be asleep but no such luck. His mom and dad were sitting in the living room when we came in. Q walked in and said hi to them. I was stuck by the door and couldnít move. They both sat there staring at me.

"Q wouldnít you like to introduce us to your new friend?" Mr. Brooks said.

"Dad what are you talking about?" Q said turning to see me standing in the same spot.

"Well at first I thought that was Ced, but seeing as he acts like he has never been here before I thought you had a new boyfriend."

I had to laugh at that. We all laughed for a few seconds and the tension was broken. I walked into the living room.

"Hello mom and dad."

Mrs. Brooks got up and gave me a motherly hug. I walked over to Mr. Brooks and put out my hand to shake his. He got up off the couch and stood in front of me. When he did I flinched.

"Stop being silly and give me a hug son. I thought that we werenít ever gonna see you at this house again. You know you are welcome because we gave you a set of keys."

"I know. I have just been skeptical ever sinceÖ Well you know?"

"I thought we squashed all of that before you left the hospital? Our home is still your home."

"Youíre right. It sure feels good to be here again."

"Well if you boys are hungry the food is still on the stove."

"We already ate mom. Thanks anyway."

With that Q grabs my hand and pulls me away from the living room. I thought we were gonna head for his room but instead he leads me towards the basement.

"Q why are we going to the basement?"

"Youíll see." Q leads me down the stairs and the basement is pitch black. He turns on the light and I am amazed. The basement had been turned into a bedroom.

"Damn!" I said. "When did you guys do this?"

"Dad just finished it up last week. I told him that I needed a little space of my own for whenever you came over. I offered to help him but he did it all himself. He said it was a gift from him to us. He wanted you to be here when he showed it to me but we decided not to push you."

"Damn. I guess I will have to thank him later. Right now though I have some apologizing to do."

I walked over to Q and started to kiss him. We were locked in a passionate kiss for about five minutes. We then began to undress. When we were both naked I spun Q around to look at the body I had grown to love. Q had precum dripping from his dick. I wiped it off with my finger and we both sucked it off. I then began to place kisses all over Qís body. I started to suck his dick while sliding a finger into his ass. I then started to suck on his nuts putting another finger in his big bubble butt. I then turned my body and got in the 69 position. I must have been real horny because Q started to play with my asshole. He had never done this before. I could not believe the rush I was getting from this. Q stopped sucking my dick and started to lick my ass. He licked and sucked my ass and forced his finger into me. The entire time we had been together Q was always the bottom. The only thing he had ever done was touch my ass. I had never thought about being a bottom or getting fucked. Q was bringing out a new sensation in me. The shit was feeling so good that I couldnít suck his dick while he was doing it. My dick was leaking so much precum that it looked like a water fountain. Then words came out of my mouth that shocked both of us.

"Q, I want to feel you inside of me."

Q stopped eating my ass and looked me in the eyes.

"Did you say what I think you said?"

"Yes. I want you to fuck me."

"Are you sure Ced?"

"No. But I want you to do it before I change my mind. Please, just donít hurt me."

"I would never do anything to hurt you baby."

I turned on my back and Q put my legs on his shoulders. He started to kiss me and lick my ears. He knew that my ears were my weakness and when I started to moan he tried to push his dick up in me. The pain was overbearing. Q asked me if I wanted him to stop. I told him not to stop until he busted a nut. Q slowly pushed inside of me until his pubic hairs touched my ass. He then waited until I adjusted to his invasion before he continued.

"Are you ready baby?"

Even though I was in pain I told him to continue. He started moving in and out of me real slow. The pain soon turned to pleasure and for the first time I knew why Q loved for me to dick him down. When I started to moan Q fucked me harder and deeper. Then he used my own trick on me. He started to suck my dick as he was fucking me. The two sensations were unbearable. I started to call his name and tell him how much I loved him. Q had my whole dick in his mouth. My shit was lodged in his throat and he used those muscles on my dick. My nuts felt like they were about to explode. Q took my dick out of his mouth to watch me cum. I never bust a nut like that in my life. I swear my shit shot up and touched the ceiling. When I finished nutting Q started to fuck me faster to get his nut off. I told him to take his time because that shit was feeling so good I didnít want it to end. Q fucked me for like forty-five minutes. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed that shit. Finally Q told me he couldnít hold off anymore. When he started to cum in my ass it felt so fucking good that I started to cum again without touching my dick. I couldnít believe that shit happened to me. When Q finished he surprised me again. He licked up all of the cum that was coming out of my ass. We then laid side by side.

"How do you feel?" Q asked.

"I feel like somebody just stuck nine and a quarter inches of dick up my ass."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" He asked me.

"Youíd better believe itís a good thing. I would never have thought that shit could feel that good."

"Why do you think I always want that big ass dick up inside of me? I love what we just did but I still would prefer for you to fuck me most of the time if thatís cool."

"No doubt baby boy. Anything for you my nigga."

We held each other and fell asleep. I woke up some time later and Q was sucking my dick. He looked at me and smiled.

"I got hungry baby." He said.

"Get full then my nigga."

He continued to suck my dick and play with my balls. When he had me worked up he sat on my dick. I could tell he had wanted my dick bad because he was riding me like it was the last time we would ever be together. I had to muster all my strength not to bust too soon. He would ride for a while and then stop and use his ass muscles to milk my dick. After about an hour Q said he was gonna bust. I told him to get up and put his dick in my mouth. As soon as his dick touched my lips he began to cum. I drank down all of his cum as I stroked my dick and nutted all over my stomach. Q licked the cum off of my body and then gave me a deep passionate kiss.

"Are you full now baby?" I asked him.

"I couldnít eat another bite."

We laughed and then both fell into an uninterrupted sleep.

The weekend was finally here and I was putting some things together to take to Jameerís house. I was kind of nervous because Q and I had never been in a situation like this before. Q picked me up and we headed for Meerís house. Q didnít seem fazed by the situation at all. He always seemed to keep his cool. I decided to do the same and just go with the flow. Meer had the hot crib and we had the time of our lives. Shortly after we got there we all decided to go to the park and play some basketball. We had so much fun. We played at least 5 games of 21 and ran 3 full court games. When we got back to the house we all took our showers, grabbed something to eat and watched some movies. Around midnight I had gotten real tired and went to the guest- room to lay down. Terrelle

had gone to bed about 30 minutes ago. Jameer and Q were talking about past basketball triumphs and against my better judgment I left them to their war stories. I woke up around 2 a.m. and noticed that Q still hadnít come to bed. I headed for the living room thinking that these niggas were talking about b-ball. When I reached the living room this nigga Jameer was all up in the guts that were only for me. At first I could only stand and watch. This bitch ass nigga was slamming about 10 inches of dick in my niggas ass. Now I canít lie. Looking at Meerís muscular body and smooth bubble ass made me horny as fuck, but the look of pleasure on Qís face made my blood boil. I know most people would have flipped right then but I sat down and continued to watch. Each time that dick slid up in my nigga the more my heart dropped. I mean these niggas were so into the shit that they didnít even notice that I was sitting there. I quietly got up and returned to the guest- room. I found my book bag and reached inside and pulled out the .44 bulldog I had bought after the incident with Big D. I slowly walked back to the living room. I stood about 5 feet away from these niggas. I raised the gun, took aim and pulled the trigger.


To be continued!!!!!!


By: scarface292003@yahoo.com aka Ced


Three shots at Jameer.


Three shots at Q.

My hands were trembling so much that I dropped the gun after the last shot. I just stood there and waited for the smoke to clear. How lucky could these niggas get? I didnít really have the nerve to kill anyone but I scared the hell out of both of them. They both lay on the floor looking like they were dead. When they realized that they werenít shot Jameer was the first one to his feet. As he got up I reached down and grabbed the gun. He must not have known much about guns because he was still scared and I was out of bullets.

"Please chill Ced! Itís not what you think." He said.

"What the fuck do you mean itís not what I think? I think you just had your little ass dick in my niggas ass. Are you trying to tell me thatís not what I saw?" As I said this I cocked the gun and pointed it at his dick.

"Yo chill. We didnít plan on this shit happening. We were just talking about old times and things got out of control."

Just then Terrelle came running out of the room.

"What the fuck is going on out here?"

"These two assholes were out here having a fuck session with each other and things got a little out of control they said."

Terrelle looked at Jameer like he had just stabbed him.

"Is this true Jameer?" he asked.

All Jameer could do was look down at his feet.

"Nigga I told you that if you ever cheated on me I was out of here. Fuck you Jameer and donít ever call me again. You bitch ass nigga. Ya dick ainít no good anyway!"

Terrelle left the room to get dressed. He came back shortly with both of our clothes.

"Yo Ced I can give you a ride home unless you want to ride with your cheating ass nigga."

"Yeah T I will ride home with you. Well since my business is done here I think there is only one more thing to do."

I took the keys to Qís house off of my key ring and threw them at his feet. I then began to walk out of the door when I remembered something. I walked back up to Q.

"You said that you would always be my nigga and always be there for me. I trusted you even when I had bad feelings about you and Jameer. I guess things must have changed sometime along the way. I wish I could say that I didnít love you anymore but I still do. I can say that I donít want to be your best friend or your lover anymore. Just to let you know that I am serious here is your fucking ring. I hope that you and Jameer have a nice life together."

I walked out of the door and closed it. Jameer walked up to the door to lock it. From outside I could see his shadow and as he reached the door I opened it and knocked his bitch ass out cold.

"I know you didnít think I would let your pussy ass off that easily did you?"

I spit on his ass and walked out the door. As I took one look back at Q, I got mad. He didnít try to stop me or talk to me. He just sat there looking stupid.

I felt like my world was falling apart. How the fuck could Q do this foul ass shit to me? I had been honest and faithful to him for our entire relationship. As Terrelle drove I could tell that he was upset. Being older I tried to hold myself together but I soon found myself crying like a little bitch. Yeah I cried like my mom had just whooped my ass for the first time. Shit I was hurting in my mind, body and soul. I couldnít help but think it was something I had done.

Was this all my fault?

Was it something I had done?

Why would Q do this to me?

I didnít realize that I was thinking out loud and T interrupted my thoughts.

"Yo nigga, the shit that went down was not your fault! You didnít do shit except become a victim. They chose to do what they did because they wanted to. This is not the first time Jameer has cheated on me. His bitch ass probably seduced Quentin. You have to decide whether or not you still want to be with Q or let his ass go. As for me I am done with Jameer. What you and Q have is different. Iím not saying that it was right for him to cheat on you, but your love is still mad deep. Before you just call things quits you should see how bad he wants to get back with you. If he is truly sorry he will apologize and then give you space to make your decision.

"So why should I give Q second chances while you just get rid of Jameer?"

"Itís simple. You and Q love each other. You have put time and effort into your relationship. I have been dealing with Jameer because it is so hard to find a nigga to get down with. At one time I tried to make it work but that nigga canít keep his dick in his pants."

"Well I donít know. I do still love Q but maybe we are too young to be so serious. I canít let him have his fun and not see what things are like for myself."

"What are you saying Ced?" Terrelle asked me.

"I mean if he is gonna give up the ass to Jameer then I am gonna give up the dick to some lucky nigga."

"Well if you are serious I know this nigga that has parties with nothing but niggas."

"I donít know. I never really thought about hanging around that kind of crowd. I told you before that I donít like for my business to be in the street like that."

"Listen nigga. I wouldnít even take you to no shit like that let alone go myself. All these niggas are on the low. That is the only way you can get access to the party. These are some of the finest, sexiest and on the low niggas you can find. As a matter of fact that is where me and Jameer actually hooked up at." Terrelle stated as we pulled up in front of my house.

"Well if you put it like that then I am down."

"Cool. I will pick you up Friday night at 9pm."

"Iíll see you in school unless we chill tomorrow or something. Thanks for the ride and thanks for the words of encouragement."

For the first time since we were little I actually felt like I cared for Terrelle again. I had always loved him because we were family but I had not liked him as a person because of the things he tried to do to me when we were younger. Now here we were years later and he seemed to be about to take the place of my best friend. I decided then that no matter what happened between Q and I that Terrelle would play more of a part in my life from now on.

School felt so awkward. I hung out with Terrelle and Q hung out alone. It was noticeable to the entire school that there was some sort of drama between us. When we passed in the hall Q looked at me as if he had lost his best friend (which he had). Jameer looked like he wanted to kill me. I did want to kill Jameer. Seeing Q and not speaking to him was killing me. I knew that I still loved him. After all I had known no other lover in my short lifetime. I was still determined to be strong and not let Q know how I felt. I prayed that we would be together again but not before I did to him what he did to me. I also noticed that Q and Jameer were never seen together. I thought this was to keep the tension down between the three of us but little did I know that other things happened on that night only a short week ago.

Friday night came so fast that I almost had second thoughts about going to the party. T called me around 7pm to make sure that I was still going. I wasnít sure at first but after some coaxing from T, I decided that I would go and attempt to have a good time. So I showered and got dressed. At 8:30 T and I were on our way to the party. The party was at this spot called The Attic. That is just what it was. A banging ass party in the attic of some sexy ass nigga. When we first got to the party there were only a few people there. T introduced me to this nigga named Darius who threw the parties. This nigga was fine as hell. Darius was about 6 foot even, 190 pounds, slight muscular build, caramel complexion, hazel brown eyes, short faded cut, stache/goatee and what looked like a body full of tattoos. He was looking me up and down which made me feel very uncomfortable. He looked like he wanted to take me in his room and dick me down something terrible. (Q was the only nigga who ever has or ever will tap this booty.) He came over and shook my hand and gave me the usual thug hug but he held me tight enough to see what my body was like.

"Itís nice to finally meet you Ced. Your cousin has told me a lot about you and I am very happy that you came. I look forward to getting a chance to know you a little better." He said with the whitest teeth I had seen besides Qís.

"Itís nice to meet you to but I havenít had the pleasure of hearing much about you." I said while glaring at T for putting me in this uncomfortable situation. T just looked at me and laughed.

"Well T and I are about to grab a bite to eat but we will stop back through when we are done." T stared at me because this was not something we had planned to do.

"Terrelle make sure that you bring this fine young man back to see me."

"No doubt Darius. We will be back in about an hour."

Once we got outside I let T know how I felt.

"Yo T why didnít you let me know that you were trying to hook me up with this nigga? I will admit that the nigga is fine but I donít know a thing about him and you are telling this nigga my business."

"Calm down Ced. Darius is a good nigga. He has a nice job, his own house and car, major cash and he is loyal to whomever he is with."

"Thatís all well and good but I donít know about this. The way he looks at me gives me the creeps. I feel like he wants to fuck me and that is never gonna happen."

T started to laugh. "Believe me when I tell you that the last thing Darius wants to do is fuck you. He doesnít want your butt. He wants you all up in those guts. Just give the nigga a chance."

I pictured Darius in my head with that fine ass body. I could see myself drilling deep into that ass. "Alright then. Letís just wait a while before we go back in there."

We stayed outside and chilled for about thirty minutes. Some of the finest niggas I had ever seen had started to arrive at the party. Some of them stared at me but I put on the mean face because I was still not comfortable being here. We finally decided to go back inside the house. It was like a thugís paradise in there. Sexy ass thug niggas bustin the sag with fat asses only being hidden by their boxers. Niggas were dancing, talking and a few were even smoking weed. Some sexy ass nigga grabbed my dick when I walked by and I told him that he must not want to keep that hand. He just smiled at me and I had to smile back. We grabbed some drinks and found a wall to hold up. This big booty ass nigga came over to us and asked Terrelle if he wanted to dance. Terrelle asked me if I was cool and I said yes. I was real nervous standing there by myself so I had a couple more drinks and silently prayed that none of these niggas would ask me to dance. I had a good little buzz on when I noticed Darius looking at me from across the room. When he started to make his way towards me I felt like running the fuck out of there but my feet would not move. He came over to me and he was smoking a blunt. He offered me some but at first I declined. Q and I had always sworn that we would never get involved with drugs of any kind.

"You look like you are nervous and this will take some of the edge off."

I was a little hesitant but something in his eyes made me feel like I could trust him. I hit the blunt and felt like I was about to cough my lungs out. The next hit was a little less harsh and Darius showed me how to get the full effect by holding the smoke in. About three hits later I was in a world I had never been in before. Darius asked me if I felt better and I told him I had never felt so good in my life.

"We will see about that later." Darius said to me as he pulled me out on the dance floor. He signaled to the D.J. and he put on a slow song by Jodeci. He pulled me in close and we started to dance. He looked into my eyes as we spun around the dance floor and I knew that I could fall in love with this nigga. I could feel this nigga getting hard as our dicks were mashed together. This caused the same reaction in my pants. When my dick was fully erect Darius reached down to see what I was working with.

"Oh my god nigga. Terrelle told me you had a big dick but I never thought it would be this big!"

"Well thatís because Terrelle hasnít really known how big it was since we were about 10 years old." I said angry that T even mentioned he had seen his cousinís dick. Darius just laughed like I was making a joke.

"Well I just hope that I will get a chance to sample some of that thug meat."

Thug meat? What the fuck was this nigga talking about? For the first time I realized that people had began to look at me different. I never thought Iíd be considered a thug.

"That just might be possible if you play your cards right." The words were out of my mouth before I realized what I said. It was all good though because as I felt on his ass I knew that I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me. His ass was so fat and yet so solid. I donít know if it was the weed, the drinks or just being without Q for a week but at that moment I realized how horny I really was. I wanted this nigga right now. Under normal circumstances I would never act on my hormones but Darius made it very hard not too.

Before I knew what was happening Darius was pressing his lips on mine. At first I was going to resist but I gave in and kissed him back. He forced his tongue in my mouth and we stood there in the middle of the dance floor kissing like we were a couple. When we parted I realized how many niggas were looking at us with hunger in their eyes.

"Do you have somewhere a little more private we can go?" I asked.

"Just follow me." I was being led more than following because Darius was pulling me by my hand and we were almost running downstairs to his room. We entered his room and we were back at it before the door closed. Darius was all over me. The mixture of drugs and alcohol had my body on fire. As we continued to kiss Darius began to undress me. Before I knew it I was standing there in my birthday suit. Darius marveled at the condition of my body.

"Ced you have one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen. That big ass dick of yours is a perfect fit to the tone of your body."

"Well donít keep me in suspense nigga. Let me see what you got under those clothes." I said to him.

As Darius peeled away his clothes it felt like I was having a flashback. Except for his face I could have sworn that this was Q standing in front of me. I let the thought flow from my mind and admired the well-toned body that stood in front of me. Darius again kissed me and began to lick down my body. That shit felt so good. His tongue felt like a warm washcloth and I had to close my eyes and enjoy the attention that he was giving me. When he reached my dick he slowly swallowed the entire thing and I felt like I could cum right then. I was so turned on that I started to moan and say things I didnít even realize I was saying. Then I noticed that Darius had stopped and was saying something to me.

"Well my name is not Quentin but if you give me some of this big ass dick you can call me whatever you want." He joked.

"Darius what are you talking about?" I asked.

"You called me Quentin three times."

At that moment I seemed to sober up. The seriousness of what I was doing suddenly hit me. Even though Q had cheated on me I was not about to play myself anymore than I had. My mom always told me "you may only find love in life once if at all". All at once this just didnít seem right. I was still in love with Q. Here I was about to have sex with this fine ass nigga and all I could think about was Quentin. Darius seemed to sense the change in me.

"Is everything alright Ced?"

"To tell the truth everything is wrong. It is wrong for me to be here with you and it is wrong for us to be doing this. You see I am in love with someone and even though we broke up I still truly want to be with him. I really didnít mean to lead you on but I guess the drinks and the weed kind of got to me. You seem like a cool ass nigga and if I werenít in this situation I would try to get with you. I hope that you are not mad at me but I have to follow my heart."

"To tell the truth I respect you for telling me that. I know a little about your prior relationship and I thought you were over him. Since you are not, go get your nigga and be happy. If you ever find yourself single though give me a holler."

"Thanks for understanding Darius but Q will be my nigga for life."

As we started out of the room I noticed Q standing at the top of the stairs. He was talking to Terrelle so I assumed he was looking for me. For a brief second this made me happy. When Q looked up and saw me coming out of the room with Darius I saw a look of murder in his eyes. Without saying a word he went downstairs and left. I started to run after him but decided not to. After all he cheated on me first and he didnít know if I had even done anything.

Terrelle walked over to me with a look of concern on his face.

"Ced we need to have a talk." T stated.

"Well Ced, I will talk to you later. If things donít work out for you then remember what I said." Darius commented.

"I will never forget what you said and thanks again for understanding."

When Darius went upstairs T pulled me to the side. "What was that all about? Do you mean to tell me that you were in the room with that nigga and you didnít do anything?"

"Well actually I didnít tell you anything and Iím not going to. Could you tell me what Q wanted?"

A funny look came across Tís face when I asked the question.

"Ced do you remember when I told you that Jameer had probably seduced Q? Well in a way that is sort of what happened. That night after you and I had gone to bed Jameer slipped Q some of that date rape drug we have been hearing about. They continued to talk and when the drug started to take effect Jameer took advantage of Q. He came here tonight to tell you. Rumor is that Jameer got the drug from Big D. He says he waited so long to tell you because he was embarrassed. He said that you were so mad at the time you wouldnít have believed him anyway. Then when you came out of the room with Darius he said you must already be over him and left."

"I canít believe this shit! Yo Terrelle you have to take me to my car. I have to find Q but I have a stop to make first."

"Ced you have to promise me that you wonít go and do something stupid."

"I canít promise you anything but if something happens to me you have to tell Q that nothing happened between me and Darius."

"You know I will do that for you. Are you sure you want to do whatever it is you are gonna do alone?"

"I donít want you to get involved in this. I just want to let you know that I appreciate all that you have done for me and I am glad that we are on good terms again."

"I feel you cousin. Just be careful. Give me a call if you need me for anything."

When T dropped me off, I ran into the house and grabbed my gun. I knew that the football team was having a party at Jameerís house tonight and that was my destination. I was gonna make this nigga pay for what he had done. As I pulled up to Jameerís house I thought about what I was doing. I could not throw my future away by killing that nigga. I realized that if I got out of the car with the gun that this time I wouldnít just be trying to scare him. I decided that I didnít want a homicide case but I still felt the need to confront this nigga. So I got out of the car and headed toward the house.

I could hear the music playing from outside the house. In my blind rage I didnít realize that all of his friends would be there. When I got to the front t door I turned the knob and found that the door was open. I walked inside and people were everywhere but I only saw Jameer. I ran up to him and started beating him for all he had done to Q and me. The first punch I landed knocked him off of his feet and I was on him immediately. I tried to punch a hole in this niggas face. The next thing I knew I was being kicked and punched from everywhere. Big D and his crew were at the party and I had put myself in a bad situation. I fought them all. I think there were about 12 of them and I hit them all. Soon the numbers worked against me and they had me where they wanted me. At one point everyone backed off of me except for Big D and Jameer. They continued to kick and punch me. I knew I couldnít last too much longer. I secretly prayed to God to let this be over soon and I guess he heard my prayers.

Just when I thought that I was gonna pass out I heard a gun shot. Most of the people in the house ran out and by the time I was able to focus I saw Terrelle, Q, Chaz and Chad. I forced my way to my feet. I didnít quite make it and as I began to fall Quentin caught me. I started to tell him that I was sorry but he said we would talk about it later. On the other side stood Big D, Big Papa, Jameer and two niggas from their crew. Chaz, Chad and Terrelle all had guns.

"Nobody has to die here." Q said. "I just want Jameer to be a man and give me a fair one. We donít have to go into why we are gonna fight. We both know.

"Itís on then!" said Jameer.

"You played yourself nigga and now Iím bout to beat your ass!"

Jameer was thinking ahead of Q. Before he finished his statement Jameer had hit him. All he did was make Q mad. Quentin smiled at Jameer and with one punch the fight was over. Jameer fell to the floor with blood dripping from his mouth. Big D and his boys just stood there and looked at Jameer.

"Our beef ainít with you niggas". T said to Big D and his friends.

"Actually it is. This nigga Big D owes me a fair one." I said.

"For what nigga?"

"You and your boys had to jump me. If I am correct you havenít beat me head up."

(I know this sounds corny but it happened in the days when you could still get a fair one)

Q walked over to me. "Nigga you ainít in any shape to fight this nigga."

I just laughed. "I got this."

"Just remember you asked for this little nigga." Big D thought I was hurt enough that he could take me out. I was actually better off than they all thought. I am a child abuse victim. That shit was nothing.

As we squared up, I faked the soreness in my body. It seemed that I could barely raise my arms. My plan worked. Big D got big headed and rushed me. I side stepped his ass and hit him in the jaw. I hit that nigga a few times in his gut and he fell to the ground. At this point I must have been out of my mind cause I head butted that nigga. He fell to the floor and I could tell by the way he was breathing that I had broken his nose.

Big Papa ran towards me but was cut off by Terrelle. "Let the shit go." T said as he tapped his pistol. Big Papa backed off and picked his brother up off the floor and put him on the couch.

"As far as we are concerned all this shit ends here." Q said. "We are all even."

With that we all walked out of Jameerís house. Everyone seemed happy. Our little clique was together again and things looked like they would go back to normal. We decided to go grab something to eat. As we ate we talked and laughed. Q and I kept looking at each other but never talked directly. After eating we all decided to go home. Chad and Chaz got into the car with Terrelle. Q started to get in the passenger seat.

"One of you niggas can ride with me." I said looking Q in the eyes.

"Iíll ride with you." Q stated.

At first we rode in silence. I could tell Q wanted to talk but couldnít get it out. I decided to break the ice.

"Listen Q, I am very sorry about the way I acted. It just hurt me to see you with Jameer. The thought that he might have drugged you never even crossed my mind. I thought that you were cheating on me while I was in the other room. From the jump I was jealous of Jameer and I thought you secretly wanted to be with him.

"I have told you a million times that you are the only nigga for me. I love you to death but I would have reacted the same way if the shoe were on the other foot. The only difference is that I would have shot Jameer. Thatís why I didnít have a gun when we came looking for you. I knew I would have shot him dead. You are crazy for going there alone but I guess love makes you do crazy things. I am just glad that I know you so well because as soon as T came and told me what was up I knew where you were going. I should have told you from the beginning but I had trouble believing it myself. Just know that I love you and always will. I hope that you are happy with your new boyfriend but just remember that I will always be your boy."

At first I wasnít gonna tell Q the whole truth but after all we had been through I was honest with him. I told him the situation with Darius without leaving anything out. Fear raced through my body because I thought he was gonna say that he was done with me. As usual his response surprised me.

"So you mean to tell me that you couldnít have sex with this nigga because of me and all of this happened before you knew the truth about me and Jameer?"

"Yeah nigga you got me sprung." I said laughing.

"Well it has been a week since I had some of that big ass dick and I want to see just how sprung you really are."

"Fuck this shit. I want you now. I canít wait to get all the way home."

" I know. I feel the same way. You wanna go to the cool out?"

"No I want to go to the football field."

Q looked at me like I was crazy. We were near our school and I was in a freaky mood. Tonight I wanted to fuck outside. We decided to park on a side street and walk to the football field. It was kind of late and there was no one around. We walked over and sat on the bleachers. For the longest we said nothing. We just sat gazing into each otherís eyes. I thought about the past week and realized how close I came to losing my nigga once again. What if I would have shot him?

Q pulled me out of my thoughts by brushing his hand across my cheek. For some reason the touch of his hand sent shivers through my body. It was like he touched me for the first time. He then leaned in to kiss me and his mouth tasted sweet like a bag of skittles. We kissed as though we were apologizing to each other with our tongues.

Qís hand grabbed my dick and it felt like he started an earthquake in my loins. We were almost oblivious to where we were. I began to undress Q planting kisses to each spot his clothing disappeared from. Soon he stood before me butt ass naked. I just wanted to make a mold of my niggas body. Q pushed me back and I sat down. He slowly undressed me making sure his dick and ass made contact with my skin. Next he pulled off my pants and boxers. I started to stand up but he pushed me back down. He looked at my semi hard dick and licked those fat, juicy, pink lips. Someone must have yelled attention because my dick stood straight up. Q bent down in front of me and I kissed him long and hard. He broke the kiss and leaned down and took a long deep sniff of my dick. He then looked me in the eyes and said, "Look daddy no hands" as he deep throated my dick. Secretly in my mind I wanted to break up and make up with Q over and over.

Each time he touched me it sent chills through my body. Q made love to me with his mouth. His hands scanned my body as he deep throated my dick in slow strong strokes. I couldnít help but fuck him in the mouth. I grabbed my nigga by the back of the head and pushed my dick in and out of his mouth. I could feel my dick expand each time my dick slipped past his tonsils and down his throat.

"Damn nigga! You suckin the shit out of my dick!"

"No Iím suckin the shit out of my dick. Donít ever forget that nigga!"

Q began to suck my dick real hard. He had a nigga going crazy. This nigga was going to make me bust a quickie. I tried to push Q off of me but he wouldnít release his grip. When I thought I was about to bust he slowed his pace and pulled my dick out of his mouth. He stood up and turned to show me his fat ass.

"You want some of this nigga?" he asked me.

"Hell yeah nigga. Come give me some of that."

Q walked into my arms and we kissed for a long time. Even his kisses had my body going crazy. My dick was so hard by now it hurt. I broke the kiss and began to lick him on his neck and ears. I grabbed his fat ass in my hands and squeezed that fat booty. Q again pushed me back on the bleachers. He spit in his hand for lube and slid his hand up and down my dick until it was nice and wet. He then got his ass all slippery and turned his back to me and lowered himself on my dick. He rotated his hips as my dick slipped deeper into his ass. When my dick was all the way in Q began to bounce and ride my dick like a mad man.

"This is my dick nigga". Q stated over and over.

"Yeah baby" was my only response. He was holding his ass cheeks apart and bouncing up and down on my dick. When my dick swole to its fullest Q turned around to face me.

He rode me even harder as we kissed like we were starving for each other. We both moaned in unison as we had the best sex of our young lives. Each time it felt as if I was about to bust, Q would stop and change positions. He began to talk shit as we were fucking.

"Yeah nigga, every time you think about giving this dick away you will think about me. No other nigga is going to be able to make you feel like this.

His stroke, his words and his touch all seemed intoxicating to me. It felt that all my nerves were being soothed. Q nibbled and sucked on me. He rode me hard and deep as his hands explored my body.

I was starting to realize this was about the incident with Darius. I had told Q that I couldnít go through the situation with Darius because of him and he was trying to make sure I always felt like that. Well I was done letting him have control. I pushed him off of me and stood up. I kissed him again and bit his lips. (Damn those lips!!!!!!) I turned him around and he got in the doggy style position. We had already been fucking rough so I just rammed my dick in him.

" OOOHHHH SHIITTTT!" yelled Q. "Do that shit again nigga!"

Like I said I was in control. He said do it again, so instead I did it twice. Bam. Bam. Q yelled as he backed up on my dick. I grabbed him by the waist and began to fuck that nigga like a jackhammer. We fucked long and hard for another fifteen minutes. It felt like my balls were in my nigga. We stood up and Q placed his foot on the seat of the bleachers. Now I had all access to that ass. Deeper and deeper. Faster and faster. Niggas was drenched in sweat. I reached around and grabbed Qís dick. As soon as I touched him he bust off. Touchdown!! That shit seemed to fly 50 Yards. As he shot his ass muscles clamped down on my dick. After a few more strokes I was coming all up in those guts. If I had been wearing a condom it might have got lost up in my boy. Q fell onto the bleachers with me on top of him. We realized we should get out of there so we washed up in the bathroom, (the football team had rigged the lock so they could always open it) and walked back to the car. I wanted to hold my boy close as we walked but I just settled for looking at him. We kissed once more before we got in the car. I think that was the only night we ever showed any sex related affection for each other in public.

"I love you Ced."

"I love you back Q."

I tossed Q my keys and we got in the car. It was kind of late and traffic was real light. An idea came to my head.

"Hey Q. Do you remember the day when we found about T getting down?" I asked smiling.

"Yeah what about it?"

I then reached over and began to unfasten Qís pants. He looked at me and smiled.

"Youíre a bad boy Ced."

"I know. Itís just the thug in me."

We made it home that night but we almost crashed twice. After another hour of that good young sex and we were falling asleep in each otherís arms. Together once again. Ready to face the future conflicts and keep our love strong. Things were good for now but our trials and tribulations were far from over.



By: scarface292003@yahoo.com aka Ced

As I stood and looked in the mirror life seemed great. A young nigga was doing his thing in school. I had a job and a ride. Nigga is looking type right if I may say so myself. On top of all that I had the love of my young life Q. I walked over to the bathroom door and looked at my nigga. In the past couple years this nigga had become my best friend and lover. Heís lying in my bed looking all good and shit. Damn! I have to be the luckiest nigga in the world. Here I was young and experiencing real love. I walked over to my bed and admired my boyís body. Fine as wine. I could make a statue of this nigga to keep in my room. My dick was getting hard just looking at him.

Sweet caramel skin.

Tight toned body with the killer six-pack.

Long silky braids hanging past his shoulders.

The fullest, softest, sexiest lips.

And that ass! This nigga had an ass that would make the straightest man drool. By now your boy had that morning wood, so this nigga had to get up. I leaned over Q, drew my hand back andÖPOW!! I slapped that nigga on his ass and backed up.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Q screamed as he jumped up.

I am just standing there laughing my ass off, brick hard.

"You are laughing like that shit was funny!"

The madder he looked the harder I laughed. By now he was steaming hot and he charged me. That nigga gave me two quick love taps to the jaw. You know I got serious then.

"Oh whatís wrong?" Q asked. "You didnít think that was funny huh?"

"You will pay for that punk!"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"I got your punk nigga."

Now I stepped up and we started to slap box. That nigga got the faster hands so he got the best of me as usual. But once we locked up it was all me. (#1 WWF fan at the time.)

We start wrestling and trying to slam each other. He is strong but my little brother and I use to practice the moves we saw on TV all the time. I reached down and grabbed his dick and he let me go. I picked his ass up in a bear hug.

"How you like me now?" I said kissing his cheek.

Before he could hit me, I spun his ass around. I started grinding my dick on his ass.

"You like that donít you punk?"

His ears started turning red. The more he struggled the harder my dick got. I picked him up and slammed him on the bed. I allowed him to turn over while under me.

"Get off me nigga!" Q yelled.

"What if I donít?" I said teasing him.

"Then when I get up Iím gonna beatÖÖÖ.

Before he could finish I had my tongue down his throat.

"Yeah I love the nigga enough to deal with morning breath."

Qís hands traveled up and down my back sending tingles through my spine. Q pulled my head down and started to lick and suck on my neck.

Damn! That shit felt soooooooo good. He moved down to my ears. That shit drives me crazy. He had me where he wanted me. Q gave me a light tap in the nuts with his knee and flipped me over so that he was now on top of me.

"Awwe damn nigga!" I yelled at him. "That shit hurt!"

He pent my arms down with his knees.

"Shut up nigga!" Smack! Smack! This time he slapped me on the lips with his dick.

"Oh itís on now nigga!" I threatened.

"Yeah. Itís on your face!" Q laughed as he continued to assault me with his dick.

The masculine aroma of Qís body had my shit on swole. My shit was hurting it was so hard. He started moving his ass back and forth so that his dick was sliding across my lips. He started playing with his nipples and moaning. I was doing all I could to get from under this nigga. A small amount of pre-cum leaked from the head of Qís dick. He reached down and wiped it off with his finger and placed his finger in front of my face.

"Want some?" He asked.

I laughed and attempted to lick his finger but he drew it back.

"Bad boys donít get any of this. They have to take it." Q teased as he licked his finger clean.

I was so horny and frustrated by now. He had my upper body on lock. I rocked my body and brought my legs upwards. I wrapped them around his upper body and used my leg strength to pull him off of me. Once free, I jumped on top of Q. I grabbed that nigga by the neck and got real close in his face.

"I love you more than life nigga." I whispered in his ear as I began to nibble on it.

I was all over my nigga. Kissing and licking his neck and ears. I slowly licked down to his nipples. I squeezed one and then the other. I licked all over his chest. I soon reached his beautiful abs. I licked up and over each little mound all the way to his navel. He has one of those belly buttons that poke out, so I flickered my tongue back and forth across it. Q moaned with pleasure as his hips began to gyrate. His dick was grinding into my chest and the smell of his manhood (or boyhood lol) was drawing me closer. I licked just over his pubic hairs from one side to the next. I grabbed his dick in my hand and sniffed it. (I can smell that nigga to this day. I swear.) His shit was already hard but when I blew on it, that shit got so hard it seemed to be screaming, "Help me".

So you know what I did. Yeah, I had to help a brotha out. I gave one of his nuts a light lick. Then the other. I placed them in my mouth and slowly massaged his dick with my hand. I used the index finger of my other hand to finger his ass. Ass is so fat your arm could get lost in it. It could put some females to shame. I then put Qís dick in my mouth. I slowly swallowed his dick and felt a slight convulsion as it slid past my tonsils and down my throat.

"Awweeeee" was all Q could say. With each stroke of my mouth, I stroked his ass with my finger. He was so hard in my throat that I had to breathe through my nose. He started fucking my mouth and the dick tasted damn good. My shit was leaking bad. Before long Q was begging me to stop. He stood up and turned around. He wiggled his fat ass at me.

"Ready for some of this baby?" Q asked.

"I was born ready my nigga. But donít worry because Iím going to take it."

He positioned himself over me and I pulled him down on my dick. I loved to see my shit disappear in his ass. Q started to ride my dick like he had an agenda. We matched each other stroke for stroke. I jacked Q off as he attacked my dick. The sound of his skin hitting mine was all you could hear besides our moans. I could tell that Q was close to a nut so, I slowed down jacking his dick and he sped up riding mine.

So much for taking it lol.

"Awwe shit nigga Iím about to bust!" I told him as he rode my shit harder and harder.

"Me too baby!" Q said. "Iím cummmmmming nigga!"

We both came at the same time and just fell out on the bed. We lay like that for about 20 minutes all cuddled up. Finally I leaned over to see what time it was.

"Oh shit nigga! We are about to be late for school." I yelled.

We ran into the bathroom and grabbed a quick shower. As Q dried my body off, my dick sprung up ready for round two. But there was no time now. We each got dressed and ran out and jumped in our cars and raced to school. We rode separately because we both had to work after school. We made it to school, parked and were walking through the front door as the bell rung for our first class to start. We got a dirty look from the teacher as we strode into class about 5 minutes later. I looked around the room to see if T had made it to school. He wasnít sitting in his normal seat. Instead he was closer to the front sitting and staring at some new kid that was in class. And for good reason. The kid was phoine!!

"Attention class!" Our teacher announced. "We have a new student so could we please give him our undivided attention so that he can introduce himself. Ok Michael, introduce yourself, tell us where youíre from and tell us about some of your hobbies."

Dude stood up and he was tall. He had to stand every bit of 6í10. He looked to weigh around 200-225 pounds but at his height he was slim. This nigga looked like a model. He had that honey brown complexion. His eyes were almond shaped like he had Asian in him. He had long, straight, jet-black hair that he wore in a giant ponytail. When he opened his mouth to talk I noticed that most of his teeth were covered in gold.

"Well as you heard Mrs. Sandoval say my name is Michael. Michael Lee Townsend to be exact. My friends call me Mike. I just moved here from Miami, Florida where I have lived my entire life. I like to repair cars and I love to draw."

Some people laughed as he spoke because he had one of those deep southern accents. Most of my family was from the south so it was nothing new to me. Most of my kin folk (lol) sound just like him.

"Damn the Miami you are from must be in another country because I canít understand what the hell you are talking about sound." Said Big D.

"Well if you donít like the way I sound then donít listen nigga. Plus if you really must know, I donít care for the sound of your voice at all." Mike answered staring Big D down.

Big D shut his mouth as usual. I liked Mike already.

"Well like I was saying, back home I was the state wrestling champion. I am the only child and my parents moved here for career choices. So I guess for the time being Rochester is my new home."

As was customary we each had to stand up and make intros to Mike. When Terrelleís turn came he was nervous and stuttering. It wasnít hard to tell he was feeling Mike.

When class was over Q, Terrelle and I met up in the hallway.

"Yo Ced did you see how bitchy your cousin was acting in there?" Q laughed.

"Fuck you Quentin!" T said chasing Q.

"Yeah Q, you touched a nerve because he called you Quentin."

The only time T called us by our first names is when he was angry, nervous or excited.

"Donít be mad T." I said. "We know that you just want some of that country love."

"You niggas need to stop playing. I just think the dude is attractive. Thereís no need to overreact about it."

"Whatever." Q stated. "If that nigga got down youíd be trying to get with him right now."

"You niggas know shit ainít that serious."

For most of the morning we picked on T. I never saw him act the way he was today.

After lunch we were in the hallway headed to our next class. Q must have gotten the bubble guts from lunch, because he said heíd meet me in class and ran toward the bathroom. A few seconds before the bell rang, Q walked into class. He looked relieved but worried. He didnít say much during class. I couldnít wait for the bell to find out what was on his mind.

They say curiosity killed the cat. Well I was dying. Each second seemed like an hour. I wish this teacher would shut up and let us go. When the bell finally rang, I was the first one out the door.

"Whatís going on nigga? Youíve been looking funny since you came back from the bathroom. Did you shit on yourself or something?" I said laughing.

"No. I was just in the bathroom and Big D was trying to suck up to the new nigga Mike. He said that he was sorry for what he said in class. He was trying to get the nigga to join GAP. (Gangstaz and Pimpz for those who are just joining in.) He was glorifying the shit. He made it seem like it was a group of friends that just hang together. He told the nigga that we were bad news and not to get caught up in our shit."

"So what did he say to Big D?" I asked.

"He said he didnít want part of any gang and he would judge us for himself."

"Nigga you had me all hyped up over that shit? Big D is always trying to recruit niggas so whatís so special about Mike?"

A few months ago I would have been mad and jealous but I trusted my nigga 100%.

"The nigga is new around here. I just donít want to see him get caught up in that shit. Besides thatís a big nigga to have as an enemy."

I must admit I felt the same way.

Even though Mike looked like he could take care of himself, he had the demeanor that made you want to be his friend.

"Ok, so what are we supposed to do?"

"We just need to make friends with the nigga. Let him see why we ainít in a gang."

"Thatís cool. Terrelle would like having the nigga around anyway." We laughed as we walked down the hallway.

As we neared our lockers, Q nudged me. I looked to see Mike standing with T by his locker talking.

"Looks like T was thinking ahead of us." Q said.

"Yeah but for different reasons." I laughed as we approached them.

"Damn that boy moves fast." Q giggled.

We walked up to them and interrupted their conversation. T gave us the LOOK. You know the one that says "I know you niggas got something better to do right now!" It took all my might to keep from falling on the floor laughing.

"Whatís up T?" said Q disregarding the look.

"Nothing much. Just talking to Mike here. Mike you remember my cousin Ced and his best friend Q?"

"Yeah, whatís up fellas?" Mike said smiling and blinding a nigga with his gold.

"Whatís up?" We both said.

"I was just asking Mike if he wanted to hang out sometimes. Maybe we can show him around and shit like that." T stated.

"Sounds like a plan." I said. "Welcome to the Roc Mike. Iíll have to get with you youngins later because I have to get to work."

After giving out some daps, I jumped in my car and headed for work. It was a normal evening. I played basketball and pool with the kids at the center. When I got home I ate some dinner and watched a little TV. I then headed to my room to do my homework and listen to some music. My mom worked nights so I could do whatever I wanted. Once I finished my assignment, I lay on the bed and started to think of Q. He was out having dinner with his parents. My thoughts flowed to this morning. Damn I wish he were here right now. My shit started to get hard. I unfastened my pants and put my hand inside my boxers. I was thinking of how it looked when my dick was sliding in and out of Q. I pulled my dick out and started jacking it slow. I wish he were here so that I couldÖ

A knock at my door snapped me from my thoughts. It was my little sister. As usual she came in without knocking and as usual I had forgotten to lock the door. I quickly rolled on my stomach and played as if I was sleep.

"You little crack baby!" I yelled. "Knock on my fucking door before you come in my room!"

"I did knock stupid!"

"Well wait for me to answer next time ho!"

"Whatever. Terrelle stupid behind is here for you."

"Tell him to come in here." By now I just wanted her out because my dick was hurting.

"You ainít my daddy and I donít have to listen to you. I ainít yo maid nigga. Go get him yourself." She said rolling her eyes and walking out of my room.

I jumped up and fixed my clothes. I grabbed one of my little plastic basketballs and ran up and hit her in the head with it.

"I hate you bastard! Iím telling mommy when she gets home!" she yelled while slamming her door.

I walked downstairs to the living room to get T. He was in there wrestling with my little brother. At first I was hot! I remembered the days when weíd play like that and he would end up feeling on me. I just stood in the cut and watched to see what would happen. They locked up and T was trying to slam my brother. He bit off more than he could chew and my brother scoop slammed his ass.

"Damn little nigga your skills are getting better." T commented.

"Thanks Terrelle." he said helping T off the floor.

T tried to catch him off guard and slam him but instead found himself locked up with him. I realized times had changed and that the stuff T did in the past was kiddy shit. So I walked up behind them niggas, picking them both up and slammed them on the couch.

"You niggas better remember that this is my yard!" I said quoting my favorite wrestler The Undertaker.

We all laughed and I told my little brother it was time for bed. I invited T to my room. I had started to set up the video game when I noticed he had a black eye.

"Damn nigga! What the fuck happened to you?" I said ready to fight.

T laughed it off. "You wouldnít believe me if I told you."

"Well you better tell me who hit you and why!"

"Ok! Calm down nigga. Well itís like this. When you and Q left for work, I decided to chill with Mike. We rode around and I showed him the sights. Later I invited him back to my house."

"Oh god! I can already see where this is headed." I interrupted. "My bad. Go ahead."

"Anyway, we got to my place and no one was home as usual. (Our mothers worked together. They tried to work the same shifts because they liked to gossip about people from work. You know how women do.) So I asked him if he wanted something to drink."

"Got any Hennessey?í he asked me.

"Yeah, my mom always keeps that in stock." I told him.

"I showed him where my room was and went to make the drinks. When I get back to my room, Mike pulls out some weed and asks if I smoke. I told him no but I would try it."

So we sat drinking, smoking and playing video games for like 2 hours. At some point I must have fallen out because I woke up and Mike was lying next to me asleep. He was looking all good and shit. I tried to ignore him and something told me to get up and away from him but I couldnít make myself move. I just sat and watched him sleep for awhile."

"The more I watched, the more I wanted him. Thatís when I got bold. I eased my hand over and placed it on his dick. He didnít move so I started rubbing his shit through his pants. He started getting hard so I kept on rubbing. Just as I worked up the nerve to undo his zipper, this nigga jumps up and hits me in the eye. Now I am ready to fight but all I can see are stars."

"Mike grabs me and pulls me within inches of his face. He says "You gotta ask permission before you stick your hand in the cookie jar. He then pulls me into him and kisses me."

"What!? Get the fuck out of here. Nigga you know you are lying." I said even though I believed him.

"I swear on grandmaís grave Iím telling the truth."

"Ok then. What else happened?" I inquired.

"Well at first it felt odd. I felt like a little kid in that big niggas arms. After awhile I got used to it though and it just felt right. It felt like it was meant to be."

"Yeah I know what you mean." I said smiling and thinking about my first encounter with Q.

"That nigga Mike looks rough but he kissed me like he was in love with me. He was kissing me all over and shit. No nigga has ever made me shiver from just a kiss. Then he asked me to strip for him and I did. Before I was done that big ass thug had my shit down his throat."

"He gave you head first?" I said sounding like a little kid.

"Sure did. And he knew what he was doing too. He didnít suck the head. Hell no. That nigga sucked the shit out of my dick. He wouldnít let me touch him or anything. He just sucked my dick until I came."

"Wow. Thatís some crazy shit. Did he say anything to you afterwards?" I asked.

" Um, yeah thatís whatís so strange. He said "Donít tell your cousin and his boyfriend about me just yet."

"What? Stop fucking playing!" I said.

"Yeah. I asked him what he was talking about."

He said, "I can just tell about them. Iíve only been around one day but I can feel love flowing from them niggas. I could tell from the way they look at each other when they talk. I can usually sense out other people who get down. Thatís why I came home with you. But their secret is safe with me."

"Why donít you want me to tell them then?" T asked.

"Well you are cool and everything but I still donít you yet. I know that sounds funny after giving you head but being your nigga is a lot deeper. I like your style and really want to get to know you. But in case things never develop between us, no one needs to know for now."

"Ok. Thatís cool." T said. "I donít have a problem with that."

You know I had to put Q on as soon as I talked to him.

A few months have passed since that night. Of course Mike had become one of the niggas. We had started calling him "Magic Mike" because he was a ride or die Orlando Magic fan even though he was from Miami. In time T and Mike got real tight. Well we all did but I mean on a sexual level. Come to find out Mikeís grandfather had passed away and left him a large sum of money. Some niggas from around his way had been plotting to rob him. Somehow his dad found out and they were packed and on their way north two days later.

Mike and T started dating. I never saw T happier. They eventually put us on to their situation. Well at least thatís what Mike thought.

It was a Saturday night. We decided to get something to eat and then go to the movies. We grabbed a light meal to save room for popcorn and candy. We got to the movies about 30 minutes early. The four of us decided to hang out in the parking lot for 20 minutes. We just stood out there and shot the shit. Mike pulled out a blunt and all of us except Q hit it.

"When the fuck did you start smoking?" he asked me.

I opened my mouth to tell him when my first time was. Then I realized that the first time I hit a blunt was with Darius.

"Just now fool. Itís a special occasion for T and Magic Mike." I lied. "Plus this movie is suppose to be mad funny."

I donít know why I chose to lie. I just didnít want to spoil the mood. Q let it go but I would get caught in that lie in the future. He even joined in and hit the blunt a few times. By the time we reached the concession stand, we were floating. We all ordered popcorn, candy and soda. As we were searching for our theater, some nigga was walking backwards talking to this girl. The nigga ran right into Mike and some of his soda spilled on this dude.

"Nigga, watch where the fuck you going!" he said before he actually saw how big Mike was.

The nigga swallowed hard and looked shook until Mike apologized.

"Yo man my bad." Mike said.

"Nigga I know that itís your bad. Look what the fuck you did to my shirt."

"Well you bumped into me and I still apologized. What else do you want?" Now Mike was getting serious.

"Muthafucka, I want you to pay for my damn shirt."

"Look man. The situation is over." T stepped in.

"It doesnít matter because Iím not paying for anything." Mike said flatly.

Dude turned around to face Mike.

"What you say nigga?"

Mike bent down and looked him in the eyes.

"I am not paying for your ugly ass, out of style, homo thug shirt nigga!"

"Yo look man. We donít want any trouble." T stated.

"Well then tonight is not your night because trouble just found you." He said as he turned and walked away.

I could tell by the red bandana in his back pocket that he belonged to this gang called LOD (Legion Of Doom). See back then the gangs were having turf wars. North Side vs. South Side. East Side vs. West Side and so on. We were from the West side. It didnít matter that we werenít a gang. We were from different sides so to these niggas we were expendable.

"Iím getting a bad feeling." Q said. "Maybe we should catch the movie another time. Iím sure that nigga isnít here alone. There are not enough of us to take on his crew."

"I hear what you saying Q but we came to have a good time. That nigga ainít running me out of here."

"Ok. Fuck it then. Letís go." Q said.

So we went and watched our movie. We were laughing at shit that wasnít even funny. The weed had us all in a mellow mood but it was short lived. About halfway through the movie, the doors opened and you could hear mad niggas talking.

"Spread out and find them niggas. One of them is the nigga Quentin that plays for East High. If we find him weíll find the big nigga."

The voice was coming from the same nigga we had the confrontation with earlier. These niggas appeared to be like 50 strong. It looked like we were fucked. They had split up and were coming down each aisle.

"Oh shit!" said T. "What are we gonna do?"

We all tried to come up with a plan. Mike was the first one with an idea.

"Listen itís real simple. On the count of three you niggas follow close behind me. We will be moving fast so keep up."

"What are you gonna do Magic?" T asked.

"Just do what I say and we will be out of here in no time." Mike assured T with a squeeze of his hand.

The countdown began.


Mike was up and moving like a bullet. T was right on his heels. I grabbed Qís shoulders and rode his back like a cape. Mike was bulldozing through niggas. Q later said that if the football coach would have seen Mike in action he would have been on the team immediately. Before you knew it we were in the lobby and headed for the front door. We raced to the parking lot to find our cars. Instead of Mike driving his car, he threw the keys to Terrelle. We sped away from there in a hurry. T and Mike led and Q and I followed.

After driving for a few minutes, T suddenly pulls to the side of the street.

"What the fuck is he doing?" I yell. "Those niggas could be following us."

T jumped out of the car and started motioning for us to pull over. So we did. We got out of the car and ran over to see what the problem was.

"Somethingís wrong with Mike!" T screamed.

I ran to the passenger door and opened it. Blood was flowing from Mikeís mouth. When he breathed there was a funny sound coming from him. I was scared as hell.

"Oh my god!" I yelled.

I noticed that he had his hand clutched to his stomach. With a slight hesitation, I moved his hand to try to see how bad it was. I immediately had to run to the curb and vomit.

One of those niggas must have stabbed Mike. When I moved his hands his guts were hanging out in plain sight.

"Awwe fuck!" Q and T yelled at the same time.

"We have to get him to a hospital right now!" Q screamed.

"Yo T come here." Mike said barely audible.

"Mike we gotta get you to a hospital." T stated with tears falling from his eyes.

"I wish I could make it to a hospital T. Our time together has been so short."

"Donít say shit like that Mike. Weíll get you to the hospital. Donít worry." T cried.

"Iím glad I got to meet you T. At least for a short time I got a glimpse of what love would feel like."

T started to interrupt but Mike hushed him.

"Shut up nigga." Mike said almost whispering. "Iím trying to tell you thatÖ."

"Mike!" We all screamed.

"That I love you." He managed to finish.

"I love you too Magic Mike." T said fully crying now.

Mike forced a smile and then we heard him breathe his last breath.

"Noooooooooooo!" T screamed. "Dear god. Please! No!"

We were all crying now. T was devastated. You would have thought we knew Mike our whole lives. As I said earlier though, he just had that demeanor.

The next week was pure hell. We had to sit through police interviews and sit through numerous line-ups. It was all pretty useless. Like I said there were like 50 niggas. They questioned a few of them but never found out who the killer was. Mike was taken home and buried in Miami. Mikeís parents had a small service for him here and then flew him back to Miami where he was laid to rest. I felt so sorry for his parents. They tried to get him away from danger but thatís some shit you canít run from.

On the day of Mikeís funeral T, Q and I got together. We didnít really talk that much. We shed a few tears and Q and I consoled T. Then we all bought some weed and burned a few for our boy Magic Mike.

We were blessed to meet you. For the short the short time you were in our lives we were all like glue. You were a giant that didnít block out the light; you made the sun shine bright. Dark, tall and damn sexy yawl. But itís his giant heart Iíll miss most of all. We were better people because we got to know you, but on the inside weíre a little bitter too. I wonít let losing you throw me off track. Plus now youíre lucky, because now GODS got your back. So smile my friend and show your gold. Because a spot in our hearts, you shall always hold.

Terrelle Tyshawn Butler

This chapter is dedicated to:


Michael Lee Townsend aka Magic Mike

6/10/79 Ė 4/18/96

"See you when I get there my nigga. Hold it down."

1one luv 4 ever Ced


By: scarface292003@yahoo.com aka Ced

I wake up and my body is covered in sweat. I can feel my heart racing. I just sit there for a while and find my bearings. I look over at the clock and it reads 2:30 am. It has been exactly two months since the death of my friend "Magic Mike". For the last 60 days I have relived his murder every night. It always starts and ends the same.

The altercation in the lobby.

50 gangbangers were searching for us.

Our narrow escape.

The getaway.

Realizing that Mike is wounded.

Seeing Mikeís inside.

Now itís not Mike anymore.

I am staring into my own dying eyes.

Finally thereís the scream. The scream that sends chills through my body as I speak.

"Noooooooooooo! Dear God! Please! No!"

At that I point I wake up.

Today, like all others, tears fall from my eyes. After sobbing for a while, I regain my composure. I know that staying here alone will end in a restless night. I decide to go to my boy Qís house. I got dressed and headed to the living room to find my keys. Just as I found them, I heard someone unlocking the front door. At first I thought that it was my mom coming home early from work. To my surprise it was Q. He looked just as tired and miserable as I felt.

"I was just on my way to your house." I said hugging him.

" I was having trouble sleeping."

"Are you still having the dreams?" I asked.

"Yeah, pretty much the same dream every night. How about you?"

"Same thing here. Except I see my face on Mikeís body."

"Itíll get greater later." He says quoting his father.

"I hope so. I feel so tired all the time."

"I know what you mean. Plus we go back to school soon. I wonít be able to make it through class, not to mention football and basketball practice." Q complained.

"I know how you feel. I was supposed to start tutoring again but I donít have the strength."

We went into the kitchen to get something to drink. We sat, caught up in our own thoughts, for about fifteen minutes. Finally I suggested that we try to get some sleep. We headed to my room and got undressed. We lay down and all you could hear was the sound of our breathing.

"Iím worried about T." Q said breaking the silence. " Heís been drinking like crazy and he looks like shit."

I had to agree. Terrelle was taking Magic Mikeís death real bad. When he got drunk T often said it wasnít fair that I had Q but he lost Mike. He would say that I was the favorite even to God. He would yell, scream and say he hated us. When heís sober T says he doesnít remember saying any of that. Iím sure deep down he meant it. I was taught, "A drunk mind speaks a sober tongue".

Terrelle had started to look older. He didnít care how he dressed anymore. We rarely saw him at school. When he did show up he was high or drunk. Girls would often stop me and ask if he was ok. Terrelle like Q was your classic pretty boy. He is 5í10, 178 lbs, tight, ripped slim frame, coca brown complexion, light brown eyes, pencil thin mustache sitting over some nice pink lips. T is packin 9 inches and a fat ass for a skinny nigga. Lately though he looked twice his age. His eyes were always red. It smelled like he used beer and liquor as his cologne. On top of all that his personality had gone a complete 180 degrees. He carried his gun at all times now. If anyone wanted trouble with us, he was the first to make a move. Before he was more of the peacemaker. T is my cousin and one of my best friends so I didnít want to see him get caught up.

"I know." I finally responded. "I try to talk to him but he wonít listen. He says he just needs his space."

"What the nigga needs is some closure." Q said.

"I think closure would do us all some good." I mumbled.

We let the thought linger in the air. Q and I were thinking the same thing. The only closure any of us wanted was revenge. All of our hearts were hardened with the loss of Mike. To be honest, we were never the same again.

As we lay down and fell asleep, T was at the park where we had our farewell toast to Magic Mike. He sat in the wet dewy grass, drinking and sulking in his sadness.

"Niggas think this shit is over?" He slurred into the night. "Itís far from over. They are gonna learn not to fuck with us."

T staggers to his feet and curses as he realizes his bottle is empty. He throws the bottle to the ground and heads towards his car. As he waits to cross the street, a car pulls up to him.

"Hey Terrelle. Whatís up sexy?"

The voice belonged to Latisha Davis. She was a cheerleader at our school. She was a senior and all the boys wanted her. She was drop dead gorgeous. At the time she was the only girl who had ever made my dick hard. She stood about 5í6 or so. Iím not sure how much she weighed, but the girl was put together right. I mean she had that body females will starve themselves to have. She had nice big titties and a Beyonce type ass. She was real black but it only added to her beauty. Facial wise she resembles Omar Epps girl from "Love and Basketball". We liked her because she wasnít stuck up like most of the other cheerleaders. She spent most school days having lunch with us.

"Whatís up Tisha? Where are you coming from this time of night girl?"

"Oh you wanna be all up in my business like you are my man. Iíve been trying to get with you for two years."

"Girl you ainít ready for this. Iíll have you following me all over school."

They both laughed.

"Seriously though Terrelle, are you ok? You and your boys just donít seem the same. All of you seem so dark and gloomy lately."

Nobody at school had any idea how close Mike was to us. People knew that we hung out at school but they didnít really know that he was one of our best friends.

"You gotta play the hand that life deals you Tisha. But weíll be alright."

"What is that supposed to mean Terrelle?"

"Nothing girl. Now take your sexy ass home."

"Will I see you in school soon? Itís not the same without you there."

"Weíll see Tisha."

"Ok then T. Hope to see you soon."

T watched as she drove off. He decided that he was too drunk to drive. He walked about five blocks to his house. He sighed as he entered the house. Unfortunately, Terrelle had to face his night terrors alone.

The week passed without much change. It was my momís birthday. I was glad because I needed something to keep my mind busy. I took my little sister and brother to the mall so we could get gifts for her. Itís hard to shop for my mom because she is so picky. Sometimes I wish she were like that with her men. I ended up getting her some roses and a card. Afterwards, we returned home and prepared her a nice dinner. Mom was out getting spiffed up for her night. We set everything up real proper like. I left her a note stating that Iíd be staying at Qís tonight. After dropping my sister and brother off at their grandmothers, I headed to work.

I loved my job. Most days at work were fun. At the time I thought working with kids was my future. You see, since I never really had a childhood, I was nothing more than a big kid myself. I never tried to play the adult with them, (I wasnít really one yet anyway) but I demanded their respect. After some time I came to love them and they came to love me. One of them loved me a little too much though. His name was Jayson Michaels but we called him Lil Bit. He was my age but he so short he looked to be about 12. He was a sexy little dude. This nigga was about 5í8, 140, nice build, and dark brown skin, mid level brown eyes. He already had a full mustache and goatee. At the time I didnít know what he was working with. I would later find out that big things do come in small packages.

I was the only staff member who could keep him in line. Whenever he had a problem he would be brought straight to me. Today was no exception. One of the other staff members paged me to the gym. When I arrived, Lil Bit and one of the other kids had just finished fighting. I didnít even have to say anything. Once he saw me he just got up and walked over.

"Yo Ced man. I didnít even do nothin." He said.

"You promised me that you were going to stay out of trouble. I vouched for you and once again you played me."

"But he pushed me and tried to hit me in the face with the basketball."

I called him out into the hallway so we couldnít be heard. I canít lie I had feelings for this nigga. Just not in the sexual sense. More like a little brother or cousin.

"I keep telling you to get control over yourself. If you canít other people will. That nigga controlled you like a puppet. Open your eyes. Fighting doesnít change how people feel about you. Youíre not some little kid on the playground."

"Whatever nigga. I know if you and your boys find out who killed Mike there is gonna be problems."

I almost slapped the shit out of him. I had to take my own advice.

"Listen you canít even compare the two. You canít base your life on what I do. You need to be your own man. You have your own life to live. Now you wait out here and let me see how they want to handle this."

I already knew the outcome. Lil Bit was banned from the center for a month. He had too many altercations. I knew he was going to be upset but he brought it on himself. Since it was time for me to go home, I decided to give him a ride home.

"So whatís the damage?" he asked after a while.

"They banned you from the center for a month."

"Damn! A whole month?"

"It could have been worse. Youíve caused your share of problems for everybody there. Youíre lucky I got your back or youíd be out forever."

"Fuck them then. I never really liked that place anyway. Shit I only come to the center to see you."

I thought I had heard him wrong but when I looked over he was staring straight into my eyes.

"What you mean you only come there to see me?"

"Look Ced. I ainít gonna lie to you. I have had a crush on you since before you worked at the center. I ainít sayin you mess with dudes but I just like you." He said.

"So are you telling me that you are gay?"

"I donít know. Iíve never even messed with a dude before but I have always been attracted to them."

"So why are you telling me this? What makes you think I wonít pull this car over and beat your ass?" I asked.

"I donít. I just had to tell someone. Since you always act like you care, I decided to tell you. Plus you never treat the gay kids at the center any different like the rest of the staff do."

I didnít know what to say. He had caught me totally off guard. I decided to answer him without answering him.

"Look Jayson. I got mad love for you. What or whom you like makes no difference to me. You are a good person and thatís all that matters to me. Live your life and be happy but donít get in so much fucking trouble."

"Ok. I got all that. Now what about the part about me liking you?"

I guess that didnít work the way I planned.

"I am in a relationship right now and Iím very happy. Iím flattered that you like me but Iím taken."

"I guess I figured that. What I donít understand is why didnít you just say that you were straight?" he asked.

Look at this dude trying to run the psychology game on me. I just played along to see how far he would go.

"Why does it matter? I told you Iím involved. Thatís the end of the discussion."

"I know but most straight niggas would have at least said that they donít fuck with dudes." He said.

"Yeah thatís true. Most straight niggas would have beat your ass too. Listen, Iím not most dudes. Iím just Ced and thatís all I want to be."

He sat and was quiet for some time. I laughed thinking I had made him give up. Lil Bit was persistent though.

"Would you fuck a man for a million dollars?" he asked.

"Boy Iíd fuck my daddy for a million dollars." I laughed.

"Would you suck a dick for a million dollars?"

"Clean or dirty?" I joked.

"Umm, clean I guess." He wasnít expecting that one.

"Iíd fuck my dad and suck his dadís dick at the same time for a million dollars." I said laughing my ass off.

"Thatís so nasty." He laughed. "Would you suck your boy Qís dick for five thousand dollars."

I stopped laughing. Did this nigga know about us? I didnít give a fuck at this point. I looked the nigga in the eyes and made sure I had his attention.

"No, I wouldnít nigga."

"Why not? Heís your friend and would never tell anybody."

"See! Thatís exactly what Iím talking about. Youíre playing a game that you donít know the rules too. Niggas will actually kill you about this gay shit. Get your mind right before you get fucked up!" I said as I pulled up to his house.

"Ok nigga! Calm down. Iíll see you niggas at the park since I canít come to the center."

"All right cool. Stay out of trouble or Iím gonna beat your ass." I said giving him some dap.

He got out and closed the door. I got ready to pull off when he turned and came back to the car.

"Oh yeah. I almost forgot. My step-brother Darius told me to ask if youíre coming to anymore of his parties." He gave me a funny look and started to walk towards his house again.

I had to just sit there for a while. He had been playing with me the whole time. He looked back and winked as he unlocked the door. I gave him the finger and pulled off.

Q and I met at his house and he could tell instantly that I had something on my mind.

"Hey Ced? Whatís the matter with you?"

"Nothing really. Just daydreaming."

I always lied to him when I had a thought or situation that involved Darius.

"You look like someone just stole something from you."

"Nigga didnít I say that nothing was wrong?" I said throwing a pillow at him. "I was just wondering whether or not to show you my new pet."

"For real? What did you get?"

"Come over here and let me show you." I said.

"What you got? A spider or something?"

"Nothing like that. I got this right here." I said pulling out my dick.

"Is sex all you ever think about?" He said never taking his eyes off my joint.

"You and me both I guess."

Actually we had only had sex a few times since Mikeís death. We were usually at it at least twice a day. But in the recent weeks we were just too tired.

"Ok, so what is that thing supposed to be?"

"Itís called an African Grow Worm. The scientific name for it is Bigoledickusmaximus. Itís very rare around these parts." I told him.

"Oh really? Sounds kind of interesting."

"It really is. The only catch is that it requires saliva and warmth applied at the same time to grow."

"So spit on it and put it in the microwave and letís see what happens."

We both laughed.

"Well you actually have to put it in your mouth." I told him.

"A worm? In my mouth? Thatís so nasty."

"Actually I heard that it tastes quite good." I laughed rubbing my stomach. "I hear that worms are a good source of protein."

"Well do you know if it bites?"

"It wonít bite you. Rumor has it that if you wet and warm him in the right way, heíll secrete a sweet nectar for you."

"Maybe I should try it. Is that as big as they come though?" he joked.

"See how big it gets before you talk stupid."

Q grabbed the worm and gave it a little taste.

"Not too bad. Tastes a lot like chicken." We laughed again.

"Well I want to see that thing grow."

Q put the whole worm in his mouth. I think it had found itís new home.

"Look itís starting to grow Q. Keep going. It really works."

He stroked the worm and just like a sponge, it swole up.

"Damn, Ced this worm has turned into a snake." Q said. "It looks like a black Python now."

"It looks like your worm grows on itís own." I said pointing at the fat buldge in his pants. "But Iíll still wet it for you."

We both stood up and stripped off our clothes. Once undressed we embraced in a long kiss. Before we could go any further, the doorbell rang. Q was going to ignore it at first. Whoever was at the door wasnít going away.

"Hold that thought. Iíll be right back."

He threw on his sweats and left to answer the door. I just lay on the bed and thought about what we were about to do.

It would be better than I could ever imagine.

Q returned looking slightly pissed.

"Yo that little knuckle-head from the center is at the door. He says he really needs to talk to you. I guess itís important."

"Shit. This nigga better be about to die or something. I canít believe he came here looking for me. Iíll be right back baby." I said kissing him.

"Well let me give you a reason to hurry." He said turning around and pulling his sweats down to show me what I wanted most.

"Iíll be back in a heartbeat." I looked at his ass again. "Make that half a heart beat."

I walked upstairs to the living room and Jayson was standing there looking younger than he ever had. He looked like his world had been shattered.

"Yo Ced, I really need your help. I got into it with my mom and she kicked me out. I donít have anywhere to go. Can I stay at your place tonight?"

"Well I wasnít planning on going home. I was just gonna crash here tonight." I said smiling at him.

"Well can you ask Q if I can stay here? Iíll do anything." He looked me in the eyes and grabbed my dick.

"Yo nigga are you fucking crazy?"

"Yeah! That little nigga must be. And in my fucking house too!"

I jumped like I had got caught doing something wrong. I turned and Q was standing in the doorway, red with rage.

"Oh shit!" was all I could say.

Jayson looked like he was about to take flight out of the house.

Q started across the room. I was prepared to stop him because he would have smashed the kid. Just as he reached him he stopped.

"Fuck it. Youíre a little cool nigga. Iíll act like that shit didnít happen. Iím only doing it because your bitch ass would be on the streets tonight. Now letís go downstairs before my parents come home."

I walked towards the basement but Jayson stood still. He was scared to death.

"Come on Jayson. If I was going to do something to you I would have done it already." Q said.

He thought about it for a few seconds. Finally, he followed us downstairs. Q walked with his arm around him like they were best friends. I knew something was up.

We went to the basement and played video games. After awhile we got bored and just started talking. I was wondering how we were going to work out this sleeping arrangement. After all that happened upstairs, we still hadnít said anything about being gay. I hadnít told Q about Jayson mentioning Darius. Quentin cleared things up.

"So whatís your story Jayson? Are you gay or something?"

He looked at me but didnít answer the question.

"Speak up nigga! We know youíre not shy. You up in here grabbing dicks. So talk." Q was screaming at him.

"So what if I am nigga? What you gonna do? Beat my ass?"

"Shut up fool! I just wanted to see how much heart you got. Youíre still a punk though. I think Iíll call you Lil Bitch."

I looked at Q. He had mischief in his eyes.

"Do what you have to do. But you ainít gonna be calling me out my name."

Q looked at him and smiled.

"Thatís what Iím talking about. Grow some balls nigga. Now since youíve got some heart, finish what you started upstairs."

Lil Bit looked at Q like he was crazy. My jaw was touching the floor.

"If itís cool with you then itís cool with me." Jayson said walking towards Q.

I still didnít know what was going on. I was just sitting there staring at them.

"I said finish what you started upstairs nigga." Q said pointing to me.

Lil bit smiled at Q and he smiled right back. You could tell he had wanted to do this for a while. The look on his face was priceless. I found myself wondering if thatís how I looked when I got with Q. Jayson looked at me and licked his lips. My dick went hard immediately. He bent down like he was going to kiss me.

"None of that homeboy." Q said. "You only have a limited pass at this buffet."

With a look of disappointment Lil Bit climbed on the bed and got between my legs. He reached down and helped me take off my shirt. He started to kiss my chest and lick my nipples. Q stood behind him. He reached around and unfastened Jaysonís belt and pants. He slid them off and admired Jaysonís ass.

"Damn boy. Youíve got a little fat one back here." He said slapping it.

"And he got a fat one up here." I said. His dick looked to be too big for his body. It was like 9 inches long and fat as hell.

"Too bad he wonít get to use it tonight." Q said.

By now Jayson was licking my belly button and loosening my pants. Q leaned in again and pulled off my pants and boxers, while I relieved Lil Bit of his shirt. We were all naked and it was a beautiful sight.

"Come on and taste some of this chocolate." I told Jayson.

He grabbed my dick and licked the head.

"I wanted to do this for a long time."

I will tell you this. Never, in my life, has my dick been in a mouth like that. The nigga swallowed my dick whole while staring me in the eyes. Q grabbed some lube and put it on his finger. As he slid it in, Jayson rested his lips on my pubic hairs.

"Oh shitttt!" I moaned. This nigga didnít have any tonsils.

"That shit feel good to you baby?" Q asked me.

"Hell yeahhh." I moaned.

When Jayson was use to Qís finger, he began to give me the best head I had ever experienced. No ass, mouth, pussy or hand could ever feel that good. Q had loosened him up, so he added a second finger. The harder Q pushed that finger, the more intense Lil Bit sucked my dick. A third finger was added.

"Ummmm." Jayson moaned. He raised up off his elbows unto his hands. I stood in the bed in front of him.

"Ummmm" he said again as Q slammed fingers in him. He grabbed my joint again and spit shined that shit. Q had him open. He was popping his hips and throwing his ass back. He was loving it. Shit, so were we. Q pulled his fingers out and grabbed a condom. I smiled because I wanted to see Q tear it up.

"Get ready for a workout nigga." Q said.

Q lined his dick up and started to push his way in. Jayson started shaking like a leaf.

"Ohhhh Shitttt." He said.

He was trembling but his eyes said he was on cloud nine. Q went all the way in and stopped so Jayson could adjust.

"Donít stop Q." Jayson said. "Just keep going."

Q smiled and started a nice little stroke. I grabbed Lil Bitís head and slid my dick back in his mouth. I was hitting the throat and Q was tapping that ass. Jayson could barely moan. All you could hear was our heavy breathing.

"Suck that dick nigga." I told him just as Q slapped his ass.

"Ummmm." He started sucking my shit so hard I had to catch my balance. Q was hitting it hard now.

ĎUmmmmmmmm." Jayson started shaking again. Before we knew it, he just started to cum. Gush after gush flowed from his dick. The more he came, the more we gave him. When he was done there was a puddle in the bed.

When his convulsion was over, I looked at Q. We both thought the same thingÖ

"Switch!" we both yelled.

We cleaned up a little bit and resumed our session. I threw on a rubber and went for broke. I knew he was loose so I just pushed my shit in.

"Ohhhh shitttt" Lil bit said melting on the bed.

"Come on nigga. Get up. This is what you wanted right?"

"Hell yeah." he said as he pushed himself back up.

"Dig that back out baby." Q said as he shoved his dick down the boyís throat.

His ass seemed to swallow my shit. I bit my lip and rolled my eyes. His ass was so warm and tight that I almost melted. I shook it off and went to work. Since he seemed to like dick I just gave it to him. I was deep in this nigga. My nuts were slapping his. Q was fucking his face with no remorse. When Jayson started shaking again, I went into overdrive. He was cumming and shaking. Shaking and cumming.

"Iím about to nutt!" Q yelled. He pulled out his dick and came all over Lil Bitís face. It was shooting so hard it looked like it hurt. That did it for me. I pushed all the way in and released my seed.

"Shitttt" Iím surprised the condom didnít explode. I pulled out and we all collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes, I got up and grabbed Qís hand.

"Letís go take a shower." I told him. He got up and started to follow me.

"Change those sheets nigga." Q told Jayson.

As we entered the bathroom he turned back around.

"Iím just fucking with you nigga. Come on."

Jayson smiled and hobbled after us into the bathroomÖ

Saturday night was here at last. A friend from school had invited us to a party. It was supposed to be the bash of the summer. Terrelle was in a rare good mood. He claimed he was done with dudes and was looking forward to seeing Latisha. He had cleaned up and looked like new money. His image should have been stuck to the mirror. He was standing there all night. We had all met up at my house. Everyone was laughing and joking.

The twins Chaz and Chad were there along with T, Lil Bit, Q and myself. The twins are straight and donít know our little secret. They are just our boys 100%. So of course the topic was girls. We were all boasting about how many numbers and how much pussy we were gonna get. It all seems funny now.

"Me and my brother are gonna get all the cuties." Chad said. I could tell them apart because Chad was a little thinner. "We are twice as sexy as you niggas."

"Please boy." Said T. "Iím stacking all the hoes and sending their niggas home lonely."

We all laughed. It was time to make moves, so we headed for the cars. The twins rode together as usual. Jayson jumped in the car with T. I rode shotgun with Q.

We arrived at the party and it was jumping. We had to park about a block away and walk back. This was the rich part of the city. Our friend Christine was throwing the party. She was a white girl but she was real cool. She really thought she was black. She carried herself like she was born in the hood. Actually she came from a rich family and this was her way of rebelling.

It was dark in suburbia tonight. I mean real dark. Everywhere you looked you saw crowds of black teenagers.

"Someone will call the police soon," I thought. We bypassed the line at the door and headed around the side of the house. There were people everywhere. The entire yard was full of couples and people just hanging out.

Latisha spotted us immediately. She strutted over to us, looking good enough to eat. (Not like that).

"Hey everybody. Iím glad you guys could make it." She said only looking at T.

The rest of us laughed. She forced her way between Lil Bit and T. She put her arms through theirs.

"Letís go and have some fun fellas." She said.

We made our way through the crowd. The music was on point. All the usual things were going on.

People were dancing. Some were drinking and getting high. Others were sneaking off to have sex. We made our way to the dance floor. We all snatched up a girl and danced the night away. We were having so much fun that time just flew by.

After about two hours, T tapped me on the shoulder.

"Yo, Iím going to find the bathroom."

"Hold up T. I have to use it too." I said.

I told the girl I was dancing with that Iíd be back. We entered the house for the first time tonight. It was huge. It looked like something out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".

The crowd was a little whiter in here but not too much. I noticed that there were no whites dancing with whites. They all wanted dark meat tonight.

The downstairs bathroom was packed. We went to look upstairs. There was a long hallway at the top of the stairs. There were rooms on both sides. All the doors were open. In some rooms they were getting high, white folks style. You know. All those crazy ass drugs that blacks donít mess with. In a few of the others there were people fucking. In one room, we saw our hostess, Christine, trying to suck the biggest black dick I had ever seen.

"Damn!" T and I yelled at the same time. The nigga just looked at us and smiled.

We continued our search for the bathroom. It was at the end of the hall. It looked like a bathroom from school or something. Five stalls lined one wall. We took the two empty toilets and handled our business. We finished up and were washing our hands. I look in the mirror and saw a face from the not too distant past. It was the same nigga that bumped into Mike at the movies. My heart began to race. I turned to get Tís attention but there was no need. He was staring a hole through the nigga. His face transformed from a handsome young man into pure evil and hatred.

"Ainít this about a bitch." T said aloud. "Look what the cat dragged in."

The dude, (Hakim we later found out), stopped in his tracks. He looked scared but his expression soon changed. He gave a nod of his head and his boys came to stand behind him. It was four against two. T didnít care though. I donít even think he saw the other niggas. His focus was on Hakim. Revenge was only five feet away.

"Look what we have here." Hakim said. "The little bitches from the movies. How is your boy? What was his name? Oh yeah, Mike."

He didnít know he was playing with fire. Terrelle was on him before anyone could blink. T hit that nigga with everything he had. I ran over and hit one of the other niggas. He was out with one hit. The other two were a problem though. For every punch I landed, I got hit with two. There was no pain though. I was too pumped up. Visions from my dream began to flash through my head. I was fighting out of pure rage. I suddenly felt twice as strong. It was like Mikeís spirit was fighting through me. One of the guys charged me. I ducked his blow and scooped him up. I slammed him as hard as I could. His head hit the floor and he didnít move.

"Just one more" I thought. I turned to deal with him, only to catch a fiery mist to the face. I knew he was gonna hit me, so I reached out and grabbed him. I locked him in a bear hug and tried to squeeze his life out. Somehow I fell on top of him. I felt his hands grab the back of my head. I felt his breath brush my left cheek. I had no idea what he was doing. Then I felt a sharp pain in my face. I was too hype to really notice.

I felt myself being lifted up and pushed aside. I heard a lot of commotion and tried to clear my eyes. When I could finally see a little, Q and Jayson were beating the hell out of dude. He fell to the floor and they stomped him until he didnít move. I turned to look for T. He was standing over Hakim, who was a bloody mess. T reached into his pants and pulled out his gun. Despite the situation, there was an eerie calm in the room. We didnít even try to stop T. He pointed the gun at Hakim and pulled the hammer back. He stood there for a while just looking with a sick grin on his face. Finally he uncocked the gun.

"You know what? Mike wouldnít even want me to kill you. But Iím sure he wouldnít mind if I beat your ass some more."

T turned his gun around and hit the nigga in the face. He hit him again and again. The sound the blows made had me feeling sick to my stomach. I ran over and tried to grab T. He shoved me aside and hit Hakim once more. I grabbed him again. He turned pointing the gun right at my head. He looked me in the face and his mouth dropped open.

"Oh my God!" T screamed. "What the fuck happened to your face!"

"One of those niggas hit me with some pepper spray." I still didnít know what he was talking about.

I realized something was wrong. T kept repeating "Oh My God" and Q was crying.

"Ced we have to get you to a hospital!" Q screamed.

"Look what they did to his face!" T yelled.

I reached up to touch my face. I felt the right side and found nothing. I went to touch my left cheek but my finger touched my teeth. I pulled my finger away and it was covered in blood. I ran to the mirror and realized that a piece of my face was missing. I could see my teeth and gums. Then I just faintedÖ

The police and ambulance were called. Hakim and I were taken to the hospital. The guy that bit me was arrested. Q made Latisha take T home. T wanted to go to the hospital but Jayson reminded him about Hakim.

"Ok. Just keep me posted." T said. "Iíll see you niggas later."

Hakim suffered slight brain damage. He was in a coma. The doctors said heíd never be the same if he came to. He was placed in the Intensive Care Unit. His family and a few friends were crammed in a waiting room. The doors open and this guy walks in. He makes his way over to Hakimís friends. Two of them were from the party.

"What the fuck happened?" he asked.

"We got jumped by some Westside niggas. They were the same ones who boy got killed at the movies. The one that beat Hakim is named Terrelle. He hangs with that nigga Q from the East High football team."

"Terrelle Bender! Yeah, I know him. I know him well. Iím gonna get that nigga for what he did to my god-brother."

Damn! I told Hakim this shit would catch up with him." He said as he prepared to leave.

"Is there anything you want us to do?" one of them asked.

"You bitch ass niggas have done enough. Just stay the fuck out of my way." He said as the elevator doors closed.

He reached the ground level and walked to a row of phone booths. He pulled out his wallet and found the number he was looking for. He made his call.

On another floor, a doctor was consulting me.

"Mr. Bender it appears that you were bitten in the face."

"No shit Doc." I said.

"Well a piece of flesh was torn from your face. It was about the size of a half-dollar. You received 19 stitches. You must do a follow up with our plastic surgeon."

"Can I looked in the mirror now?"

"Yes. Hereís your prescription. If you have any questions feel free to call this number." He said handing me a card.

"Damn." I said. "It looks nasty."

"Just remember that itís not as bad as it seems. Once the swelling goes down, weíll fix you up good as new."

"Ok Doc. Thanks." I looked in the mirror again as he left. I dropped my head and started to cry.

"Hey Ced. Are you ok baby?" Q asked.

"Look what they did to me Q! Iím Ugly!" I said starting to scream.

"Calm down. You heard the doctor. Donít jump to conclusions. Youíll be your old self in no time."

"My old self! Are you fucking kidding me? Look at me nigga!"

"Listen. I donít care what you look like. Youíre my nigga for life remember?"

"I just want to be alone for awhile Q."

"But CedÖ" He started.

"Please Q. If you really love me, then give me some time alone."

He started to object again but knew it would be useless. Tears fell from his eyes as he turned to leave. He opened the door and spoke without facing me.

I donít care what the outcome is. Iíll always be by your side. You are my other half. Without you Iím not whole. Donít let this be a reason to push me away. I love you Ced."

"I love you too Q." I said turning back to the mirror. "But from now on donít call me Ced. Call me Scarface."

On the other side of town, Terrelle lay in the bed with Tisha. They had sex for the first time. T had feelings for Tisha, but having sex with her wasnít right for him. He knew it would never work. He was trying to decide how to tell her when the phone rang.

"Hello. Whatís up Q?"

Q filled him in on everything. They agreed that T should stay away from the hospital.

"Well, tell Ced Iíll see him when he gets home. Tell him to keep his head up." He thought for a second. "Oh yeah. Tell him that I really am happy that he has you."

"Ok I will. How do you feel now T?"

"Well I donít know. But I get the feeling Iíll have a restful sleep tonight."

"Yeah Iím sure you will playboy. Alright later."

"Later Q" T said and hung up.

The phone rang again.

"Hello." T said.

"Can I speak to Terrelle?" The voice asked.

"This is him. Whoís speaking?"

"Yo this is James. You might remember me as Baby J. We met a while ago at Dariusís party. You were with your cousin that night."

"Oh yeah. I remember now. Whatís going on with you?"

"Nothing much. I just wanted to see if we could chill this weekend."

"No doubt. You have my number. Just call and let me know."

"Ok. Iíll do that. So Iíll talk to you later then?"

"Of course. Iíve been thinking about your sexy ass."

"Ok then. Later."

"Later nigga." T said hanging up.

Baby J hung up the phone on his end. He smiled knowing his plan was in action. He was going to send a message to everyone. He planned to use us as his pawns.

"After this nobody will ever want to fuck with Bad Rep.," He said to himself. He began to plot his revenge as he walked out into the warm night.



By: scarface292003@yahoo.com aka Ced

This is where we last left offÖ

We continued our search for the bathroom. It was at the end of the hall. It looked like a bathroom from school or something. Five stalls lined one wall. We took the two empty toilets and handled our business. We finished up and were washing our hands. I looked in the mirror and saw a face from the not too distant past. It was the same nigga that bumped into Mike at the movies. My heart began to race. I turned to get Tís attention but there was no need. He was staring a hole through the nigga. His face transformed from a handsome young man into pure evil and hatred.

"Ainít this about a bitch." T said aloud. "Look what the cat dragged in."

The dude, (Hakim we later found out), stopped in his tracks. He looked scared but his expression soon changed. He gave a nod of his head and his boys came to stand behind him. It was four against two. T didnít care though. I donít even think he saw the other niggas. His focus was on Hakim. Revenge was only five feet away.

"Look what we have here." Hakim said. "The little bitches from the movies. How is your boy? What was his name? Oh yeah, Mike."

He didnít know he was playing with fire. Terrelle was on him before anyone could blink. T hit that nigga with everything he had. I ran over and hit one of the other niggas. He was out with one hit. The other two were a problem though. For every punch I landed, I got hit with two. There was no pain though. I was too pumped up. Visions from my dream began to flash through my head. I was fighting out of pure rage. I suddenly felt twice as strong. It was like Mikeís spirit was fighting through me. One of the guys charged me. I ducked his blow and scooped him up. I slammed him as hard as I could. His head hit the floor and he didnít move.

"Just one more" I thought. I turned to deal with him, only to catch a fiery mist to the face. I knew he was gonna hit me, so I reached out and grabbed him. I locked him in a bear hug and tried to squeeze his life out. Somehow I fell on top of him. I felt his hands grab the back of my head. I felt his breath brush my left cheek. I had no idea what he was doing. Then I felt a sharp pain in my face. I was too hype to really notice.

I felt myself being lifted up and pushed aside. I heard a lot of commotion and tried to clear my eyes. When I could finally see a little, Q and Jayson were beating the hell out of dude. He fell to the floor and they stomped him until he didnít move. I turned to look for T. He was standing over Hakim, who was a bloody mess. T reached into his pants and pulled out his gun. Despite the situation, there was an eerie calm in the room. We didnít even try to stop T. He pointed the gun at Hakim and pulled the hammer back. He stood there for a while just looking with a sick grin on his face. Finally he uncocked the gun.

"You know what? Mike wouldnít even want me to kill you. But Iím sure he wouldnít mind if I beat your ass some more."

T turned his gun around and hit the nigga in the face. He hit him again and again. The sound the blows made had me feeling sick to my stomach. I ran over and tried to grab T. He shoved me aside and hit Hakim once more. I grabbed him again. He turned pointing the gun right at my head. He looked me in the face and his mouth dropped open.

"Oh my God!" T screamed. "What the fuck happened to your face!"

"One of those niggas hit me with some pepper spray." I still didnít know what he was talking about.

I realized something was wrong. T kept repeating "Oh My God" and Q was crying.

"Ced we have to get you to a hospital!" Q screamed.

"Look what they did to his face!" T yelled.

I reached up to touch my face. I felt the right side and found nothing. I went to touch my left cheek but my finger touched my teeth. I pulled my finger away and it was covered in blood. I ran to the mirror and realized that a piece of my face was missing. I could see my teeth and gums. Then I just faintedÖ

The police and ambulance were called. Hakim and I were taken to the hospital. The guy that bit me was arrested. Q made Latisha take T home. T wanted to go to the hospital but Jayson reminded him about Hakim.

"Ok. Just keep me posted." T said. "Iíll see you niggas later."

Hakim suffered slight brain damage. He was in a coma. The doctors said heíd never be the same if he came to. He was placed in the Intensive Care Unit. His family and a few friends were crammed in a waiting room. The doors open and this guy walks in. He makes his way over to Hakimís friends. Two of them were from the party.

"What the fuck happened?" he asked.

"We got jumped by some Westside niggas. They were the same ones who boy got killed at the movies. The one that beat Hakim is named Terrelle. He hangs with that nigga Q from the East High football team."

"Terrelle Bender! Yeah, I know him. I know him well. Iím gonna get that nigga for what he did to my god-brother."

"Damn! I told Hakim this shit would catch up with him." He said as he prepared to leave.

"Is there anything you want us to do?" one of them asked.

"You bitch ass niggas have done enough. Just stay the fuck out of my way." He said as the elevator doors closed.

He reached the ground level and walked to a row of phone booths. He pulled out his wallet and found the number he was looking for. He made his call.

On another floor, a doctor was consulting me.

"Mr. Bender it appears that you were bitten in the face."

"No shit Doc." I said.

"Well a piece of flesh was torn from your face. It was about the size of a half-dollar. You received 19 stitches. You must do a follow up with our plastic surgeon."

"Can I look in the mirror now?"

"Yes. Hereís your prescription. If you have any questions feel free to call this number." He said handing me a card.

"Damn." I said. "It looks nasty."

"Just remember that itís not as bad as it seems. Once the swelling goes down, weíll fix you up good as new."

"Ok Doc. Thanks." I looked in the mirror again as he left. I dropped my head and started to cry.

"Hey Ced. Are you ok baby?" Q asked.

"Look what they did to me Q! Iím Ugly!" I said starting to scream.

"Calm down. You heard the doctor. Donít jump to conclusions. Youíll be your old self in no time."

"My old self! Are you fucking kidding me? Look at me nigga!"

"Listen. I donít care what you look like. Youíre my nigga for life remember?"

"I just want to be alone for awhile Q."

"But CedÖ" He started.

"Please Q. If you really love me, then give me some time alone."

He started to object again but knew it would be useless. Tears fell from his eyes as he turned to leave. He opened the door and spoke without facing me.

"I donít care what the outcome is. Iíll always be by your side. You are my other half. Without you Iím not whole. Donít let this be a reason to push me away. I love you Ced."

"I love you too Q." I said turning back to the mirror. "But from now on donít call me Ced. Call me Scarface."

On the other side of town, Terrelle lay in the bed with Tisha. Theyíd had sex for the first time. T had feelings for Tisha, but having sex with her wasnít right for him. He knew it would never work. He was trying to decide how to tell her when the phone rang.

"Hello. Whatís up Q?"

Q filled him in on everything. They agreed that T should stay away from the hospital.

"Well, tell Ced Iíll see him when he gets home. Tell him to keep his head up." He thought for a second. "Oh yeah. Tell him that I really am happy that he has you."

"Ok I will. How do you feel now T?"

"Well I donít know. But I get the feeling Iíll have a restful sleep tonight."

"Yeah Iím sure you will playboy. Alright later."

"Later Q" T said and hung up.

The phone rang again.

"Hello" T said.

"Can I speak to Terrelle?" The voice asked.

"This is him. Whoís speaking?"

"Yo this is James. You might remember me as Baby J, we met a while ago at Dariusís party. You were with your cousin that night."

"Oh yeah. I remember now. Whatís going on with you?"

"Nothing much. I just wanted to see if we could chill this weekend."

"No doubt. You have my number. Just call and let me know."

"Ok. Iíll do that. So Iíll talk to you later then?"

"Of course. Iíve been thinking about your sexy ass."

"Ok then. Later."

"Later nigga." T said hanging up.

Baby J hung up the phone on his end. He smiled knowing his plan was in action. He was going to send a message to everyone. He planned to use us as his pawns.

"After this nobody will ever want to fuck with Bad Rep.," He said to himself. He began to plot his revenge as he walked out into the warm night.


Part I

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Why is it that when things go wrong or something bad happens we immediately want to seek revenge? In most cases it only causes a chain of events that we are not capable of handling. Most people are not ready for what lies beyond that door. My friends and I had kicked that door wide open. We were not ready for or expecting what was on the other side. Damn!

The hospital was dark and quiet at this hour of the night. Inside room 617, the only sound to be heard came from a heart monitor. This machine, along with a few others, was connected to a lifeless body that lay in the bed. Hakim Shabazz, whose birth name was Darrell Johnson, lay motionless and in a deep coma. He was a thug to the fullest. He wasnít just a hardcore nigga, but he was the type that didnít give a fuck about anyone or anything. He was a member of a gang called "Bad Rep". This dude had a real short fuse. A few months ago he had caused my friend Mike to be killed. Then a couple of weeks ago, my cousin Terrelle had almost killed him. Thatís why he is lying here now.

In the far corner of the room sat his god-brother James Proctor also known as Baby J or The General. Baby J sat and watched as Hakimís chest rose and fell. Since they were younger he always thought that Hakim would be killed at a young age. Hakim was a real hot head and caused trouble wherever he went. He was the bully type and always had friends who would back him. Over the years he had made a name for himself and was someone that most people feared. When Baby J had formed his own crew, Hakim was the first to come aboard and bring his flock with him. Although him and his boys made the crew stronger, they were a pain in the ass to deal with. Hakim usually bit off more than he could chew. Baby J would always have to get him out of some tight situations. Still, it surprised him to be sitting here not knowing whether his god-brother would live or die. He rose from his seat and went to stand by the bed.

"Damn Hakim. This time youíve really done it. You never seem to listen. You think that you can create chaos and not suffer the consequences. This time the shit caught up with you. Still, you know that no matter what happens, I will avenge you."

The funny thing was that Baby J felt bad about the death of Magic Mike. He had enough knowledge about our crew to know that we were not troublemakers. Deep inside it ate at him to know he would have to get his hands dirty on this one. Still, as the leader of Bad Rep, he had an obligation to his crew. If he simply let this episode slide, his ability to lead would be questioned. It seemed funny how things had come around full circle. We were playing a dangerous game by taking the law into our own hands. Thatís how it was in the streets though. We all know that in this world there is no such thing as fair.

"Hakim if you make it out of this one you are gonna owe me big time." Baby J said as he returned to his seat. He began to formulate his plan. So far he only knew that Terrelle must be the last victim. It was important for him to watch the rest of us suffer first. An example would be made and then everyone would know that you donít fuck with Bad Rep.

Part II

Itís funny how you can go from loving yourself to hating yourself in a short time. I know a lot about that. After I was bitten my life seemed as meaningless as it did before I met Q.

It was senior year. This was supposed to be the happiest time of my life. My mind should have been on SATs, graduation and college. Instead I was stuck in my room, afraid to face the world. Until recently I had been the type that could overcome anything in time. Now I only felt trapped.

Inside the confines of my room the only visitors I allowed were loneliness, pain and self-pity. I felt like a monster. How could I go to school? I couldnít face my peers looking like this. How could I visit colleges now? It would be hard enough just being a freshman. My life was in turmoil. I was stressed out and depressed. In the two weeks since Iíd been home, I had barely left my room. I was ashamed of the way I looked. I even went as far as to refuse to see my boys. I hadnít even seen Quentin. I couldnít bear for him to look at me.

"The nigga is going to leave me anyway." I often thought to myself. "Like Tina said, "Whatís love got to do with it?"

I wore a surgeonís mask at all times to hide my shame. As the days passed by, my depression only seemed to worsen. I spent most of my time staring at the face I no longer recognized as my own. On several occasions I had taken out my gun. I would load it with one bullet and put it to my temple. It seemed like pulling the trigger would free me from the emotional struggle I was going through. Of course I was too smart to really believe that shit. Yet and still, it took all of my being not to end my suffering. Fear of hell didnít stop me. Neither did the fear of Godís wrath for committing one of mans greatest sins. No, in the end it was the love of my family and friends that kept me from doing it. I only wanted to hurt myself. I knew if I committed suicide, it would be like taking a part of them with me. So instead I wallowed in my misery alone.

One afternoon I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Then I heard someone attempting to unlock my door. I knew it was Quentin. He had come by everyday to check on me. At first he had respected the fact that I needed to be alone. Lately though he was becoming frustrated. I had sent my little sister out to purchase a new lock for me. I heard him curse when his key didnít work. Finally he gave up and knocked.

"Whoever it is go away!" I said.

"Open the door Ced. Itís Q."

"What part of go away donít you understand?"

"I havenít seen you in almost two weeks. How long do you plan to stay locked up in there? You are still the same nigga to me. I donít care if you have a million scars. To me you will always be sexy."

In a small way that made me feel good. At the same time I was scared that if he saw me heíd think I was a monster. He had actually only seen my face that first night things happened. That is why he couldnít understand my reasoning. The more I looked at myself the uglier I felt and the more I thought he would hate me. I wanted to cry but I couldnít. All the tears were gone now. There was only anger to take their place.

"Come on Ced. How can I be there for you if you keep me locked out? I made a promise to always be there for you but you are making it hard for me to honor that. Will you please just open the door?"

I wanted to tell him no. I wanted to send him away and tell him to leave me alone. I couldnít though. Truth be told, I missed him more than the chunk of flesh that had been ripped from my face.

"Ok Q. Hold on." I said while thinking how I had wasted my money on the lock.

I made sure that my mask was on properly and walked over and unlocked the door. Before he could enter the room I had made my way over to the window and stood peering outside. I had to fight the urge to turn and look at him.

"Damn this is foul Ced. First I have to talk to you through the door and now you give me your back. On top of that you changed the lock that I put on your door. I must not be a very good boyfriend." He laughed trying to lift my spirits.

"Yeah I guess so." I said not really hearing what he had said.

"Come on playboy. Snap out of it. This should be the happiest time of your life. We just started senior year and soon weíll be headed off to college. Plus you have a pretty good looking nigga who loves you to death."

Q had a way of making me feel better at any given time. For some strange reason his humor had no affect on me right now. I could tell that he was slowly approaching me. I must have looked like a wounded animal to him. He stopped when he reached my dresser. My gun and the single bullet lay on top of it. I turned just enough to see what he was doing. I could feel the temperature rise as his blood began to boil.

"What the fuck is this Cedric? Are you planning to use this or something?" he yelled at me.

I didnít say anything but I knew that I was about to get the third degree.

"This shit is unbelievable. You are a lying ass sorry nigga Cedric. You made a promise to me or donít you remember? You have conquered so many things in your life. You are going to college and can do whatever you want. I am still here everyday sweating your stupid ass but you want to end it all right?"

I still didnít respond. He was speaking the truth but to no avail.

"Damn Ced. Donít you see what the problem is? You are sitting here alone in this room trying to face these demons on your own. Who the fuck are you hiding from? It canít be me or the rest of the crew. Weíve got nothing but love and respect for your ass. Or has this little episode caused you to become a coward?" Q said.

"What nigga? What the fuck do you know? You are not the one wearing this fucking scar on your face! You donít know shit about what I am going through!"

"You know what Ced? You are not going through this alone. If I donít know what you are going through thatís your fault. You are one the hiding behind locked doors. But it seems that you are on some selfish shit and your eyes are glued shut. You are only seeing what you want too. If you want my opinion you are acting like a little bitch."

Now I turned around and faced Q. I looked him dead in the eyes. If looks could kill, my nigga would have dropped dead on the spot.

"Quentin I think youíd better watch your mouth. I am not really in the mood for this shit right now."

At this point he picked up the gun and bullet. He seemed to be loading it. At first I thought he was going to just shoot me and end it all. There was no fear on my part. To this day that is a scary thought. I believe in GOD and all but why I donít fear death I could never explain.

"I know. You are not in the mood for anything but death it seems. You have loss the will to live right? You want to try and kill yourself again? Do you think that would put you in Godís favor? Have you ever thought about how much of a mortal sin that is?"

"As a matter of fact I have thought long and hard about it."

He walked over and handed me the gun.

"So you want to do Godís work? Will dying make you happy? Then go ahead and do it while Iím watching."

I looked at the gun and then back at Q. I put the gun to my temple and pulled the trigger six times.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

The gun was empty but each time it dry fired Quentin jumped as if it had gone off. His mouth dropped open and he stood there in disbelief. The single bullet fell from his hand and rolled across the floor. He knew that I could be dead right now.

"Oh my GOD! Are you crazy nigga? Is this shit affecting you that much?" he said attempting to touch my face. "Baby just tell me what I can do to help."

I just stared into his eyes, showing him that this life was sometimes more than I could bear.

"Ced listen to me. Help me out here baby. What can I do to help? It doesnít matter because Iíll do anything." He pleaded with tears starting to flow from his eyes.

"Then get out." I calmly said.

"What?" he asked.

"You heard me. I said get out. If you want to help me then get out and leave me the fuck alone."

Q looked at me as if I was a stranger. I saw his heartache double as my words hit home.

"Come on baby. This is Quentin you are talking too. Iím your ride or die nigga remember? You canít expect me to leave while you are feeling and acting like this. Iím not leaving this room unless you leave with me."

I donít know what had come over me. I was feeling so hateful. Part of me wanted to grab Q and hug him. Another part wanted him gone. I went to my closet and grabbed a handful of bullets. I loaded the gun and turned to Q.

"The only thing I expect is for you to do is get the fuck out of my room and my life. Your nigga Ced doesnít live here anymore and neither does love. Now for the last time, get the fuck out!"

We stood there and looked at each other for a while. I could tell that if I had said that while not holding the gun, we would be fighting right then. He was determined not to leave this room without me. I was determined that he would. I raised to gun to my temple again.

"If you are still here by the count of three then there will be nothing left to talk about."

"Well if pulling that trigger will make you feel better, why donít you go ahead and shoot me. I canít live without you. I may as well be dead too."

"Q, if I did that it would be murder. Iím only out to end my own suffering. I could never physically hurt you. OneÖ."

"Ok you win. You want me gone? Iíll leave. When your brain starts to function again just remember that you have people who love you. Pulling that trigger will hurt them as much as it will you and maybe even worse."

He continued to stand there as if awaiting an answer. I gave him one.

"TwoÖ." I said in response.

He turned and ran towards the door. As he was closing it I saw the tears and pain in his eyes and realized that I alone had caused the grief in his heart. Everything I had just said played back in my mind as the door closed.

What had I said and done? Did I really say all that to my boy? Was I really being a selfish coward? I wish I could take it all back. I knew that if I called him back right now that all would be forgiven. I was too stubborn though. Part of me wanted everyone to hurt like I was. Still, as I heard Q walking down the hall, it felt as if I had sunk to my lowest depths. I could have just ended the best thing that had been placed in my life. The anger in me swelled to new heights. I can remember the phrase that went through my mind at that moment.

"Fuck the world!"

Part III

Terrelle was back to his old self once again. He was still smoking weed but had given up drinking. He looked so handsome and happy. He had broken things off with Tisha. The truth was, after they had sex, T no longer felt attracted to her. It was like that for him with females. He liked girls but knew that there was nothing beyond sex with them. After Mike died, he swore he would never be with another man. Now he realized that he was only fooling himself. He didnít simply dismiss Tisha though. He cared about her too much for that. He sat her down and explained the whole thing to her. She was shocked to say the least but she said that it all made sense to her now. She promised to keep the secret and became the only female that wasnít family to share our secret.

T was cleaning his room one-day and came across a phone number he had recently misplaced. He stared at the number and debated whether or not to make the call.

"Fuck it." He said picking up the phone and dialing.

"Hello?" a voice answered.

"Hello, can I speak to James please."

"Speaking. Who is this?"

"Whatís up Baby J? This is Terrelle."

"Oh whatís good T? How have you been?"

"Well I was going through some shit for a minute but Iím good now. You have been on my mind since the last time we talked."

"Oh really? Good thoughts I hope."

"No doubt. Nothing but good thoughts."

"So, whatís going through your mind when you think about me?"

"Mostly the dance we shared at the party. You had a nigga open with those moves."

"Oh for real? Well I seem to remember that you left me hanging that night. You promised to dance with me again but then you just disappeared. I asked Darius where you went but he didnít know."

"Yeah some shit came up with my cousin."

"Well I hope everything is alright now."

"It is. Everything is cool now."

"So when can I get that dance?"

"Anytime, but I donít go to those parties anymore."

"Thatís cool. I was thinking of a more private setting anyway."

"Thatís even better for me. Just tell me when and where."

"Well I get out of class at 1:15. Then I have to visit a sick relative in the hospital. So letís get up around 7 p.m. tomorrow night."

"Thatís fine by me. We can chill here at my house if youíd like."

"Oh. Do you have your own place?"

"No, but my mom works nights and is seldom here when sheís not working."

"Thatís perfect. Hit me with the address then."

T gave him the information. They said their good-byes and hung up. T lay back in the bed and smiled. Baby Jís image was etched is his mind and for good reason too. The nigga was fine with a capital F and an exclamation point. He was about 6 feet even and 185 pounds. He had a slim but solid toned build. His skin was smooth and a dark honey brown complexion. He had the prettiest brown eyes that sparkled brighter than the stars. His hair was black, short and curly. His lips were nice and full. It seemed as if they were only made for kissing.

The phone rang breaking T from his thoughts. He looked down and realized that his dick was brick hard. The phone continued to ring and he answered it.

"Hello." He said sounding agitated. "Oh whatís up Q?"

He listened as Q explained what was going on.

"What? He actually did and said all of that? Calm down Q. Iíll handle this shit. I already know what to do. Meet me at his house tomorrow after school. Keep your head up. You know in your heart that he will always love you. Ok see you then Q."

"Damn Ced. You are really tripping." He said to himself.

T was red hot now. He had given up trying to get me out of the room. He had decided to let me come out on my own. I had gone too far though. He took the only course of action he could think of. He picked up the phone and called the only person he knew who would be able to talk some since into me.

Part IV

Jayson (Lil Bit) had developed a jealous streak the world could barely hold. Q had told him that there would be no more threesomes and his heart had turned bitter. He must have thought the session was leading to a three-way relationship. Or maybe he thought the ass was so good that Iíd leave Q. Either way he was wrong. But he had finally gotten a taste of what he wanted and now he wanted it all. He wanted me and was willing to do whatever it took to have me. He sat and thought of ways to sabotage our relationship. Finally he came up with what he felt was the perfect plan.

Jayson knew about everything that went down on the streets. He knew what crew Hakim belonged to and that Baby J got down. He also knew Baby J would be looking for revenge. Lil Bit had set up a meeting with him today. He was given a free pass into Bad Rep territory to meet with the General.

They met in a park on the north side of town. Jayson was sweating uncontrollably as he walked up to the bench where Baby J was sitting. On each side of him stood the biggest, blackest niggas you will ever see. Although Baby J was only a teenager, most of his crew consisted of grown men. It was a sight to behold. This young black man possessed so much power.

"Have a seat." Baby J told Lil Bit.

"I think Iíll just stand."

"Suit yourself. Now, what the hell do you want?"

"I want to talk some serious business with you."

Baby J and the bodyguards laughed.

"What kind of business does a weak, pathetic, West Side nigga like you want to do with me?"

"It concerns your god-brother."

Baby J glared at Jayson. He was almost eye level with him sitting down.

"Iím listening and it better be good too."

Lil Bit swallowed hard before going on.

"Well, I sort of hang with the niggas he got into it with at the party."

The two bodyguards started towards him but Baby J raised a hand to stop them.

"Letís hear him out fellas. Thereís no rush."

Lil Bit was sweating so hard he looked as though he had been caught in a rainstorm.

"Well I think the next part of this conversation should be between the two of us."

"Ok, frisk this nigga." He told his goons.

Lil Bit was searched more thorough than if he was about to enter the White House.

"Heís clean General." One of the goons said.

"Good. Now take a walk boys."

Both looked hesitant to leave him there alone.

"Now!" he yelled at them.

They both walked off after giving Lil Bit the killer stare down.

"Anything you say from here out better be legit. I only agreed to meet with you because Darius is my nigga."

"I think you will enjoy what I have to tell you."

He told Baby J all that he knew about us. He explained where we worked, went to school, hung out and even whom our other friends were. By the time he was done Baby Jís smile was a mile long.

"Ok little man. Why are you telling me all of this? Whatís in it for you?"

"I will help you get all of them. All I ask is that you leave Cedric out of it."

Baby J thought for a second.

"Cedric is the nigga that got bit in the face right?" he didnít wait for an answer. "Whatís so special about him?"

"Letís just say for the same reason you are special to his cousin Terrelle."

Baby J was quiet for a while. He wanted to slap this nigga. Like most of us, he hated a snitch. He had to keep his cool though.

"Ok. Weíll see what your info leads us to and go from there. If everything pans out, so be it. Otherwise your little genius boyfriend will be in the same boat as the rest of them." He said.

"Donít worry. I know every move those niggas make. They will never know what hit them."

"Iím not worried about anything nigga. All I know is that if they ever find out what youíre doing, you will be the one with something to worry about. Darius or no one else will be able to save your little ass."

"Once you finish with them, I can deal with Ced. Heíll need me when theyíre gone. Youíll see. I have it all worked out."

"That has to be the stupidest shit Iíve ever heard. Itís time for you to dismiss yourself because the sight of you disgusts me. You know how to get in touch if anything comes up. Oh yeah, if I were you I wouldnít be caught around here when it gets dark."

With that Baby J and his goons left Jayson in the park. He quickly got into his car and headed for home.

"Fuck Q!" he said to himself. "He ainít got shit on me. Iíll be a better nigga to Ced than he could ever be. Plus Ced loved being up in this ass. Deep down I knows he wants more."

Part V

The next day was pretty much the same. I sat in my room all day. I could tell my wound was healing because it itched like crazy. I stared at myself and struck a couple of poses. I was looking for the young man I use to see. He was no longer there.

Little did I know Q and T were sitting in my living room at that moment. My mom brought them some pop (soda), and chips.

"Good luck trying to get that boy out of that room." She said. "He is dead set on staying in there until he gets the surgery."

"Donít worry auntie, heís coming out of there today. He has been acting so stupid that I had to go and get Nana on him."

"You went and got mama on him? Oh lord. Iím glad I have to go to work. If he pisses her off, that scar is the last thing he has to worry about." She laughed.

"Yeah your mom could make Mike Tyson run for cover." Q said. "She doesnít play any games."

"Well if thatís what it takes to get him out of there, so be it." Mom said. "You boys be good and Iíll see you both later.

She kissed them both and looked at Q.

"Cheer up Quentin. Ced didnít mean those things. He loves you more than anything I can think of. He just doesnít know how to deal with the situation. It will all work out." She told him.

"I know. I just feel so helpless. He wonít let me do anything."

"Thatís all about to change." T said getting up and looking out the window. "Nana is here now."

"Oh lord. Thatís my cue. Good luck boys."

She greeted my grandmother at the door and headed for work. Nana came in and looked at T and Q.

"Oh my Lord. You boys are getting so big. Come over here and give Nana her love."

"Hey Nana. Thanks for coming." T said.

"How are you Boomer?" her nickname for T.

"Iím doing good now that you are here."

"And look at Mr. G.Q." she called Q that because she said he looked like a model. "You are just as handsome as ever."

She hugged him a little too tight. Q blushed as he always did. He said it felt like she was trying to hit on him.

"Now where is my Man Man?" That was her nickname for me.

"Upstairs in his room." They said and pointed at the same time.

"God as my witness, if I have to climb those stairs, you know heís coming out of that room. Iíll be back in a few minutes."

She made it up the stairs and to my room. She knocked on my door so hard that one of my Tupac pictures fell off the wall.

"Whoever it is just go away and leave me alone!"

"Boy who are you taking that tone with? If you donít open this door I am going to beat the brakes off your ass."

"Oh sorry Nana. Just a second."

I hurried to put on my mask and opened the door for her. Everyone knew I was her favorite but she would get in my shit as quick as anyone else. I slowly opened the door and hugged my grandmother. Most people say I act like her and look like my grandfather. Thatís why they say I have an old soul.

"Hey baby."

A hug from this woman could warm the devils cold heart. I needed it too. I hung on to her like I was clinging to life. She could feel the turmoil within me. I felt like I had been returned to the womb. I felt so safe and secure in her arms. I just let the tears flow and noticed that a few fell from her eyes as well.

"Man Man take off that mask and let Nana have a look." She said.

"Sorry Nana but I really donít want you to see me like this."

She grabbed me by the ear and twisted it. My grandparents never had to hit me. That ear twist was all it took to make me comply.

"I wasnít asking you boy. Now take off that mask or the Lord as my witness youíll wish you had."

If this woman used the words God, Lord or Jesus, you knew she was serious. I did as I was told although she had pissed me off. I knew then that something was wrong with me besides my visible wound. I had never had a bad thought or feeling towards her. I had to check my attitude.

"Yes maíam." I said exposing my face.

She stood looking at my face for the longest. The longer she stared the uglier I felt.

"Itís not as bad as I thought. It actually makes you look more handsome. Now you look more like your daddy than your grandfather."

She caught me by surprise with that one. None of my family members ever talked about my dad. I was lead to believe my stepfather was my dad until I was twelve years old. I forgot all about my face for the moment.

"Why do you say that Nana?" I asked.

The look she gave told me she had said too much. I wasnít letting her out of it though.

"Nana I am a big boy now. I will be leaving for college next year. Donít you think itís time for you guys to stop keeping secrets from me? Please tell me about him."

She thought for a few seconds.

"Well I always thought it was your mamas place to tell you. Iíll make a deal with you though. If you come out of this room I will tell you the whole story. First you are going to let those boys down there know that you donít hate them. God had blessed you but you are letting the devil whisper evil thoughts in your ear. You have to get yourself together or before you know it you will be lost."

I thought about it and weighed my options. I was treating T and Q like enemies. What I had said and done once again played through my mind. I felt so bad about it. Plus the curiosity about my dad outweighed the fear of them seeing my face.

"Ok. You have a deal. Could you ask Quentin to come up here for a second first? I was really nasty to him and need to talk to him alone."

"Just make sure you bring your behind downstairs when youíre done. Donít make me come back up here. Iíll make you boys some dinner and Iíll tell you what you want to know."

She kissed me and left the room. I tried my best to look like the old Ced and waited for Q. I walked into the bathroom and gazed into the mirror.

"I guess itís not all that bad." I thought to myself. I desperately searched to see the face of the man I had never known. There was a knock at my door and this time I didnít hesitate to answer it.

There on the other side stood Q. He was smiling like it was Christmas morning. I just handed him my mask. He ripped it to shreds. He then took the shredded pieces and flushed them down the toilet.

"Q, I canít begin to tell you how sorryÖ.".

He grabbed me in his arms and looked deep into my eyes.

"Just shut up for a minute." He said.

He leaned in and gave me the most passionate kiss my lips had ever felt.

My dick got so hard that I could have held up a pyramid with it.

"Tell me that you still love me Cedric."

"I love you Q. Always have and always will. You know that."

"Good. Then that means you will forgive me for this then."

He drew back and punched me in the stomach so hard, I almost shit on myself. I fell to the floor clutching my gut. I knew I deserved it though.

"If you think that was for treating me the way you have you are wrong. You promised me that you would never try to kill yourself again. I would rather have died than to live without you nigga."

I was in so much pain I couldnít say anything. I tried to speak but only managed to mouth the words "Iím gonna fuck you up".

"Youíre not going to do shit." Q said helping me to my feet. He pulled my shirt up then bent down and kissed my belly.

"Is that better?" he asked.

I shook my head yes and tried to smile at him. He kissed my scar and backed up to look at me.

"Tony Montana eat your heart out. Iíve got my own sexy Scarface. Just remember that you owe me. If I would have told anyone about your little gun episode, youíd be wearing a straight jacket and be all doped up right now. Plus you owe me two weeks worth of that good dick. But right now we have to get downstairs before Nana comes to crucify your ass."

I didnít feel whole again but part of my sanity seemed to return. Q still looked heartbroken. I knew he would always worry now when I got stressed out. I donít know if heíd ever trust me not to hurt myself. He had been right all along. I had been acting so selfishly. Iíd have to find a way to make it up to him.

We went downstairs and Nana was telling T one of her down south war stories. He almost ran out of the room as we entered.

"Boy sit your narrow ass down. Do you have something so important to do that you canít sit and talk to an old woman?"

Her back was to Q and I, so she couldnít see us pointing and laughing at T.

"Actually Nana, I was just happy to see that Ced had finally come out of his room." He was trying to put me on the spot. "Plus I canít stay for dinner because I have a date."

"You had better remember to wear a raincoat if you mess with those fast ass girls. I want you to finish school and make something of yourself before you have babies running around out here."

"Ok Nana. We donít need to go there. Iíll see you later. Ced Iím glad youíve joined the living again. I missed your ugly butt."

As soon as the words left his mouth he looked as if he wished he could take them back. He looked at me apologetically.

"Itís all good T." I said giving him the finger. "I have a date with your girl tonight too."

"Whatever stupid. Anyway Iíll talk to you later." T caught me by surprise and gave me a hug. Not your average thug hug but the real deal. I hugged him back as I whispered in his ear.

"I know you called Nana on me. I will pay you back later on. Thanks though cousin. I guess I needed that."

"Anytime playboy. Iím just glad that you are out of that little funk. Things arenít the same without you around. Are you coming to school tomorrow?"

"I might be there. Iím not sure yet."

"Ok then. Iíll see you later."

He hugged Nana, gave Q some daps and was gone.

Part VI

Baby J was leaving the hospital and headed home to get dressed. He had decided not to bring his gun. He would take the chance of coming to our hood. Besides he had a few inside sources over there. He was still trying to decide how to handle things. He knew that Jayson was now on his hit list as well. He would make it seem like we had done something to Lil Bit. That way he could stay on good terms with Darius. Darius was important to him because they were good friends. Also he was his link to meeting dudes. Things would work out fine for him either way though. He had gone as far as to recruit a few of our enemies to assist him. Nothing would be able to link him to whatever happened. His plan was full proof.

T had made it home. He was in good spirits. He was dying to see Baby J tonight. He stood at his closet trying to decide what to wear. He hoped by the end of the night to be wearing nothing at all. He chose a wife beater and some sweats. He wanted every curve of his body to be visible. He took a shower and got dressed. He threw on some Joop cologne, which was a birthday present from Q. He walked to his nightstand and looked at the picture of all of us with Mike.

"No matter who Iím with on Earth, I plan to spend eternity with you in Heaven Magic."

He then turned on the television and waited for Baby J to arrive.

Part VII

Nana had prepared us some boneless fish and grits. We sat down to the table and Q reached out to grab his portions.

"Boy if you touch that food before we say blessing, it will be your last meal!"

Q drew back his hand as is she had just slapped him. Nana blessed the food and gave thanks to God for our lives and health. I hadnít eaten much since my incident and I was starving. Thankfully the fish had no bones because I dug in with no mercy. I was eating like a savage until Nana started to speak. I was all ears then.

"Before we moved here from Georgia, your mother had already met James (my stepfather). I disliked him from the start. He had recently joined the army and your mother loved a man in uniform. There was something about him that just didnít sit right with me. He was too charming and arrogant. Your grandfather wouldnít even let him come in our house. When he got stationed in Texas, we moved to New York. Your grandfather hoped that we would never see him again. Anyway, your mom made friends with a girl named Willa Mae Coleman. She happened to be from the same hometown as we were. Your mother met and fell in love with her cousin Felton Coleman. He was a top executive at Kodak. He seemed to be a good man and your mother fell for him instantly. When she got pregnant with you, his true colors began to show. He turned out to be a workingman by day but after that he was a stone cold gangster. On the streets he went by the name of Butchy. He left your mom about three days before you were born. Your mother was devastated. The next thing we knew she had sent some money to James. He moved here for good when you were two years old. He loved your mother but he secretly hated the fact that she had a baby by another man.

Suddenly things began to make sense to me. I always wondered how that man could hate me the way he did. I wasnít even a bad kid and he treated me like shit. I mean I donít even have one good memory about the dude. When I think about him the only thing that comes to mind is child abuse. Now that Iím older it makes me hate him more. He beat me for anything that went wrong in his life. He was a cokehead and an alcoholic. He beat me with anything he could get his hands on. I have been beat with tree branches, switches, extension cords, etc. He beat me with all things imaginable and I still have the scars to prove it. I would go to school all messed up and tell the teacher I fell off my bike or got into a fight. One day he came home drunk and beat me with a wire hanger. He made me strip butt naked and attacked every part of my body. He even beat my dick and balls. He busted my scrotum. I still wonder to this day if that is the reason I am not able to have kids.

My mood finally turned foul again. All those years and all those beatings made my blood boil. I mean this asshole wasnít even my dad and my family let him torment me physically and mentally. My momís sister was the only one to ever try to help me. He banned her from our house and I use to have to sneak and go see her. Anyway, she was the one who eventually told me that he wasnít my father.

"What I donít understand Nana, is why did everyone continue to let him hurt me?"

"You have to realize that we had no power over it. Your mom was so stuck on him that there was no talking to her. She would get beat and act as if nothing ever happened. I often asked her to let me take you."

"Fuck that! I was a little kid and couldnít defend myself. If she wanted to stay thatís fine. Why did I have to endure his rage? I didnít ask to be here. I canít grasp why no one stepped in to help me. Wasnít I worth it? Didnít any of you even care?"

"First of all watch your mouthÖ."

"No! Tell me what it was. Why did no one feel the need to get me out of that situation? Did you all think that it would just go away?"

"Cedric I know you are hurting but donít talk to your grandmother like that." Q said. "The past is the past and he canít hurt you anymore."

Q was right and I apologized to Nana.

"I didnít mean to take my anger out on you." I said to her. "Maybe Iíll never understand. But Q is right, the past is the past."

"Well baby maybe one day you will understand. People arenít perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes the ones we love the most suffer from them. Right now though I have something to give you."

She pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to me. The address was for a Felton Coleman Jr., 1432 South Avenue. I looked at her and wondered how long this had stayed hidden in her purse.

"I ran into your father a few months back. He asked me then to give you his address. You have been through so much we felt that you werenít ready to meet him. Now the choice is yours. When you are ready go and have a talk with him. Heís been expecting you to come around for a while though. Now you can talk to him and at least get some of your questions answered."

I looked at Q and he shrugged his shoulders.

"I just might do that Nana. As a matter of fact I will. Q will you come with me?"

"You donít even have to ask Ced. I got your back."

"Ok then. Tomorrow I will meet my dad for the first time. Itís not about reunions though. Iím gonna let him know whatís really on my mind."


The doorbell rang and T jumped up to answer it. Baby J stood on the other side looking good enough to eat. T just stood there looking at him, and visioning the things theyíd do together.

"Well can I come in or are you going to eye fuck me all night? You make me feel like Iím naked."

"Oh, my bad. Come on in. You just look better than I remember."

"To tell the truth so do you." Baby J said honestly. He had forgotten how fine T was. He allowed the thought to flow from his head. After all, for him this was business.

"Well like I said, we have the house to ourselves so make yourself at home. Iím not much of a cook but we can order some food if you are hungry."

"Thatís cool with me. Iíve got a craving for some pizza myself."

"Ok then. You find something to watch and Iíll make it happen."

T left to order some food as Baby J admired the house. The huge shelf filled with photos caught his attention. He noticed a picture of all of us with Mike. We all looked so happy. As he was putting the picture back T came back into the room.

"Those are my boys right there. You remember my cousin Ced. Thatís his boyfriend Q standing next to him. And the one standing next to me isÖ"

T seemed to choke up. He started to feel guilty as he stared into Mikeís eyes.

"That was your boyfriend Mike. I know all about it and I am sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how it must have been for you."

"Yeah he was a good nigga. He didnít deserve what happened to him. Heís gone now but I got a small amount of payback for him."

"It seems so sad. So how did you get payback? Iíll understand if you donít want to talk about it."

T told him the story from start to finish. Baby J fought to keep his composure as T described how he beat Hakim.

"Now he is in a coma. I thought hurting him would make things better and in some ways it did. I just hate that fact that something so stupid had to go this far."

The doorbell rang and T left to answer it. Baby J was glad for the interruption so he could regain his thoughts. T returned with the food. They talked some more as they enjoyed the pizza, chicken wings and soda. When they finished they returned to the living room. Baby J stopped T as he began to sit down.

"Arenít you forgetting something T? You still owe me a dance donít you?"

"Oh yeah. I did forget about that."

T went to the stereo and looked through his selection.

"Why donít you put on something slow." James said.

T knew the perfect song for this situation. He put on "Stay" by Jodeci.

"Yeah thatís the shit right there." Baby J said.

T walked up to him and they started to slow dance. At first they danced apart, but as the rhythm set in they got closer. James was amazed at how good it felt to have T in his arms again. He felt like he could dance all night. T held him tight and he felt himself being drawn in. He wanted to push T away but he couldnít. He looked into Tís eyes and he liked what he saw there. T leaned in and kissed him on the neck and he could have melted. He grabbed T tighter and felt the heat as their dicks mashed together. Before he could stop himself, he had his tongue in Tís mouth. He was caught up in the moment. Terrelle slid his hands into Baby Jís pants and squeezed his fat ass. James moaned, as the touch of Tís hand sent stimulating currents throughout his body. The tongue on his neck and hands gripping his ass had him open. He grinded into T and felt a wetness form in his boxers. He let out a sigh as T whispered in his ear.

"Do you like that?" he asked.

"Hell yeah nigga. Youíd better not stop either."

"I wasnít planning to."

He removed one hand from Baby Jís pants and slid it into his shirt. He squeezed his nipples and licked his ears. T whispered into his ear again.

"So will you James?"

"Will I what?"

"Stay!" T sang in time with the music.

"As long as you make the stay worth."

"In more ways than one." T responded.

"Thatís whatís up then."

T started pulling off Baby Jís shirt. He took one nipple in his mouth and continued to squeeze the other. He unfastened his belt with the other hand and his pants fell to the floor. James stepped out of his Timbs and then his pants. T started to undress as well. They continued to dance in their boxers. After a while T slowly pulled down his boxers.

"Damn your body is tight." Baby J said pulling his off as well.

James had a banging body himself. He had a nice nine-inch dick and a fat bubble ass to match.

"Shit nigga that ass of yours is looking right." T said."

"What do you want to do to it?"

"Well I donít eat chittlins but Iíll eat your intestines any day." They both laughed.

"Do what you gotta do then."

"It would be my pleasure."

T grabbed him by the hand and led the way to his bedroom. He told James to lay on his stomach on the bed. He climbed on top of him and began to kiss his neck again. James shivered as Tís dick rested on his ass. T began kissing him down his back. He kissed both of his ass cheeks. His tongue traced Baby Jís crack. He then parted his cheeks and licked the rim.

"That shit feels so good." Baby J moaned.

"You ainít seen nothing yet nigga."

T worked his tongue into the hole and wiggled it back and forth. James almost crawled through the wall.

"Oh shit!" James said. "Nigga your tongue is like gold."

T has one of the longest tongues I have ever seen. He can almost touch his Adams apple with that thing. He had only been giving James half of it but now he stuck the whole thing in.

"Damn T work that shit."

And T was working it too. He tongue fucked him until James asked for the dick.

"Fuck me nigga. Let me see how good that dick is."

"Your wish is my command." T said.

He grabbed a condom and lube. He got them both good and wet.

"Are you ready?" T asked.

"Nigga shut up and fuck!"

T began to slide his dick in. Just watching his shit being swallowed by that fat ass made him want to bust. He must have been moving too slow because Baby J forced his dick the rest of the way in. James squeezed his ass cheeks and caused T to moan.

"Damn, I should have got with you a long time ago."

"Letís do this." James said.

T began to pump dick into his ass. Baby J matched him stroke for stroke. They both got worked up real quick.

"Let me turn on my back." James said.

T pulled out to let him reposition himself.

"Now nigga fuck this ass as if it were your last." He said with a look of lust and evil in his eyes.

"All I can guarantee is that youíll come back for more." T said.

T began to fuck long and deep. Baby Jís eyes rolled to the back of his head but he didnít miss a beat. All you could hear were two young cats moaning and groaning. They were both into the moment. T bent down and kissed James with a passion heíd never felt before.

"Damn." Baby J thought. "I have to be careful dealing with this nigga."

Thatís when T kissed him again. This time the kiss was longer, deeper and more passionate. This kiss caused him to dig his nails into Tís back.

T was so caught up that the pain only strengthened his stroke. Baby Jís dick turned into a brick. The combination of Tís kisses and that good dick had him off guard. He was starting to really enjoy it. T moved down and started to lick and nibble on his neck. James was falling in love with Tís snake like tongue.

They fucked nonstop for a little over an hour. They both seemed to need and match each other. When T slid his tongue across Baby Jís nipples, James just shot off. His first stream flew up and over his head. The second and third shot followed and repeated. The more he shot, the harder his ass massaged Tís dick. One last shot flew over Baby Jís head. His ass clamped down like a vise on Tís dick. That was all she wrote. T began to come as Jamesí nutt continued to flow. Tís body began to spasm, as the grip was slowly release from his dick. He collapsed on top of James. They both lay there for a while, breathing hard.

"Damn nigga. Youíve got a good dick game." Baby J said.

"Shit. Youíve got it going on yourself. Youíve got a nigga feeling you hard."

"Weíll see how true that is."

They talked for a little while longer before falling asleep.

Part IX

Back at my place, Q and I had just finished our own fuck session. (I can hear all of you now. Youíre saying Ced knows heís wrong for not putting that scene in here too. Lol. There will be plenty more so donít worry.) Anyway, we were laying in the bed play fighting after that immaculate sex.

When Q stopped and stared into my eyes, I turned my head away. It felt like he was looking at my scar. He grabbed me by the chin.

"Donít turn away from me nigga." He said. "You are mine until the end of time. So you might as well shake that shy shit."

"I know but it just feels funny when people look at my face."

"It shouldnít though. It really does fit you. If you would have had it when I first saw you, I would have stepped to you right then."

"Whatever nigga."

"Are you feeling nervous about meeting your dad?"

"Hell yeah. Iíve hated him my whole life without knowing him. You know how I am. Once I see him Iím afraid Iíll have to let go of that. He was never there for me, but I feel the strongest need to meet him. I know one thing though, Dad is a term heíll never hear me use."

"I know what you mean. Shit Iím nervous and heís not even my father. Iím more nervous about that than our first game tomorrow."

"Shit I forgot all about the game. Well then letís wait until the day after to go and meet him. Itís been almost 18 years, another day wonít hurt."

"Some scouts are gonna be at the game so I have to bring my A game."

"Well then Iím sure coach wouldnít appreciate you wasting good energy and proteins with me." I laughed.

"Shit you give me an energy boost if anything. Listen Ced, I know how you feel about your face and all but I could really use you there for support."

"I wouldnít miss it for the world."

Part X

T woke up around five in the morning to find Baby J getting dressed.

"Sneaking out on me?" he asked.

"Of course not sexy. I just have to go and take care of a few things before school."

"Ok, thatís cool. So when will I see you again?"

"Youíll see me tonight if you are going to the football game. I have a bet going with one of my friends. Heís rooting for Marshall because his cousin plays for them."

"Alright then. We are gonna spank those niggas. My boy Q averages 100 plus yards a game. Heíll be really hype tonight because the scouts are out and about. Iím sure this will be his best season."

"Well the game starts at 7 so Iíll meet you there around 6:30 or so. After that maybe we can go grab something to eat." James said.

"Iím down for that. Iíll be waiting to see your sexy ass again."

T jumped up and gave Baby J a long hard kiss while squeezing his ass. James was amazed once more at the passion that flowed through Tís lips.

"Ok. Let me go before we get something started up in here. Iíll see you later."

Part XI

The next morning, I woke up in good spirits. I decided to go to school. I wonít lie to you though. I was nervous as hell. Once I arrived I sat in the parking lot for twenty minutes. Finally I mustered the courage to go in and face my fear. The butterflies in my stomach were busy at work when I walked into homeroom five minutes later. Our teacher sat at his desk reading the morning paper. The students were all engaged in various activities. All at once things got quiet. All eyes were on me. My first instinct was to turn and run out of the building. The stares and gawking were killing me. Just as I was about to leave, my classmates jumped up and ran towards me. There were hugs from the guys and kisses from the girls. Some of them commented on me being the first in class to have a war wound. I had to contain myself. All the love and attention from my peers made me want to shed a tear. Jameer and Big D were the only ones still sitting but that made no difference to me. Q Stood at the back of the crowd with T. They both mouthed the words, "I told you". Even our teacher, Mr. Eagle, walked up and shook my hand.

"Cedric it is a pleasure to have you back in class. I am happy to see that you are feeling better."

"Thanks Mr. E. Itís great to be back."

I had pretty much the same response in all my classes. My peers helped me to dissolve the rest of my bitter feelings. It had turned out to be a great day so far.

By the time the last bell of the day rang, I felt rejuvenated. Now I was eager to watch the game and see Q show out for the scouts. I wished him luck as he headed off to the locker room. I set off to find T. He was in the parking lot talking to Jayson. Lil Bit came over and gave me a hug.

"Welcome back Big Ced. Glad to see that you are back on your feet."

T looked at us as if he were missing something. "Iíll tell you later", was the look I gave him. We were all hyped about the game. We stood around talking until it was almost game time. We finally headed to the stands and took our seats behind the players from our school. Not long after, Baby J showed up and sat beside T. At first I was kind of shocked. T hadnít actually told me whom he was seeing. I remembered James from the party at Dariusí house. He looked better than the picture in my memory. One of the things I remember most about that day is the look on Tís face. I hadnít seen him look at anyone that way since Mike. I felt so happy for him. Finally the team from John Marshall High School took to the field. There were a few cheers from the playerís families and fellow schoolmates. Then came the players from our school. The place went crazy. People were yelling and screaming. You could hear mothers and fathers shouting things to their kids. Not too far from us sat Qís parents. I waved at them while thinking about how nervous Qís mom looked. She had hated football at first. Since seeing how good her son was at it, she tried to become a fan. Needless to say she was still terrified for him. I think itís because he is her only child. My attention was drawn from them once I got a glimpse of my boy wearing the hell out of his uniform. "Damn", I thought to myself. Those pads made his ass look even fatter.

Once the game got started there was no looking back. Q was running the ball like there was no tomorrow. We were leading by two touchdowns late in the third quarter. Our team had the ball on the thirty-yard line and was looking for a touchdown. The ball was hiked to Jameer and he faked a pass. He handed the ball off to Q. Two defenders ran towards him. Big D and Jameer were the only one there to block for him. Jameer stopped and looked towards the stands in our direction. Then somehow he and Big D tripped over each otherís feet and fell to the ground. Q was left with no one to block for him. He spun to shake off one defender but two more followed. One hit him high and the other hit him low. Qís body spun in the air before making a sickening thud as he hit the ground. I could tell right away that he was hurt. His right leg was twisted and looked as if it werenít connected to his body. His screams could be heard outside and down the street. I jumped up and ran towards the field. Some security guards stopped me.

"Sorry son but you canít go out there."

"Let me go! Thatís my best friend out there you asshole!"

"Iím sorry sir but return to your seat or you will be ejected."

"Fuck you nigga!" I said and cocked my hand back to hit him.

Someone grabbed my arm from behind.

"Itís ok Lawrence. Heís with me. That is my son out there and we need to see whatís going on." Qís dad said.

"Sure thing Mr. Brooks. I hope that your kid is alright."

He let all three of us out onto the field. Qís mom was crying harder every time Q screamed.

"Coach I think my leg is broken!" he yelled.

That was the understatement of the year. His bone was actually sticking out of his skin.

Coach turned to Qís parents.

"We are going to have to take him to the hospital. His leg looks pretty bad."

"Do what you must Coach." Mr. Brooks said.

It was all too much for me. I couldnít stand to hear Q screaming like that. I told Qís parents that I would meet them at the hospital and walked off. I walked towards our teamís bench and saw Jameer and Big D slapping each other up. Unlike the rest of the team they didnít look too concerned. My blood started to boil immediately.

"It was a fucking set up!" I said to myself. "They planned for this to happen."

Big D looked at me then gave me the finger. I charged towards him at full speed. Once again I was grabbed from behind. This time I turned to see T, Jayson and Baby J.

"This is not the time or place for that shit Ced. Lets go make sure Q is alright then weíll handle those niggas." T said.

"Fuck that shit! Those niggas set Q up. Iím going to beat both of them down."

"Later big cousin. All you will end up doing right now is jeopardizing your scholarship. If you cause a scene out here the school wonít take it easy on you. You have to think of what could happen with all these people here."

"T, I swear to granddads grave that those niggas havenít seen my bad side yet. I am going to get them for this. All the mercy shit is out the window."

Once again I found myself wishing I had killed Jameer when I had the chance. It seemed like my boys continued to pay because I showed him mercy.

"The next time I point a gun at him will be the last." I promised myself.

We ran to our cars, as the ambulance sped off the field with Q. All sorts of bad things were going through my mind. I prayed to God for Q to be ok. I jumped in the car with T and Baby J and gave Jayson the keys to my car. We rode to the hospital in silence.

Qís mom was crying as we entered the emergency room. His dad was talking to one of the nurses. I went over to console Qís mom and she held me tight.

"Everything is going to be ok mom. You know Q is like a rock. He can bounce back from anything."

I wish I felt as confident as I sounded. We ended up sitting there for hours. The waiting was getting to me. I couldnít sit still. Finally a doctor came out to talk to his parents. I knew something was wrong when his mom started crying again. I got up and went to see what the problem was.

"Whatís going on?" I asked.

"Do you mind me sharing the information in front of this young man?"

"Itís fine doctor. He and Quentin are best friends." Mr. Brooks told him.

"Well as I was saying we had to operate to fix his leg. We had to insert eight pins into his leg. He will be off of it for a while. He will be able to walk again but Iím afraid football or any other sports are not in his future."

"What! Q will die if he canít play sports!" I yelled. "There has to be something you can do."

"Iím sorry but weíve done all we can for now. Your son will be out for about another twenty minutes but you can see him now if you wish."

"Thank you very much doctor." Mr. Brooks said.

"Yeah for nothing." I added.

We all headed for Qís room. When we entered he looked so peaceful you would not have known he was hurt hours earlier. His leg was propped up in a sling and was red as fire. His mom grabbed his hand as she cried some more. Qís dad motioned me to a corner.

"Cedric you of all people know how this could affect Q. He is going to need us big time. All I ask is for you to be there for him as he has been for you."

"Now you know you didnít even have to say that dad. Iíve got Qís back no matter what. Besides he will still be eligible for an academic scholarship."

"I know that and it makes me proud. But you know he had his heart set on playing pro football or basketball."

"Well doctors have been wrong before dad. Letís just hope for the best."

"I know thatís right," he said giving me a hug.

"Damn! I am in the hospital for a couple hours and my boyfriend is already hugging another man." Q said sound tired and groggy. He winced in pain as he tried to move his leg.

"Hey dad tell the nurse whatever they are giving me for pain, Iíll take a double."

"Iíll go see what I can do son."

"And mom if you squeeze any harder, my hand will be broken next."

I walked over and stood next to the bed. It was killing me inside to see my nigga all fucked up.

"Donít worry Ced. Iíll be back on my feet in no time."

His father walked in as he was saying this. He sat on the side of the bed and gave Q the bad news.

"Well I still have a shot at the academic scholarship right?"

I envied Q at that moment. I would have gone into the selfish stage at this point.

"What? Donít ever question that baby boy. You and I are at the top of our class. We are going to college no matter what."

"Thatís cool. I would love to play ball but as long as I can still go to college, Iím good."

"Damn well I guess Iíll have to wait for you to get better before I go meet my dad."

"No Ced. Go and see him. Make dumb-dumb over there go with you." He said looking at T and attempting to laugh.

T gave him the finger.

"Yeah Ced Iíll go with you if thatís cool."

"As long as I donít have to go alone."

The nurse came in and told us we should leave and let Q rest. His parents told him they would be there first thing in the morning.

"Q, I will stay here in the waiting room if you want me too."

"Itís ok Ced. Go home and get some rest. Let me know what goes on with your dad."

"You already know baby. I will see you sometime tomorrow." I bent down and gave him a kiss before I left.

The nurse gave with some sort of medicine as we were leaving. He looked like it worked at once. He was out of it before the door closed. I looked back at him and smiled.

"Everything will be ok Q. I got your back always."

I had a pretty restless night. It wasnít so much that I was worried about Q. Seeing my dad was what had me tossing and turning. I think I slept two hours that night.

The next day I picked T up and we headed for my dads. We pulled up outside the house and I suddenly got scared. T urged me to follow through and we got out. We walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

"I got it." A voice from inside yelled.

The door opened and T and I both stood in shock. The little boy who had answered door could have been my twin if we were the same age. He stood and stared at us with his mouth-hung open.

"Whoís at the door Trevon?" a man asked.

An older version of the boy and I filled the doorway. He looked at me with slight recognition but still asked if he could help us.

"Well I am looking for Felton Coleman. I think he is my father."

The little boy looked at the older man.

"Please come in Cedric. I have been expecting you for a long time.

We entered the house and a whole new era in my life began.

To be continuedÖ

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